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Hey! Daniel Strong here! StrongBowling – This blog is for people addicted to playing bowling with my 20 year’s experience. Hope that my knowledge will help you out of the difficulty of wondering what is the best product of bowling for you.

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7 Best Urethane Bowling Balls | Top Picks & Reviews | StrongBowling

Bowling is a sport that has been around for a long time. Starting out with wood as the main part of the ball, it has evolved dramatically over the last century. Since the late 1970's the polyester bowling ball was considered the best. Not only did it have a much lower price tag, but the ...

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What Are Bowling Balls Made Of? The Inner Core Of Bowling Balls

Ever wondered what bowling balls are actually made of? I bet many of us just arrive at the bowling alley and we simply start playing. If you play at a professional level, you might have delved a little deeper into this topic, but for some, they simply just never ask the question.

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#7 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners Reviews & Guide 2019 | StrongBowling

The bowling ball might be considered the most important part of the bowling game, but did you know that it also needs to be maintained? Aside from slapping a few holes somewhere in the bowling ball, you also need to make sure that it is in peak condition for each game.

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#6 Best Bowling Gloves 2019 | Top Pick & Reviews | StrongBowling

Bowling gloves are often overlooked and since they don't play such a major role, many people prefer playing without them. While this can be fine and you might still have an excellent game, the best bowling gloves can make a difference to your game and eventually lead to better bowls and overall performances.

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#9 Best Bowling Wrist Support Reviews 2019 | StrongBowling

Bowling seems like a sport that won't require much effort, but the sport can put some strain on your body in certain areas. Not only will you find yourself developing joint pain, but the wrists will be at the forefront of taking this damage. Your technique might play a role, but the pain does not ...

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10 Best Bowling Bags Reviews 2019 | Guides & FAQs | StrongBowling

You have your bowling ball and most of your bowling equipment, but now you need somewhere to store it. The bowling bag seems like a good prospect, but why not choose a different bag? The best bowling bag is definitely the way you need to go when looking for storage space to keep all your ...

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StrongBowling: 10 Best Bowling Shoes Reviews & Buyer's Guide 2019

Have you ever wondered why you are not allowed to enter a bowling alley with your own shoes and why people always recommend different shoes or socks? The main reason for this is the bowling surface and while it remains durable, the best bowling shoes are designed to protect the surface and allow it to ...

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7 Most Expensive Bowling Balls | Buyer's Guide 2019 | StrongBowling

Bowling balls can be rather expensive and having one most definitely will make a difference. The sport of bowling itself is something that many people generally do as a hobby. Using a simple ball, you rent at the alley to make life easier and have a little fun.

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#10 Best Bowling Balls 2019 | Reviews & Guides | StrongBowling

Bowling is a complex sport and it has grown significantly over the last couple of years. It involves a lot of technique and bowlers at a professional level also take a lot of pride in the equipment they choose for the sport. Bowling balls might seem like simple balls that you simply throw down a ...