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A Libya based journalist,fixer,and a producer; I have been working as a stringer for the New York Times since the Libyan revolution in 2011,I have also been fixing/producing for a number of international media organizations such as: The BBC, PBS, HBO ,WSJ ,NPR, and so on.Coverage has included Libya’s revolution from beginning to end, the fall of Muhammar Qaddafi, the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, the outbreak of Libya’s post-revolution civil war, and the current spread of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


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A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

"S ecurity vacuum," Ambassador Stevens wrote in his personal diary on Sept. 6 in Tripoli, in one of the few pages recovered from the Benghazi compound. "Militias are power on the ground," he wrote. "Dicey conditions, including car bombs, attacks on consulate," he continued. "Islamist 'hit list' in Benghazi.

Libya Attacks Came in Two Waves, Official Says

BENGHAZI, Libya - The mayhem here that killed four United States diplomatic personnel, including the ambassador, was actually two attacks - the first one spontaneous and the second highly organized and possibly aided by anti-American infiltrators of Libya's young government, a top Libyan security official said Thursday.

Libyans Begin Taking Sides After General Wages Attacks

TRIPOLI, Libya - Towns, tribes and armed groups across Libya chose sides on Monday in response to a renegade general's assault on the country's Islamist militias and lawmakers. The general, Khalifa Heftar, has threatened to start something like a coup or even a civil war, though it is far from clear he has the power to do so.

General Escalates Libya Attack

TOBRUK, Libya - A Libyan general who has led a six-month campaign to rid the country of Islamists sharply escalated his attacks on Benghazi on Wednesday, with a concerted ground assault and airstrikes - pledging to give up command if he succeeds.

Group Linked to ISIS Says It's Behind Assault on Libyan Hotel

TRIPOLI, Libya - Militants claiming allegiance to the Islamic State said they were responsible for an armed assault on a luxury hotel that killed at least eight people here on Tuesday, the most significant in a string of terrorist attacks against Western interests and government institutions in the capital since the ouster of Col.

Western Officials Alarmed as ISIS Expands Territory in Libya

TRIPOLI, Libya - The branch of the Islamic State that controls Surt has expanded its territory and pushed back the militia from the neighboring city of Misurata, militia leaders acknowledged Sunday. In the group's latest attack, a suicide bomber killed at least four fighters on Sunday at a checkpoint west of Misurata on the coastal road to Tripoli, according to local officials and Libyan news reports.

In His Last Days, Qaddafi Wearied of Fugitive's Life October 22, 2011 In His Last Days, Qaddafi Wearied of Fugitive's Life By KAREEM FAHIM [Libya] [Middle East proper, including the Gulf] [regimes continues slow, plodding, political-eco liberalization] [broader middle east] [northern Africa or Islamic Maghreb; and Horn of Africa] [democratization] [mark this date if it is confirmed!!!]

Jubilation sweeps Tripoli as rebels hunt desperate Gadhafi

BENGHAZI, Libya - The long, brutal reign of Col. Moammar Gadhafi appeared to collapse Sunday as rebels swept into Tripoli, captured three of his sons and set off wild street celebrations in a capital that he'd ruled by fear for more than four decades, Libyan and NATO officials said.


We Are the Giant (2014)

Directed by Greg Barker. A documentary that tells the stories of ordinary individuals who are transformed by the critical moral and personal challenges they encounter when standing up for what they believe is right.

Witness (TV Mini-Series 2012)

With Eros Hoagland, Faisal Al-Faituri, Essam Al-Sabri, Guillermo Arias. Drug trafficking, poverty, gang violence, corruption and ethnic warfare have created some of the most dangerous hot spots on Earth. Witness follows our current generation of photojournalists into these conflict zones in Mexico, Libya, Brazil and South Sudan.


'Wherever there was news, we went': Libya's 'A-Team' fixers on getting the story out

Fixers do not often get attention for the right reasons. a fixer in Even those who do their job exceptionally well toil in relative anonymity. Those who become part of the story tend to do so only in tragic circumstances."In the beginning I had decided to fight with the rebels, as it was our duty to protect our city.


The future of fixers in foreign reporting

From Iraq to Afghanistan, Libya to Syria local fixers are increasingly being relied upon by journalists to help them get the story and do their jobs. For foreign journalists they provide essential local knowledge and the ability to communicate, but by doing so they often put themselves and their families in danger.

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