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Hello there! My name is Sunny and I'm an experienced and prolific freelance content provider, blogger and writer. Currently I string words and thoughts together for Disney's,, Mommy Nearest, Fandango's Family Room and am a founder of the whimsical site Wonder and Company.

I recently wrapped up a project where I provided a large amount of content for the launch of Disney's Imagicademy. I've also written for Buzzfeed, The Stir, SF Weekly and many more. Yup, I've been busy!

What's Up with Owned, Earned, Paid, and Shared Media?

by Sunny ChanelYou, my friend, discover that you are an influencer and can gain exposure, traffic, and yes, Most of us started out this way; you begin a blog to share your ideas, thoughts, and passions in post form as a way to amplify your message beyond the playground or boring board meetings.
I Couldn't Believe This Happened to My Kid in Minecraft -

Filed Under Learning & Development,education,tech My daughter's school was blown up. No students were harmed, but the main building on the campus was completely destroyed, as well as the nearby dorms. Before your start racking your noggin trying to recall when this horrendous act took place on U.S.

A 9-Year-Old Reviews Disney Infinity 3.0

"You're not like a normal mom," my 9-year-old daughter declared, "and that's a good thing!" This was her response to me asking, nay, begging her to play video games with me. She is under the impression that most moms see gaming as a frivolous pastime, while her own mom (me), doesn't just approve (in moderation of course) but enthusiastically joins in ...
'Tomorrowland' is Surprisingly Important Today -

Filed Under family fun If you were young and impressionable and immersed yourself in the films that have been coming out in recent years, you might think the world will soon be a terrifying and horrific place. In the "Hunger Games," youth are forced to kill each other.

26 Incredible Sights From Inside Pixar Studios

Once you go inside you will see a lot of incredible things, like: 2. You know Luxo Jr., the light from Pixar's logo? There's a gigantic sculpture of him in front of the main building. Pixar promotes their latest film - which will be released June 19th - with HUGE pieces of artwork that are displayed throughout the main building.
I Let 'Candy Crush' Crush My Child -

My daughter called me out on my addiction "Mommy, please, please stop," my daughter mumbled out between full-blown sobs. "Please, mommy, it's making me really sad." And then she uttered the words that stabbed like a freshly sharpened blade, "Mommy, I'm disappointed in you." Yes, my daughter used the, "I'm disappointed in you" line on me.

Disney Imagicademy
Disney Imagicademy

Our Spotlight series will shine a light on accomplished Disney creators in hopes that your own future trailblazers are inspired by their stories. Imagineer Brian Crosby's title of creative director may be a bit ambiguous, but is so intentionally.

Top Website Traffic Analytics Tools for Bloggers

by Sunny Chanel You can't judge a book by its cover, but every day our blogs are judged on something that can be just as nebulous - by the numbers. These numbers, the series of digits that quantify your traffic play a significant role in whether a company will want to partner with you.

Bringing Pixar's 'Good Dinosaur' to Life

Creating The Good Dinosaur began with one simple question: What if approximately 65 million years ago a giant asteroid didn't come into contact with our planet? Soon that one question turned into many. What if dinosaurs weren't obliterated? What if dinosaurs coexisted with man? And what if said dinosaurs were also cute, friendly and even colorful?

Take a Tour of George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch

I mages: (clockwise from top) Technical building sound studio, library (credit: © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved)., sitting room inside the ranch, overlooking Lake Eowk, honey for sale in the general store, Skywalker Ranch Fire Brigade mug.

Mommy Nearest
6 Great Tinkering Spaces in the Bay Area for Creative Kids

6 Great Tinkering Spaces in the Bay Area for Creative Kids 6 Great Tinkering Spaces in the Bay Area for Creative Kids Making, building, experimenting, inventing, and good old tinkering-there is nothing better for little hands and minds.

9 Things Lorelai Gilmore Taught Us About Being a Mom | Babble

Remember the time before Tivo and DVR? Back in those days, I would make sure I was home every Thursday night, butt firmly planted on the couch at 8 PM to watch my favorite mother/ daughter duo - Lorelai and Rory Gilmore of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.