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Steve Schwarz

Award-Winning Fantasy Sports/Gaming Writer

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2014 FSWA National Fantasy Football Writer of the Year, Fantasy Sports Editor at The Sports Network.

2015 FSWA Finalist for Fantasy Football Ongoing Series.

I have provided a small sampling of my work which comprises more than 1000 articles covering fantasy football, baseball, basketball, hockey and my years as motorsports editor.

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Thirty-six inches equals 60 Yards

Attention all you math wizards, statistical gurus and fantasy owners! In fantasy football, 36 inches can equal 60 yards-or-more. I am talking about the one-yard touchdown run.

The Effect of a Super Bowl Run on Next Year's Production

After analyzing all the leading Super Bowl participants over the past 20 Super Bowls (2000-2019), the numbers lead to one conclusion that there will be only one star from the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers matchup who will reproduce his regular season results in 2020. That player is Patrick Mahomes!

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Why not a punter?

Sean Landeta understood, but I don't. I was introduced to former NFL punter Sean Landeta at work recently. He played from 1985-2005 for five different teams, but I remember him primarily with the hated New York Giants and beloved Philadelphia Eagles. (Sorry I'm Philly born and bred.) He was pretty good too, making three All-Pro teams (1986, '89, '90). Nice guy. We spent a couple of minutes talking football.

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Presidential production

In honor of President's Day, The Sports Network presents the best fantasy players to represent their presidential namesakes. Before we get to the list, however, we must give a special mention to Lincoln Kennedy. As an offensive lineman he had no fantasy value, but the three-time Oakland Raiders' Pro Bowl lineman represented both his namesakes with style and excellence. Now, on to the honor roll.

Sometimes Quarterback Statistics Lie

How many times over the past few seasons did we hear how Drew Brees was completing over 74% of his passes? And how many times did they want us to be impressed? The correct answer is too many. Mainly, because Brees has become Captain Checkdown.

The SIS Blog
Two NFL prop possibilities supported by data

It's April and there is no baseball. There are no NBA playoffs. There are no NHL playoffs. And the NFL doesn't start its regular season until September. But because the NFL has stuck to their pre-Coronavirus schedule, we will have an NFL Draft at the end of April.

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Dr. Jobe's effect on fantasy baseball

Dr. Frank Jobe died Thursday at the age of 88. What has this got to do with fantasy sports, you ask? Quite a bit actually. Simply put, Dr. Jobe is responsible for saving the pitching arms of up to one- third of the pitchers on today's major league baseball rosters. Do you find that number as astounding as I do? Astounding and outrageous ... yes. Also, true.

Sports Gambling and Fantasy Football

When I was younger, I gambled on sports. A lot! Football, baseball and basketball, but not hockey, I wasnt that crazy. Sometimes legally in Las Vegas where $4.8 billion was bet on sports in 2017, but most times illegally with a bookie.

A Road to Nowhere for Free Agent Quarterbacks?

Lets start with the good news sorry, there is none. OK, maybe the good news is that most veteran NFL quarterbacks have made enough money over the years and hopefully saved a lot to survive this upcoming dry spell in opportunities. The bad news is overwhelming.

Which QBs Do You Trust?

Drew Brees is coming off his worst fantasy season since 2005. Should you trust him in 2018? If you are very old, like me, you may remember a game show from the 1950s starring Johnny Carson called "Who do you trust?" In fact, it was on this show that emcee Carson was first teamed with announcer Ed McMahon.

Past, Current and Future Hall of Famers

Schwarz: I give Winston the edge over Derek Carr as the most likely to produce Hall of Fame numbers. Every August, the Hall of Fame game marks the beginning of the NFL preseason, and the entry of new inductees into NFL immortality.

Six MLB Land Mines to Avoid for Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday's 11-game evening slate misses a number of exciting pitching options, but that doesn't mean DFS players will be devoid of talent choices ... not with Max Scherzer, Noah Syndergaard, Madison Bumgarner schedule to take to the hill on Wednesday. We look at some player you might want to avoid in your DFS lineups.

