Susan Berhane

Congressional Intern

Location icon United States of America

My name is Susan and I live and work in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I am a well-organized, self-motivated, and ambitious communications and public relations individual with experience in both government and business enterprises.

Japan Society: August 2013

Susan Berhane, a senior at Old Dominion University studying international relations, marketing and Japanese, and a summer intern for Japan Society's Communications Department, reports from her first Japanese language class outside academia . When I was asked to observe a Japan Society language class, I was beyond thrilled.

Japan Society: June 2013

With two weeks left before this year's JAPAN CUTS film festival heats up midtown east July 11-21, there are already a handful of screenings close to selling out (spoiler alert: they probably will this weekend, so get tix now!)

Japan Society: July 2013

UPDATE: three's exhibit three is a magic number 7 opened Aug. 27. The Japanese concept of moe (pronounced MO-EH) is a connection one has with a manga or anime character somewhere between first love, a priest's eternal devotion and an otaku's obsessive infatuation.

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