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I've been cooking, baking, teaching, and writing about food for 20 years. I focus on desserts and culinary travel. My classes (usually in Boston or the Berkshires) cover classic French techniques, local markets, and sustainable food policy.

This portfolio is an archive of my articles, reviews, and recipes including pieces about my cookbooks, CHOCOLATE BLISS (Random House/Celestial Arts, 2008), HAND-CRAFTED CANDY BARS (with Susan Heeger; Chronicle, 2013), and A BAKER'S PASSPORT (Amazon, February 2019). The blog chronicles my adventures and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Digital Media Award in 2016. In other writing realms, I served as a television executive and a grant writer. I look for collaborations on story concepts, familiarity trips, reviews, junkets, and those who share the philosophy that baking and breaking bread are important, humorous, and life-affirming pursuits.

Crawfish Pie

This classic crawfish pie uses Creole seasonings from the Gulf Coast. A tender flaky pie crust is loaded with a savory filling that features crawfish tails but also works well with shrimp.

Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream

Fluffy mashed potatoes with sour cream make a perfect side dish for chicken, beef or seafood entrees. Tangy sour cream brings them to the next level.

Cherry Turnovers

Dark cherries make these classic cherry turnovers irresistible, especially in high-summer cherry season. If you miss it, this recipe works with frozen cherries once they have been thawed. Use premade puff pastry (such as Dufour's) or takes some time and make your own (recipe in notes).

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

Not only is this lemon blueberry pound cake sweet and satisfying, but with blueberries and lots of lemons, it is a cheerful addition to any picnic or weekend party. Bake it in a well-oiled bundt pan, let it cool and you are ready to go.

Sheet Pan Nachos

Sheet pan nachos make a quick and easy, kid-friendly dinner alongside a healthy salad. Add guacamole, queso or more salsa to complement this Tex-Mex favorite.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

These big, soft chocolate chip walnuts cookies have a classic, home-style appeal and generous chunks of walnuts. They are made with bread flour and cold butter, so they keep their shape.

Spinach Omelette

This spinach omelette relies on good cookware - specifically, a non-stick omelette pan or skillet. Fresh spinach and creamy cheese are encased in a fluffy egg base for an easy breakfast for two.

Lobster Risotto

A true love match, lobster and risotto combine to create a luxurious easy lobster risotto. Arborio rice is gently cooked with a flavorful broth until silky-soft and mixed with meaty lobster in this creamy lobster risotto recipe.

Honey Walnut Shrimp

This sweet and spicy honey walnut shrimp, based on a Hong Kong classic, makes a perfect appetizer or special dish for a big feast. This honey walnut shrimp recipe features juicy fried shrimp paired with sweet honey walnuts and coated with a tangy, savory sauce.

Laminated Dough (Pâte Feuilletée)

This French laminated dough is also known as pâte feuilletée which means "dough of leaves". This technique of laminated dough got its start in Vienna, possibly with a little help from the ancient pastries of Morocco. No matter its origin, it was codified along with other classics in the French pâtisserie tradition, and it is the puffiest of them all.

Matcha Cookies

These sweet, buttery matcha cookies have a muted green color and a hint of umami. They are made with matcha, an antioxidant-loaded green tea powder. Shape them as elegant tea leaves to make an original addition to any cookie plate.

Strawberry Tres Leches

This strawberry tres leches makes the ultimate afternoon snack or a festive, satisfying dessert. "Tres leches" means "three milks" and is a classic cake throughout Latin America. The sweet milk sinks into a soft sponge cake, which then gets covered with strawberries and cream.

Chicken Tostadas

Easy, healthy, and satisfying, these chicken tostadas offer some spicy crunch and classic flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine. Incredibly flavorful and customizable, enjoy the contrast of flavors and textures of this chicken tostada recipe any day of the year.

Shrimp Fajitas

Shrimp fajitas are a quick and easy shrimp dish served sizzling hot with avocado, lime and crema. All you need is a fresh side salad for a complete, healthy weeknight meal.

Chilaquiles Rojos

Chilaquiles rojos is a specialty of Mexico that features a classic spicy red sauce and crunchy chips. It makes a hearty breakfast or brunch dish and is perfect as a side dish for a tasty dinner.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This grilled cheese and tomato soup recipe features warm, homemade tomato soup and dunkable crusty, grilled cheese sandwiches made with sourdough toast. Both items come together quickly for a favorite lunch combo, or served with a side salad for a vegetarian dinner.

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Chef Susie is a cookbook author, pastry chef, and culinary educator with two decades of experience. She taught at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and ran an artisan chocolate business featured on the Food Network. Prior to her culinary career, Chef Susie was a TV executive at three of the Big Four networks.

Pasadena Now " Living La Vida Chocolate | Pasadena California, Hotels,CA Real...

Susie Norris lives a life of dreams-chocolate dreams. She has specialized in chocolate for twenty years, and now, after a career as food writer, pastry chef and educator, she recently launched Happy Chocolates, a new line of high-quality retail bonbons in classic flavors, with a modern seasonal influence.