Top 5 DFS Stacks for Saturday, September 24, 2016

When it comes time to draft a fantasy baseball team in DFS, stacking is a common-place, widely accepted strategy in GPPs. There's a reason that's so: it works. If you want to win a big GPP, you will need a monstrous score, and stacking makes it easier to pile up points because the scoring of batters in a given lineup is correlated.

Terrelle Pryor - Question Marks Everywhere

There will be opportunity for Pryor in New York but multiple variables make him a risky fantasy asset. Combine an inexperienced wide receiver in Terrelle Pryor with an injury prone quarterback ( Josh McCown), a backup quarterback who has thrown two passes since January of 2016 ( Teddy Bridgewater) and a top-three drafted rookie quarterback (player to be named in late April).

The Fall and Rise of Jerick McKinnon

The 49ers signed Jerick McKinnon to be their starting RB, but can he handle the increased workload? In April, the Minnesota Vikings selected running back Dalvin Cook at the 2017 NFL draft and Jerick McKinnons role was very much in doubt.

2017 Tight Ends - A Tier-Less Position?

I once won a fantasy league with Jim Kleinsasser as my tight end. It was 2003. Your most immediate reaction should be, "who?" He was a completely forgettable tight end who played 13 almost-invisible seasons for the Minnesota Vikings from 1999-2011. (Truth in journalism, I did catch Kleinsasser's "career" year - 46-401-4.)

Do You Really Want Your Fantasy QB Playing From Behind?

Many a fantasy owners will exclaim to me that they "like when their quarterback is always playing from behind." I'm sure you hear it all the time, too, maybe even parrot those words to others. Too bad the facts gets in the way of this theory.

Can Any Rookie Running Back be an RB1 in 2017?

You have been waiting for this day for nine months no, not the birth of a child, its much more important than that. Its the construction of your 2017 winning fantasy football roster! Fantasy owners have been planning and strategizing for this day since Tom Brady and the Patriots stunning comeback against the Falcons.

The Julian Edelman Injury Effect

Julian Edleman's knee injury likely means a target boost for Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman suffered a non-contact injury when he planted his right foot to turn up field last night in the third preseason game. Early reports from the team indicate the likelihood of an ACL tear.

Marshall - He's No longer the Sheriff

Marshall will defer to Odell Beckham Jr. but should have no problem returning WR2 value in 2017. For the first time since 2007, his second NFL season, Brandon Marshall isnt his teams top receiver. That might be a shock to the system if it werent for the fact that the free agent receiver knowingly chose to sign with the New York Giants.

Always Start your Hitters in Coors Field

While that headline probably doesnt seem to make much sense, or have any relevance in a fantasy football analysis piece, hear me out. As a veteran fantasy owner in many sports, including baseball, I know to always start any healthy hitters when their team travels to Colorado.

Rebound Candidates

By simply definition, a rebound candidate had a subpar season, but within this answer, there are two types of rebound candidates only one of which will significantly help fantasy owners. Type One - A quarterback, running back or wide receiver who just had an off year, whether due to injury, teammates around him, or simply a string of poor performances.

Fantasy Impact: Eddie Lacy in Seattle

Lacy will attempt to revive his career in Seattle after a production dip the last two seasons in GB. Projected Impact with the Seahawks Although Seattle went 10-5-1 and won the NFC West Division in 2016, this was not the same Seahawks offense that we have come to expect.

Alshon Jeffery could be best Eagles receiver since TO

Alshon Jeffery will be motivated on a one-year deal and could flirt with WR1 status in 2017. Do you believe in yourself? Alshon Jeffery certainly does. Instead of accepting the security of a multi-year deal (rumored to be from Minnesota), the former Chicago Bears receiver agreed to a one-year offer from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Truths and Lies: Week 17

For many, Week 17 is the lull before the real NFL playoffs begin. But for some, this is championship week and for those select few, we will continue to advise you on lineup decisions. Truths "Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it."

