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7 Awesome Animals Hunted To Extinction

Hey, here's some depressing news, there's a possibility that over 10,000 species are going extinct every year due to human activity. Awesome. It's not actually certain exactly how many species we're wiping out, as the likelihood is that we're killing 'em faster than we can discover 'em, what with the whole global warming/deforestation thing.
10 Weirdly Human Animal Behaviours

Humans are generally considered to be the oddballs of the animal kingdom. We wobble around on two legs, remove what little body hair we do have, and think that things like "Pot Noodles" and "quarterly meetings" are a pretty neat idea. However, we might not be quite so unique as we once thought.
8 Times Sir David Attenborough Was A Total Badass

Sir David Frederick Attenborough: Naturalist, documentarian and all round legend. With a long and distinguished career stretching all the way back to the 1950s, everybody's favourite adopted uncle has been opening our eyes to the wonders of the natural world for generations, imparting his bottomless wisdom in that distinctively velvety and comfortingly calm voice of his.
9 Real-Life Creatures That Are Definitely Pokémon

So, you know how you always wanted a Pokémon of your own, but the cruel adults of the world crushed your dreams with technicalities like "they don't exist" and "what about a puppy instead?". They lied. They lied to us all.
7 Ancient Technologies That Use Amazingly Advanced Science

In our shiny new technological age, it's easy to take a dim view of the past. We tend to imagine that people back then lived in a simpler age, full of candles, books and superstition but, actually, a lot of technology from those supposed dark ages used some pretty advanced scientific principles, many of which we're still trying to figure out to this day!
8 Ground-Breaking Discoveries You Didn't Know Were Made By Women

In general, the world of science tends to feel a bit... male. For a long time, women were not encouraged to study scientific subjects, as it was thought that their minds wouldn't be able to handle it. Better to just stick to crochet.
Our Top Picks for Newcastle Restaurant Week 2015 | Last Night of Freedom

It's that time of year again, folks. Newcastle Restaurant Week is coming up and we couldn't be more excited. This is the week in which Newcastle's best eateries get to showcase their wares and foodies get to chow down on incredible food at amazing prices. With over 60 participating restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice.
Discover the Gaelic Games | Last Night of Freedom

Anyone who has spent any time in Ireland will know, the Gaelic Games are breathtakingly fast-paced and wildly popular - with crowds far outnumbering those for the likes of football and rugby. You can try the Gaelic Games out for yourself on your trip to Ireland.
Afternoon Tea at SIX Restaurant | Last Night of Freedom

It tastes as good as it looks SIX restaurant can be found in the little glass box perched right on top of the iconic BALTIC art gallery. We've heard good things, so we thought we'd see what all the fuss is about.
The 10 Absolute Worst Sex Tips for Men | Last Night of Freedom

So, you've wined and dined your beautiful lady friend, hey, things are going great, but now the time has come for a ruddy good romp and you understandably what to show her a good time. Perhaps you've googled a few tips in the taxi back to your place and found yourself in the weird world of mens' magazine sexperts.
8 of the Most Romantic (and extravagant) Proposals | Last Night of Freedom

Public proposals: Love 'em or hate 'em, they're, like, so vogue. Either you think it's a super-romantic gesture, a public declaration of your love for one another, or just a great way to ensure that as many people as possible will see you ugly-cry your way through one of the happiest moments of your life.
7 Amazing Hotels to Add to Your Bucket List | Last Night of Freedom

A couple of nights in a B&B in the Lake District might be great for a long weekend getaway, but, every now and again, you just need to treat yo'self (on a honeymoon, for example). Check out these incredible one-of-a-kind hotels that you absolutely have to tick off that Bucket List.
LNOF Discover: Sunny Beach | Last Night of Freedom

Country: Bulgaria | Currency: Bulgarian Lev | Avg. Pint Price: 45p/1.22lev Ibiza, Magaluf, Malia - we're all familiar with the 'Sun, Sea and Sambuca' destinations for our crazy summer holidays, but now there's a new kid on the block. Sunny Beach is Bulgaria's party destination and the country's answer to the Spanish resorts.