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A UEFA "Fame" Media accredited writer, I write regularly about 22 men kicking a ball around.

I've also been spotted writing articles on other sports plus parenting and lifestyle issues.

Bike Citizens
Building a greater Manchester for cycling

Manchester has made an enormous contribution to UK cycling over the last couple of decades. The city's velodrome was built in 1994, ready for the Commonwealth games of 2002. Known as the National Cycling Centre and home to British Cycling, it ensured the arrival of an unprecedented era of success in cycle sport.


There is a wonderfully old-fashioned documentary that can be found on the footballing treasure-trove, YouTube, that shows what looks like a near-empty Wembley Stadium hosting the FA Trophy final in 1980.

The Two Unfortunates
Keith Hill and the 'never go back' maxim

These quiet mid-January weeks used to be devoted to anticipation while we waited between rounds 3 and 4 of the FA Cup and if many will have you believe that matters Premier League and transfer window are the only ones worth thinking about as Burns Night approaches, quite a few of us still hark back to the old days.

The Legacy of The Giro d'Italia - By Stuart Howard-Cofield - The Upright

Le Tour de France may be the world's greatest-and certainly most famous-bicycle race. For the cycling connoisseur, however, it is the Giro D'Italia, with its uncompromising mountainous terrain that sets the pulse racing. Sir Bradley Wiggins himself has said as much in the past. It was with significant fanfare, then, that the Grande Partenza (or ...

An Omnipresent Phenomenon - By Stuart Howard-Cofield - The Upright

There is a short story co-written by Argentinian writer Jose Luis Borges called "Esse Est Percipi". The story describes the veil of naivety being lifted from a gentleman who learns that all the football matches he has been listening to on the radio are fake.

Have football clubs forgotten the art of interaction?

By Stuart Howard-Cofield The traditional Saturday afternoon avocation of going to watch your team is under threat to a remarkable amount of other activities. The camaraderie felt by thousands standing together on windswept terraces has been replaced by a seated, theatre-like experience spread over innumerable days and at a much higher cost.


Sooner or later, someone is going to have to make an honest building of London's Olympic Stadium, but watching football there? How will that feel? Stuart Howard-Cofield shares his experience. The London Olympic Stadium - a bloated, over-budget stadium for our glorious capital city.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK
From virtual sports to reality: How I got my kids off video games

Keep the boy occupied with the video game version of his favourite sport. The best laid plans of mice and men... Soon there were gaggles of friends round to play virtual football, be it FIFA or PES, noisily filling the room. Don't get me wrong, I love video games as well.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK
How the whole family can make spooky Halloween lanterns

Once the preserve of American children, Halloween is becoming more of an event for British families every year. Ghoulish make-up and costumes are donned, ghostly parties are held and the annual trick-or-treat parade of spooks, ghosts, vampires, pumpkins and werewolves appears to be welcomed by most people.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK
How to deal with a child who headbutts everything

'How to deal with a child who headbutts everything' on Yahoo Lifestyle UK. Does your toddler enter a tantrum sometimes and start to headbutt, like an enraged ram? Do you fear for your own nose, your furniture and of course, your child's head? Don't worry, you are not alone.

Yahoo Finance UK
How I teach my children the importance of money

Money makes the world go around, so the song says. It can also send the world in to a credit crunch panic and almost stop the world as we know it. Each generation appears to be given lessons by a previous one, yet we still find our economies stuttering with bust regularly following boom.

Yahoo Finance UK
Free family days out are only a stone's throw away

As we are deep in the school summer holiday season, the battle to keep the children occupied will be beginning to fray nerves and put strain on the family budget. Six weeks of days out, farm visits, exhilarating theme park rides, museums, ice creams, fizzy drinks, pizzas and chips takes its toll.

Fantasy Football's advent

Football has not, until recent years, leant itself to a truly immersive fantasy sports system in the way that statistic-heavy American Football does. However, as worldwide televised matches have become more accessible, supporters are watching more clubs and leagues than ever before.


As its extended and convoluted end to the season nears, La Segunda division in Spain - la Liga Adelante - is about to lose more than one local derby. The more famous is, of course, the Galician derby from the far North-West corner of Spain.

When Saturday Comes - Olympic football lessons from Espanyol

Olympic football lessons from Espanyol 7 May ~ The London Olympic Stadium: a bloated, over-budget stadium for our glorious capital city. With the debate still raging, Leyton Orient's chairman and pub-game promoter, Barry Hearn, was soapboxing on the airwaves, giving his views on how a move to the ground for West Ham United will kill his club.

Olympic ideals may not be suitable for football - World Soccer

The London Olympic Stadium - a bloated, over-budget stadium for our glorious capital city. With the debate still raging, Leyton Orient's chairman and pub-game promoter, Barry Hearn, has been soap-boxing on the airwaves - giving his views on how a move to the ground for West Ham United will kill his club and informing anyone that will listen that the stadium is "not fit for football".

Transfer Tiki-Taka Keeps Bookmakers' Close Season Open

The rise of Twitter and online betting has seen the close season come alive. Today Stuart Howard-Cofield discusses. With the close season almost (finally) at an end, excitement is building for a new Barclays Premier League season - that glorious point where all teams are equal and there is a blank page yet to be written in your club's history.