Truths and Lies: Week 16

For the majority of leagues, it's Championship Week and for the most part you should follow Shania Twain's advice and "dance with the one that brought you." 1) If you thought Peterson was going to return to the field and dominate, you forgot about the inferior offense line in front of him.

Truths and Lies: Week 15

The second round of the fantasy playoffs is no time to relax. The top seeds, who likely sat out last weekend, will bring their "A" game and you must too, if you want a shot at the title matchup. Don't forget that in addition to the Thursday night contest there is a rare Saturday matchup.

Preseason to Nowhere

1) 2) 3) 4) The NFL exhibition season is in full swing and you are, and will be, bombarded with information and statistics from the games. Ignore all of it. OK, maybe not 100 percent ignore 99 percent. Pay attention to injuries. Its just about the only thing that really matters.

Points to Ponder - NFC

Training camps have opened their doors and I'm excited to continue the predictions for the upcoming season. Not every note is earthshattering, but they will all certainly give you a better insight for draft day. We looked at the AFC last week so it's the NFC's turn.

Points to Ponder - AFC

We are still feeling the heat of the summer and training camp is just around the corner, but there is never a bad time to make predictions for the upcoming season. Not every note is earthshattering, but they will all certainly give you a better insight for draft day.


30. It is the answer to the question what is the square root of 900? As a young boy, I thought that was the age people qualified as being old, but now that I just celebrated my 62nd birthday I don't think that's true at all.

Bust Rates for Top Running Backs and Wide Receivers

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Oh, what an ugly year 2015 was for highly-ranked running backs. Building off Jason Mitchell's Bust Rates column from last year, let's update the numbers and apply them to our player evaluation for the upcoming drafting season.

Is Gronkowski a First-Round Selection?

Rob Gronkowski is the clear leader of the fantasy tight end position but is his Round 1 ADP justified? I once won a fantasy football league with waiver wire pickup, Jim Kleinsasser of Minnesota, as my starting tight end. The year was 2003 and he posted mediocre numbers (46-401-4).

Adrian Peterson is a Dinosaur

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 12) 13) 14) 15) Catching a significant number of passes is a requirement for elite fantasy RB status, except for AP. I once called Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson, Superman, after his unbelievable nine-month return from an ACL injury and subsequent magnificent 2000-yard 2012 season, but what he really is is a dinosaur.

Finding Bargain Quarterbacks

1) 2) 3) 4) It doesnt take a degree in advanced mathematics to choose a top NFL fantasy quarterback. It just takes an early-round draft choice. The starters in a typical 12-team league almost name themselves. Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck we all know their names by heart.

The Eagles Quarterback Dilemma - Part II

Nothing to see here: The last time the Eagles had a top 12 fantasy QB was Nick Foles back in 2013. Last season the Eagles quarterback dilemma was whether Sam Bradford would be healthy enough to play in Week 1 for Chip Kellys up tempo offense and whether he would still be around for the fantasy playoffs in Week 14.

Just a Heartbeat Away

1) 2) 3) 1) 2) 3) 1) 2) 3) It is said that the vice president is just a heartbeat away from assuming the duties of the President. The NFL equivalent is the backup. Hes just one hard hit, or rolled ankle away, from being a starter.

Truths and Lies: Week 16

If you have gotten this far and are still paying attention to fantasy football, you are either in your fantasy championship or playing DFS. Either way, it's about what a player can do for you this weekend, not over the long haul. It doesn't matter if he was your No.

Truths and Lies: Week 15

The first week of the playoffs is in the books. If you have survived and advanced, it only gets tougher from here. Truths Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. - Albert Einstein Where have all the good times gone?

Truths and Lies: Week 14

For many, it's the first round of the fantasy playoffs. We're talking one-and-done from here on out. Install your best lineup and hope to "survive and advance." Truths Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. - Henry David Thoreau Russell Wilson will have to continue his hot streak if he's going to duplicate his 2014 fantasy season.

Truths and Lies: Week 13

Truths I never gave anybody hell! I just told the truth and they thought it was hell. - Harry S. Truman Todd Gurley's fantasy point totals have fallen every week since his high (28.3 FPts) in Week 7. 1) St. Louis running back Todd Gurley has hit the rookie wall.

