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"I've got words & I know how to use 'em!"
You know, most writers are doing well just to have their words leap off the page. I, on the other hand, am not happy until my words dance.  We're talking a press release polka, web content samba, ad copy cha-cha, an all-around word watusi!

My name is Susan Shuman of SusanWritesPrecise. I am a professional freelance writer currently residing in with wilds of Birmingham, AL. I specialize in all forms of web content writing, product description, article and travel writing, ghost writing, proofreading, and copy editing.


Books & Articles

Eddie's Underwear: & Other Shorts

Will Her Muse Never Shut Up? Just when you think she couldn't possibly top her last short story collection, Susan Marie Shuman is back with a brand-new compilation that's sure to turn the short story/flash fiction microcosm on its ear. Is there no end to this woman's creativity? "Eddie's Underwea...

Why Triple Chai?

Why Triple Chai? Rabbi Stephen Fuchs' readers are even more curious as to what makes a rabbi tick! Since "Why the Kof? Getting the Best of Rabbi Fuchs" was such a hit, it seemed only natural to compile another anthology (fifty-four, to be exact) of Rabbi Fuchs' most illuminating and riveting essa...

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity
Third-World Parasite Plagues the Rural South - Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity

Once thought to be eliminated in the 1980s, hookworm has made an alarming comeback in the rural south-particularly in Lowndes County, Alabama, one of the state's most agriculturally rich but economically challenged areas. Located near Montgomery, many residents of Lowndes live in abject poverty. With an average income of just $700 a month, most cannot ...

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