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It disarms you from your very first encounter; it takes your breath away, and gets you to think, but not so much that your head hurts. Like a well-advertised and produced movie or book, it draws in and connects with viewers and readers, and leaves them wanting for more.

Someone found what they are looking for. They found the stuff that tells them exactly how to do things the easier, smarter, and faster way.

It’s amazing!

And then it makes them take big actions ending in exclamations rather than periods.

I work day and night to make such moments come true.

A freelance writer, every time I am assigned a project, I put hours of research into finding out what people really want to read. I add things to the content that educates, entertain, and motivate the reader to take action.

Drop me a line and let’s talk about the additional exposure you could be enjoying from my services.

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Below you will find a few of my works. More samples would be made available on request.

Passion Passport
Things to Do in Kerala, India: Beyond the Houseboats - Passion Passport

Thanks to its tropical charms, hypnotic waters, and mouth-watering cuisine, Kerala has evolved to be one of the most popular locations in India for tourists. This area is blessed with a combination of rivers, lakes, canals, and there is nothing better than hopping on a houseboat and cruising through the narrow canals lined with palm trees.

Switching Schools | Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Deciding things for our kids without their consent is called parenting. As parents, the decision to shifting our child's school can be one of the toughest challenges that we face in life. Often times, changing schools can disrupt so many areas of children's little lives that they might feel as if they are being held back.

Socially Ciara
IGTV Vs. YouTube: Where Should Video Creators Go?

IGTV was launched earlier this year, and everyone knows that it became a hit among video creators. The platform did a great job in video creation and became a serious competitor to YouTube In this article, we are going to take a closer look at differences between YouTube, and IGTV.

Womens Post
Susan Johnson, Author at Womens Post

I was born an Indian, which meant that I was part of the most diverse country in the world. Thus, whenever life blessed me with an opportunity to travel around, I would jump straight into it. Up until this very day, I have always looked forward to holidays for a chance to pack my bag and go on an exploration.

Susan Johnson | Moms

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