Truths and Lies: Week 12

With just a couple of games left in the fantasy regular season and no teams on bye, you should be starting your strongest lineups of the season. Unless, of course, you were dependent on the Baltimore Ravens offense to help lead you to the championship.

Truths and Lies: Week 11

1) 2) 3) There is almost no statistical data to help us evaluate Denvers Week 11 starter - 4) 5) Eagles Week 11 starting quarterback 2) The Indianapolis Colts will struggle without their star quarterback 3) 4) It was smart to move 5) As the eighth overall selection in the 2013 draft, It's crunch time and the last of the bye weeks.

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A thank you to those in our armed forces

By now, most of us know the story of Arizona All-Pro safety Pat Tillman and his decision to leave the NFL to enlist in the Army Rangers in 2002. But it is not the only one involving the NFL and players who have served their country. We owe them and many others a debt of gratitude.

Truths and Lies: Week 10

1) There is only a month left before the fantasy playoffs. This is no time to let down or rest on your laurels. Do the work. Prepare for this weekend as always and begin your "homework" for the playoff run. Truths The greatest homage we can pay truth is to use it.

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Fantasy James versus reality James

OK, I think we can all agree that LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet. I'm not saying the best player ever in the history of the game, that's a debate for another time. But in 2015 he's my choice for No. 1 as he's carried an injury-riddled and flawed team to the brink of the NBA championship. It doesn't mean, however, that he was the best FANTASY basketball player this season.

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My viewing habits have changed

I don't watch baseball games anymore. That may sound hard to believe for a guy who runs the fantasy department here at The Sports Network, but it's true. Oh, I watch plenty of baseball. In fact, I'm a baseball junkie, but I just don't watch entire games. Instead, I watch little vignettes thanks to MLB Network and others. My remote gets quite a workout and, fortunately, I have a large supply of AA batteries to keep it going.

Truths and Lies: Week 9

It has been a tough few weeks for fantasy owners as the injury bug has bitten a large number of highly-valued targets. But the season goes on and fantasy owners will have to adjust to life without LeVeon Bell, Arian Foster, Steve Smith and Keenan Allen.

Truths and Lies: Week 8

The bye week portion of the schedule continues in Week 8, though its likely to be a lot easier to assemble your starting lineup with the return of Green Bay, Cincinnati, Denver and Chicago. On bye this weekend are the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins who havent contributed much to fantasy lineups this season.

Truths and Lies: Week 7

This is not a plug and play week. There will be a huge amount of firepower sitting on the sidelines in Week 7 due to byes (Green Bay, Denver, Cincinnati, Chicago) so it's imperative that fantasy owners do their homework to come up with the best possible lineups.

USA Today Fantasy Sports
Targets matter for tight ends in fantasy football

It seems so logical. The more passes thrown your way, the more catches you are likely to make. More receptions should equal more receiving yards and more touchdowns and by default fantasy points. Your wide receiver should be in fantasy heaven, right? Unfortunately, the numbers don't exactly back up the theory.

The Peter Principle Corollary

Back in 1969, Lawrence J. Peter developed a theory which tried to explain the "incompetence" that runs so rampant throughout our society in general and in particular the workplace. It was called the Peter Principle. The idea was that people who succeeded at their jobs were given promotions until the rose to a level at which they weren't very good.

Truths and Lies: Week 5

Truths The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. - Winston Churchill Underutilized: Green Bay's James Jones ranks 46th in targets (21) among fantasy wide receivers. 1) Green Bay wideout James Jones has been severely underutilized through four games.

Five Bold Predictions for 2015

I With the start of the 2015 fantasy football draft season just around the corner, I thought it was time to make a few bold predictions based on what I've seen over the spring and summer OTAs and first week of training camp. 1) Eli Manning will post better fantasy numbers than his brother Peyton Manning.

