Suzi Brown


United Kingdom

From articles to email subject lines, blog posts to social media copy and website content up the wazoo, I live and breathe writing. I'm a wiz at creating a voice that fits your brand, endears your audience, and creates a lasting impression. I have written about politics, the environment and the night sky; love, relationships and capitalism. Nothing is too big or too small. Writing is how we connect, communicate truths and tell stories. Let me help you tell yours.

COVID-19 and the Food Waste Pandemic

COVID-19 intensified our global food waste problem, especially in the United States, where the pandemic has indirectly caused the premature slaughter of millions of farm animals.

Forever Novaturient

I am 7 years old standing in my small backyard in New Jersey. "Look up at the stars," my dad says to me. Trees surround three sides of us, and at our backs stands the yellow house I call home. The ...

The Case Against Makeup

Globally, the beauty industry is worth $532 billion, yet it is a source of environmental damage, cruelty towards animals, and deep insecurity. So, why are we still supporting it?

Personal Essay
You can be vegan too

What if I told you that no matter your background, age, beliefs or culture, you can decide, right now, to have a positive impact on the world.

NYU Writing I
Nanny and the CEO

A short story written during my first semester at NYU.

NYU Cultural Foundations III
Finding Self in God

An analytical essay written on Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes were Watching God" during my second year at NYU.