Shelly Whitehead

Content creator and script writer

United States

• Digital reporting and editing.
• TV reporting, anchoring and producing.
• Newspaper feature, beat and GA reporting.
• Video marketing and editorial script writing and production.

• Kentucky Press Association Best Large Newspaper Feature of the Year.
• Society for Professional Journalism long and short-form breaking news, long- and short-form feature writing awards.
• Aster Gold Awards for best corporate marketing and informational campaign, and public newsletter writing.
• Scripps-Howard best national multi-newspaper feature.

We're stoked, dudes! Wahoo's Fish Tacos cofounder is in the house!

Drawing on the flavors of as disparate of places as China, Brazil, Mexico and Hawaii, Wahoo's Fish Taco's not only performs a bit of culinary alchemy, but also manages to produce some truly health-boosting dishes that its core of young athlete customers crave.
How Domino's connects corporate execs to reality of store life

Store-level employees are often on the receiving end of corporate dictums that may not always sync with pizza restaurant reality. Enter Domino's Pizza Prep School, a program that strives to alleviate that tension by giving leaders a dose of what it's like to work on the frontlines.
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The restaurant industry and its players are exhaling today after news that Chipotle might be able to overcome its food safety woes of last week and the previous two years. But are we missing a much bigger point in these food safety issues with a once-leading brand?
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Small-town and rural customers want delivery just as much as any major metro dweller, but third-party companies have been slower to launch in these seemingly less-profitable areas. Independents and larger chains, however, say the service is critical and very profitable.
Is time up for 3rd party delivery's customer experience problems?

Customers often complain about failed or unsatisfactory deliveries from third party deliveries. And the sad fact is that though your brand had little involvement in that customer experience, your brand is what will ultimately get the blame instead of that third-party provider app that actually executed the inadequate service.
2019's top pizza reads: century-old pizzeria restoration to futuristic pie prep

The final year of the 2010s had Pizza Marketplace readers looking back nearly a century to learn about restoring historic buildings for pizzerias, as well as into one possible pizza future where pie assembly is managed by artificial intelligence via an automated pizza assembly line.