Truths and Lies: Week 4

Truths For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead ... - Thomas Jefferson 1) The two best running backs from the second half of 2014, Cincinnati's Jeremy Hill (829 yards rushing, 6 TDs over final eight games) and Denver's C.J.

Graham's Domino Effect - Steve Schwarz

My online dictionary says a "domino effect" is a series of similar or related events occurring as a direct and inevitable result of one initial event. In this case, we are evaluating the March 10, 2015 trade of All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Eagles QB Dilemma

Sam Bradford's injury history should have fantasy owners thinking twice about drafting the Eagles QB. I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and I love my hometown teams. Yes, I still have hope (possibly, make that probably foolish) that Sam Hinkie and Ron Hextall can turn the 76ers and Flyers around.

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If it quacks like a duck

"All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs," said Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson to Sheldon Cooper in an early episode of "The Big Bang Theory." OK, that's an obscure way of saying all hitters can start at your designated hitter position, but a real DH is limited to only that spot in your lineup. Which means if you draft a "real world" DH, you are limiting your lineup's flexibility. But a funny thing happened when I went to look up all the official designated hitters for...

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Banks on it

If you are a Millennial or Generation X, you probably don't know much about the late great Ernie Banks, a.k.a. Mr. Cub. Perhaps you should Google him or check out his Wikipedia page. I'll give you the quick summary. In the nine seasons he would have been eligible to play fantasy shortstop (if fantasy leagues had existed in the 1950s and 1960s), he was better than the best fantasy shortstop you have seen in your lifetime. And before you jump on me, I'm not going to consider the admitted...

Five Draft Day Strategies

I've come up with five strategies, from basic to unusual, which I have seen being used over my 30-plus years of playing fantasy football. Some work a lot better than others, but I'll let you decide. "The Classic" For many years it was the ultimate dream of every fantasy owner - to have two stud running backs in their backfield.

Truths and Lies: Week 3

Truths The truth may not lead you to where you thought you were going, but it will always lead you somewhere better. - Source unknown 1) "If you run the ball well, you usually protect your quarterback better," said Broncos coach Gary Kubiak at Monday's press conference.

The Fall from Fantasy Relevance can be Quick

Seasons change quickly and so do the opinions of fantasy owners. A player once thought of as a star in the making one year, can be a complete non-factor on draft day the next season. Case in point, Denver running back Montee Ball.

Truths and Lies: Week 6

It's Week 6 and we are almost at the halfway point of the 2015 fantasy regular season. Now is not the time to sit back and relax. Trends are becoming recognizable and the smart fantasy owner adjusts as early as possible so their changes will have more time to produce significant results.

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Anatomy of a championship

The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research got a big check this week from Joe Dyken at Fantasy Football Nerd. Thank you, Joe. Joe runs a league for experts in the fantasy football world, with the winner getting a check to the charity of his/her choice. I'm happy to say that the Jimmy V Foundation was my choice this season. Last season is was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. That was my choice. too. OK, that was a little bit of bragging. Sorry about that, guys. But while last season...

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

It was 33 years ago today that one of the great film directors who ever lived, Alfred Hitchcock, died at the age of 80 in his home in Bel Air, Calif. In today's piece we honor his effort behind the camera with players who represent some of his greatest works:

Blame it on Popovich

Philadelphia, PA (By Steve Schwarz - - It used to be that San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was the only NBA coach to regularly sit his veteran stars in bulk as the regular season came to a close.

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A fantasy owner's fantasy

In our current era, we think of multi- dimensional players as quarterbacks who can run or throw with equal prowess (think Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III) and tailbacks who can run and catch, but that's just an all-around athlete playing football. The real multi-dimensional players of the past played both offense and defense. Or in the case of the fantasy superstars below - offense and kicker. Imagine the damage they could do to your fantasy opponents if you had one of the...

Truths and Lies: Week 2

Opening up a box score or checking season totals for yards rushed, thrown and caught can tell you quite a lot, but not everything you need to know about your fantasy player.

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The Crosby Effect

There is probably no one who would argue with you if you made the statement that Sidney Crosby is "one of the best hockey players in the world." But what is his effect on the rest of his Pittsburgh Penguins team when he is in the lineup?

