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Sunil Tulsiani is ‘The Wealthy Cop’ - CEO & Founder of Private Investment Club, a real estate investor in Brampton, Ontario.

Sunil Tulsiani

Thought you'd find this valuable :) Here's this week's 60 second information blast. Hope you'll like it! (-: I recorded this quick video on our last PIC event. We plan to use it for different purposes, so John put some music under it and made it look official. Hope you'll like it!

Sunil Tulsiani "The Wealthy Cop"

When preparing this report, the following areas were considered as key fundamentals. These areas include, but are not limited to: Kitchener Waterloo is one of Canada's most dynamic economies. The average price of a home in Kitchener increased by 6.1% during the first half of 2010 over the same period during 2009.

Sunil Tulsiani - Real Estate Investor

The 2nd installment of our Private Investment Club's Investor Spotlight series that focuses on member deals. Tap into their insight as they openly discuss their recent results in real estate investing and also talk future deals. Sunil Tulsiani's ultimate dream of realizing one hundred PIC millionaires is well underway.

Sunil Tulsiani's Blog
Sunil Tulsiani's Blog

It takes a certain breed to become a real estate agent, or a real estate investor for that matter. Sunil Tulsiani points out that it's a profession that some people take pride in and are highly successful at, but it can also be a demoralizing and unrewarding one for others.

Sunil Tulsiani
Sunil Tulsiani | The Blog Of A Real Estate Millionaire

Read about Sunil Tulsiani's epic article in CREW (Canadian Real Estate Magazine) On the road to making 100 real estate millionaires Purchase Sunil's best selling book: "The Secret to Real Estate Wealth" Watch Tips and insights into the real estate market investment world with Sunil Tulsiani.

Private Investment Club
Private Investment Club By Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani - President of Private Investment Club is a former police negotiator of the Ontario Provincial Police. PIC best space for friendly business.

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Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani - 'The Wealthy Cop' - CEO & Founder of Private Investment Club is a real estate investor in Brampton, Ontario.

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani is 'The Wealthy Cop' - CEO & Founder of Private Investment Club, a real estate investor in Brampton, Ontario. Sunil Tulsiani started his career as a Police officer with the Ontario...

Sunil Tulsiani
Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani, Top Real Estate Investment Mentor and Public Speaker, recently hit seven separate best-seller lists with "The Success Secret" book.

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