Steven Rowland


A View from a Semi-pro

The start of something beautiful? Hopefully. Columns for NordicBet about the vagaries of going through life as a semi-professional poker player. The English versions are here.

An Idiot's Guide to Poker

For almost two years I wrote a weekly column for Unibet, charting the journey from a poker-novice to a fully-fledged pro. Well, almost. You can read all of the columns, here.

Business Destinations
Slovak Sights

A feature for Business Destinations about Slovakia, with, unsurprisingly, an emphasis on finance and the economy. I've written many similar pieces for the same publication focussing on Singapore, Brazil, Prague, Krakow and so on...

SoldOut Magazine
House Hunter: Sheffield

For years I criss-crossed the country reviewing estate agencies for SoldOut magazine. The column, which ran for years, was delightful to write, despite the duplicitous nature of my role (pretending to be after a property). Here is an example, picked more or less at random, from my experiences in Sheffield.

The International Agent
House Hunter: Marrakesh

...And I did a similar thing for SoldOut's sister publication, The International Agent. But on the phone, unfortunately, not in person.

the Guardian
Can you make it as a footballer at 34?

Hands up if, when watching a football match, you've thought, "I could do better than that." Me too. In fact, I thought, 'I could do better than that' so keenly that I wrote to each of the 92 clubs in the football league asking for a trial - at the ripe age of 34.

Square Mile
Pills for Smart Attacks

The benefits and moral conundrums associated with cognitive enhancing medication for City magazine Square Mile

British Journalism Review
643 Reasons to be Cheerful

How one freelance writer pitched ideas to every magazine in the Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book and lived to report the results