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La Parisienne

On the streets of Paris back in 1983, a certain type of girl first inspired the idea for a women's fashion label. She was not defined by age, occupation or background; but by her attitude, her composure and the way she interpreted fashion to make it her own.

The Truth About Oils

Far from being the next short-lived beauty fad, the use of oils in skincare is one of the most ancient of beauty secrets - dating back to the likes of Cleopatra some 2000 years ago in Egypt (not to mention ancient Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese civilisations).

Meet KOOKAÏ Australia's Founders

Over 20 years ago, Rob Cromb and Danielle Vagner took a trip to Paris where they were inspired to take a risk on a concept for a women's clothing line to fill a noticeable gap in the wardrobe of the Australian woman.

Things I Wish I'd Known: Creative Agent Veronica Moore

In an era when content is king and the creative industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver more for less, Veronica Moore understands better than most the personal and professional demands of driving business success in the Australian creative industry.

Mai Life Magazine
For the Love of Fashion

Article on KOOKAI founder, Rob Cromb, and Designer, Tutu Ralogaivau's journey from a small island province in Fiji to their roles at the helm of KOOKAI.

My Story - Christina Sikalias - Makeup Artist

Christina Sikalias is renowned for her unrivaled attention to detail and her expertise in highlighting, contouring and blending. She uses the highest quality products from around the world, ensuring flawlessness and longevity in all her makeup applications. Christina is sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Too Faced, Zoeva, Benefit Cosmetics.

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