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Susanne Kimball


Location icon United States

I've always loved writing, even from a very young age. Growing up I would write short fiction stories and even daily news articles recapping the day. Writing has been an outlet for my creativity and imagination for years. Over time I developed a niche in the health and wellness world, as my other passion is fitness and health.

I offer expert web content, articles, and blogs in the health, wellness, medical and dental fields. My content will convert readers into paying clients and patients. I have extensive experience in the health and wellness field as a certified trainer and business owner. I've competed in endurance events, bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions as well so I understand fitness and health in and out. I also have nearly a decade of experience working in the medical and dental field as a marketing advisor, which makes my knowledge of these subjects deep.

Combine my expertise in these fields and my writing skills and you get content that keeps your readers engaged which ultimately builds trust and converts. All content is thoroughly researched and always supported by scholarly resources, scientific studies and high-quality links for search engine optimization.

It's especially important for all web content to engage your reader by telling a story that resonates with them. Using the same old keyword stuffing or boring descriptions of services actually hurts businesses as Google gets smarter. That's why you want original, creative and interesting content to make your website stand out and get pushed up higher in a search.

Types of content I can create for you:

Social media

As a professional copywriter who actively works in and writes about the health, wellness, medical and dental world, I can provide a unique perspective with years of knowledge and experience. Let's create something awesome!

I also have years of experience in developing strategic marketing plans for small businesses, online marketing strategy, B2B grassroots strategy, social media and coaching clients on all of these. Each is an important piece to your marketing puzzle, and it all starts with great content. If you need someone skilled in writing something that gets your audience to act and has a thorough understanding of how it all fits together, I'm your person!