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The year after

Over this past offseason, Tennessee running back Chris Johnson, the most recent member of the "2,000 Yard Rushing Club" was quoted saying, "You have to take me first in your draft or you are going to lose." And most owners would agree with him. However, you should beware of getting your wish, because history is not on your side.

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My NBA Mount Rushmore

In a recent interview, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James said, "I'm going to be one of the top four that's ever played this game, for sure." When forced to give his current "Mount Rushmore of the NBA," James rattled off Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. But he then added they would have to make room on the mountain for him.

Eliminating the first-round mistake - Steve Schwarz

Picking a running back in the first round of your fantasy draft seems like the most sensible thing to do, doesn't it? It must, or else why would fantasy owners have made a running back their top pick in 42 of the last 50 first-round selections in 10-team fantasy drafts between the years 2009-2014?

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No Sale!

I have a friend who's first rule of thumb when it comes to his pitching staff is - the pitcher must be a strikeout-per-inning guy. Or at least really, really close. Starter, bullpen, it doesn't matter. Hey Rob, as we head into this Fourth of July holiday weekend, there are 20 starting pitchers performing at a 9.0 strikeouts-per-nine innings level.

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Brown is the new black

Fantasy owners seeking to find the best wide receiver this year have been flocking to Detroit's standout Calvin Johnson with good reason - he's a great receiver. But Johnson isn't the best "value" at the position. The award for best fantasy value from a wideout is going to go to Pittsburgh's No. 1 receiver Antonio Brown.

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Welcome to Zombieland

In the world of fantasy sports, if you aren't performing at a minimum level, you won't be on anyone's fantasy radar screen. You might just as well be retired ... or dead. Sometimes, however, the "dead" return to life and, if you are paying attention, become useful assets for your fantasy team. Below is a team of "zombies" who have made themselves a part of the fantasy landscape in 2015.

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My Chris Paul man crush

This morning I admit to the world that I have a "man crush" on Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul. OK, man-crush may be too strong, but after his performance Wednesday night brought my fantasy basketball team to the brink of a title, I'd certainly pick him up if I saw him hitchhiking on the side of the road. Or drive him to the airport. Or even help him move and we all know that only happens for the closest of your friends.

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Money management wins auction drafts

Joke all you want about the "boring" accountant profession and how you wouldn't want their job, but they all seem to have one characteristic that is invaluable to fantasy owners playing in an auction draft league...they know how to manage their money. If you have an accountant in your auction league, be prepared to battle him all day long, because he will probably have more money than you

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Fielder of dreams or another nightmare?

The calendar has flipped over to 2015 and you know what that means don't you boys and girls? It means it's time for my annual Prince Fielder fantasy prediction article. While 2014 fantasy owners may cringe at the thought of his disappointing production of a year ago (42 games, 3 HR, 16 RBI), it was just part of the bigger overall picture. For the Rangers' slugging first baseman it's a fairly straightforward theorem.

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Draft day mistakes

The start of the major league baseball season is just a few days away, so here are six basic "rules" to abide by to help make your draft a successful one:

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Earnhardt Remembered

On this date, March 3, 2003, written 03/03/03, we celebrate the life of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt was no ordinary Joe.

The Sports Network
What if?

It happens to me every once in a while - I dream about one of my fantasy players having a great night and getting me back into the championship race. Michael Jordan had 69 points against Cleveland one night in March of 1990. I'm old enough to remember David Thompson going for 73 against Detroit in 1978. And Kobe Bryant's 81-point night versus Toronto was a pretty good night, but not the best.

The Sports Network
My Alex Rodriguez dilemma

Let me get this out in the open right from the start. I don't like the Alex Rodriguez persona. Oh it's true I didn't have any problems putting him on my fantasy team during the time he played in Seattle. I also didn't think he was worth the absurdly overpriced contract he signed with Texas, but it wasn't my money, so again I didn't think twice before putting him on my fantasy roster.

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