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Summer Goodkind

Journalist, Reporter, Features Writer, Music Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance journalist writing news pieces, commentary, and features on social and political issues, largely student-related. Also Education and Careers for The Telegraph and Music, predominantly for Schön! Magazine.

Previously Editor-in-Chief of the Nottingham Tab.

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The Tab UK
These unis are offering the fewest places to black students

Last year Belfast only made 50 offers to black students Some of the country's top unis are offering a place to fewer than 200 black students a year. Belfast, Glasgow and St Andrews are the top UK unis that offer the fewest places to black students, new stats have revealed.

The Tab Nottingham
Trent students fined £40k for house party in Lenton after hiding 30 guests from police

They said the police were 'spoiling their fun' Four students were fined £40,000 after throwing a house party with over 30 people in their house on Kimbolton Avenue, on Tuesday 20th October. The Trent students, fined £10k, have now been suspended after lying to the police about the party and blaming them for "spoiling their fun".

The Tab Nottingham
Occupying students hold makeshift rave in Trent building to support strikes

Better than Stealth to be fair In a move of non-violent protest against a number of university-related issues, students have been occupying corridors in the Trent building since Sunday night. Last night, whilst camped out outside the Vice Chancellor's office, students kitted out the space in order to throw the best rave Trent's ever seen.


Schön! Magazine
interview | rochelle jordan

Innovation is key to British-Canadian singer Rochelle Jordan. She fuses the futuristic with the ancestrally soulful sounds of R&B. To listen to one of Jordan's songs is to absorb a subtle blend of sampledelic 90s pop, vintage UK house and garage, airy late night ballads and progressive hip-hop.

Schön! Magazine
interview | wizthemc

Singer-rapper moves through genres just like he has the world. Born in Cape Town and raised in Germany, Wiz flew to Toronto just days after completing high school to immerse himself in the city's music scene. What was meant to be a short say in Canada, turned into a six-month trip which ended up shaping his career.

Schön! Magazine
interview | Brandon

California-based singer-songwriter Brandon takes a unique approach to his music. He turns introspective lyricism into a universally relatable experience.

Schön! Magazine
interview | haich ber na

London-based Haich Ber Na is an electronic provocateur with an avant-garde sound. The self-taught musician and producer has received buzz for his left field sound and constantly pushing sonic boundaries. "The message for my music in general is do what you want and don't care what anyone thinks."


The Telegraph
I've just had the jab and it's driven a wedge between me and my anti-vaxx mother

As a 21-year old, the prospect of receiving the Covid vaccine has, for a long time, been nothing more than a distant hope. However, as the UK's vaccination programme exceeded expectations and was made available to ever younger cohorts, I began to realise that my opportunity may be coming sooner than I originally thought.

The Tab Leeds
Meet the students changing the face of body positivity

'If we can see more people that love their body then it should encourage everyone to take the same approach' Social media has undoubtedly revolutionised the way we communicate online. Unfortunately, the intrusive culture of body-shaming has been on the rise of late, running in tandem with the expansion of the online world.

The Tab UK
These are the absolute worst things students have witnessed on uni house viewings

'There was a huge cauldron full of bones' Sometimes awkward, sometimes creepy and sometimes the most traumatic experience you have ever witnessed, uni house viewings are full of unpleasant surprises. If you're in your second or third year then you've inevitably experienced one these infamous excursions.

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