Eat, Pray, Love Pastries

BY BRITTANY MATTIE SRQ DAILY FRIDAY WEEKEND EDITION FRIDAY NOV 8, 2019 Whether we're ready for it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Neighborhood dinner soiree s , holiday work parties and festive family get-togethers. This time of year gathers everyone together around some sort of dining table, with endless baked goods in hand.

A Baker's Passport by Susie Norris

A Baker's Passport by Susie Norris The holidays will soon be here, the time when bakers head to their kitchens to create special treats for family and friends. Always looking for new recipes, I found A Baker's Passport - Recipes For Breads, Savory Pies, Vegetarian Dishes, Tarts, Cakes, and Cookie Classics by Susie Norris with its 200 classic, and easy to follow recipes to have something for everyone on my list.

A Baker's Passport by Susie Norris

Susie Norris's has recently published A Baker's Passport, a compendium of recipes she collected over the years for her award-winning culinary travel blog, Food Market Gypsy. As those of you who have read my newsletters or followed us online for a long time know, I really enjoy supporting my friends and colleagues in their endeavors.
Bring the joy of international cooking home

Travel the world with A Baker's Passport: Recipes for Breads, Savory Pies, Vegetarian Dishes, Tarts, Cakes and Cookie Classics (2019, by food writer, chef and educator Susie Norris. Baking is an international language, an art form, and for some, a calling.

Specialty Food Association
Travel the world with A Baker's Passport: Recipes for Breads, Savory Pies, Vegetarian Dishes,...

Baking is an international language, an art form, and for some, a calling. The term applies to everything that comes out of the oven: soufflés, meat and poultry, cakes, sweet and savory pies, breads, and of course cookies. Food writer, pastry chef and educator, Susie Norris believes that home-baked meals and mood-lifting sweets unite communities and families around the world.

Foodie Vacation Guide 'A Baker's Passport' by Susie Norris

In her new book, A Baker's Passport, Susie Norris invites readers on a culinary world tour through the international language of food. Norris' food blog can be found at and more info on her book is available at Originally aired on KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

May 2019 | Kentucky Monthly Magazine

Kentucky's Signature Dish | 10 things to know about the Hot Brown | Call of the Wild Caught | Henderson Proud | Kentucky Knows Coffee | Bourbon's Beginnings

A Baker's Passport on DAYTIME

Sacher Torte from Vienna and British Pound Cake from Great Britain - Pound Cake got its name from its origins as a plain cake in northern Britain whose ingredients were easy to remember: a pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of eggs (about 10), and a pound of sugar.

The Berkshire Bulletin
Culinary Road-tripping

Food Writer and Adventurer Susie Norris takes on her latest journey.

Matt's Meals
Susie Norris's "A Baker's Passport" - Matt's Meals

Matt regularly appears with Jordan Rich on "Connoisseur's Corner" which airs on WBZ Saturdays and Sundays at 9:25 AM and 3:25 PM. Recent samples can be found at The following is a "script" for one of Matt's segments: While we are blessed ... Continue reading →

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This Year's IACP Award Winners Include Tacos , The Food Lab , and More

Last night, the International Association of Culinary Professionals held the ceremony for its annual awards. Big winners of the night include J. Kenji López-Alt, whose The Food Lab took home two awards; Francis Lam, who took home two awards related to his work in The New York Times Magazine; and EatingWell for publication of the year.

Food Market Gypsy
Hitting Home: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Food Market Gypsy

Sometimes you can't tell how far you've traveled until you rumble all the way back and hit home. When I left Kentucky in 1975, bourbon was a blase part of blue grass culture like coal, horses, and Ohio River catfish that few of us dared to eat. "The grass only looks blue..."

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Old & New Nordic in Iceland - Food Market Gypsy

Reykjavik is not a cheap-eats town. As trawlers, seiners, barges and battered military ships churned in and out of the icy, early-winter marina, bowls of fish stew from the dock shacks cost as much as a steakhouse dinner in the states.

Milk Chocolate Cup-of-Fluffs

Can candy be too sweet? Not for us! The real delight of this sweet, sweet pairing of fluffy nougat and shredded coconut is what professional taste-testers call mouthfeel. The airy nougat softens, the coconut and almonds crunch, and the hefty milk chocolate shell melts and coats your palate with feel-good chocolate.

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Farm-to-Table Tableaux in the Berkshires - Food Market Gypsy

I've been photographing what is beautiful to me in The Berkshires for a long time, including plenty of farms and tables. My town in this western region of Massachusetts began as Shawenon, named for a Mohican chief who had an eye for gentle majesty.

Chocolate Bliss Sensuous Recipes, Spa Treatments, and Other Divine Indulgences |

Pastry chef, instructor, TV producer, chocolatier, cookbook author and general guru of all things chocolate Susie Norris delivers a gem of a book dedicated to the culture and cuisine her favorite subject. Not only does Norris provide chocolate recipes to sate even the most demanding choco-philes, she offers an introduction to the world of chocolate that opens up the much-loved, if oft underestimated, ingredient to a wider appreciation.

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Chardonnay Sauce in San Juan Capistrano - Food Market Gypsy

"We take the essence of the scallops, mussels, shrimp, and the sea and we infuse it into the sauce," said Chef Pascal Olhats as he described the preparation of his velvety Chardonnay Sauce. With its delicate hint of fruits-de-mer, the sauce is served under a thyme-crusted fillet of seabass.

Songs Of Self | News | Features | Food Arts

Cookbooks aren't so simple anymore. Some serve as scholarly treatises about a single subject-a country, a region, a province, a food group, or a single ingredient. Some push a dreamed-up lifestyle-wine country, cowboy, Tuscany or Provence, Southern, and on and on.

Recipes from Hand-Crafted Candy Bars |

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Reubens & the Women's March in Cincinnati - Food Market Gypsy

Cincy was my sports town in the days of Pete Rose and Johnny Bench. We rolled in from the nearby hills of northern Kentucky where my family ran a local newspaper. Folks, this was going to the city. I still associate Cincinnati with ball park peanuts, fountains, and German-influenced culinary fare.

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Artful Cookies in Italy - Food Market Gypsy

Cannoli, the popular cookies of Sicily, began as Carnival pastries (circa 1500's) shaped as cylinders around wooden canes, dipped in hot oil, allowed to cool then filled with smooth, sweetened ricotta cheese. They have changed very little except now they are often made with stainless steel cylinders instead of canes and their decorations include roasted pistachio pieces and candied fruit.
Pros cite pork, salt, DIY among top food trends

Food-related topics ranging from politics to pop culture were on the agenda at a recent conference of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). Once a year, professionals from all walks of culinary life - including cookbook writers, restaurateurs, culinary school instructors, farmers, magazine editors and publishers and food manufacturers - meet to discuss issues and trends.

5 recipes for traditional, homemade Halloween candy

There's something about Halloween candy that brings out the child in all of us and sends even normally restrained grown-ups diving into trick-or-treat buckets in search of Reese's and M&M's. So it sounds almost sacrilegious to say this, but something terrible has happened to candy corn.

Dessert Professional Magazine
Flour: Grains of the Gods

Bread and chocolate are connected not just through the classic pastry pain au chocolate, but through the many ancient gods and goddess that watch over them.

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Love & Lox in Norway - Food Market Gypsy

I don't fall in love easily beyond an occasional cashmere sweater at an end-of-season sale. When I go someplace new and beautiful and hear my vagabond voice say "maybe you should quit your job and live here instead?", I can usually shut that bratty inner child right up. What about your family?

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Beckoned By Black Forest Cake in Berlin - Food Market Gypsy

Seriously, this was a business trip. We HAD to find a quality slice of Black Forest Cake even though it was sought only by old-fashioned, German-language-less tourists like me. Most people seemed oblivious to the fact that this cake was born in Berlin. Where was its memorial? Where was its shrine?

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Southern Green Beans in Appalachia - Food Market Gypsy

Late-summer cicadas craft the music of Kentucky with long rattling notes. My borrowed tee shirt has familiar Ashland Tomcats on the front. I don't remember ever having such a shirt yet it feels like mine. How did I conjure teenage dreams that led me up and out of this mountain town?

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Zipping Up the Paradox In Paris - Food Market Gypsy

If you've been on a dessert-tasting tour of central Europe for 2 weeks, the dress shops of Paris frighten you. Over-crowded museums in summer heat are suddenly urgent on your agenda. Then I heard the siren song of this dress, vintage Herve Leger in nude, tags still on, swinging amid second-hand sequined tops and black lace blouses.

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Something Fishy in Finland - Food Market Gypsy

Because it was selected as one of the top ten food markets ever by Food Lover's Guide to the World from Lonely Planet, my expectations for the Helsinki Fish Market were running high and the rest of me was running late.

Food Republic
Caramel Pecan Tortoises Recipe - Food Republic

Directions For the milk-chocolate caramel: Put the ice in a large bowl and set aside. Place the sugar and water in a medium saucepan. Stir the mixture until it resembles wet beach sand. Use a moist paper towel to wipe out any sugar that clings to the inside of the pan.

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Moonlight Oysters in Boston - Food Market Gypsy

"Listen to me. There is no more money," said my boss Sam, a stylish, 60-ish adman in his corner office near the Boston waterfront. A steady parade of us (copywriters, art directors, producers, and associate producers in my case) filed in for raises as late fall faded and winter moved in like an evening cold front across the harbor's sailboats and ferries.

Hand-Crafted Candy Bars

Hand-Crafted Candy Bars has 78 ratings and 12 reviews. Sarah said: This was a Goodreads First Reads win.If you are looking for a book to teach you how ...

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Feeding Refugees in Hungary - Food Market Gypsy

In the wake of a large earthquake in Los Angeles in the 1990's that followed a wave of race riots, I wrestled with the constitution of my character. What purpose did I serve beyond my own survival? What good was I?

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Sachertorte mit globalism in Vienna - Food Market Gypsy

I know, I know...Vienna has always been a cosmopolitan city. But we approached it as a dessert capital - a singular exemplar; a province of old-world excellence. If other discoveries awaited us in this city, we didn't care. While Vienna delivered on its culinary promise, we could not ignore how it asserted itself as a contemporary center of globalism.