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The Red Bulletin
Will Gadd on Climbing Niagara Falls | The Red Bulletin

The adventurer has always set his own course. He's been winning competitions since the '90s. If it can be climbed, he's done it, from the vanishing glaciers of Kilimanjaro to abandoned Swedish mining caves 500 feet below the Earth's crust.

The Red Bulletin
Cool Rush

There are no surfboards to ride or bodyboards to rest on. No leashes to tether athlete to equipment that's non-existent anyway. No jet-ski to give a motorised leg up on Mother...

Orange County Register
How to grow healthy fruit trees in limited space using espalier

Have you always dreamed of having a fruit tree laden with citrus, apples or figs but fear you are too limited on space? Or perhaps you have a barren wall or fence that, like a blank canvas, is screaming out for some creative coverage, but you haven't quite found the inspiration?

The Red Bulletin
Meet the Master Festival Crasher | The Red Bulletin

And they say crime doesn't pay. His walk down the path started began in 2010. "I was a broke college student, I had never been to a music festival before, and I really wanted to go to Coachella," he says.

Professional Remodeler
Model ReModel 2018

Nine-month blog project following a featured home remodel, from first swing of the demo sledgehammer to the final item on the punch list.

Do the Right Thing

Top film school USC launches an innovative film ethics program

LA West Media
Own a Piece of History at the Pop Art Photo Show - LA West Media

If pop art as a movement was meant to challenge the traditions and norms of fine art through images of mass culture, you'll find a trove of truly fine examples of it this weekend at the Pop Art Photo Show at Santa Monica's Barker Hangar.

The Red Bulletin
This Is What Happens to Your Body 300 Feet Underwater

One of the first effects of MDR is bradycardia, a slowing of the heart rate by 10 to 30 percent, and that's just the automatic response. Trained divers can reduce that to 50 percent, with some reports as slow as 14 beats per minute, as compared to 60 to 100 BPM on average for a person at rest.

The Red Bulletin
This Is What Happens To Your Body At 29,000 Feet

With the onset of hypoxia, pulse rate soars, blood thickens and clots, and the risk of stroke rises. Worsening conditions can lead to high altitude pulmonary edema ( HAPE). Here, the lungs accumulate fluid, and victims can quickly drown in their own fluids.

The Red Bulletin
Read This Or Get Eaten By A Shark | The Red Bulletin

Don't Get Bit There are several steps you can take to minimize your risk of becoming human chum: Do your homework. If you're going to a beach, find out what animals are known to occur there. Are there jellys, rays, sharks? If so, where do people see them and what time of day?

The Red Bulletin
8 Views That Will Leave You Speechless | The Red Bulletin

There's nothing like a breathtaking view of a panoramic vista. But if you think the best vantage points are impossible to access unless you're a serious climber-adventurer like Will Gadd or an astronaut in the International Space Station, think again: We've rounded up 8 of them that are readily accessible by mere mortals.

Red Stories Promoting Tune-in to Red Bull TV

Adam Trent's top 5 April Fool's Day pranks

The street magician proves you don't need a saw or an assistant to pull off pure comedy gold. The holiday is finally upon us, that magical time of year, when anticipation runs high, and humour runs, well, usually quite low.

Jamie O'Brien Gets Taken Out at the Ballgame

It's called hurling, and chances are if you're American, you've never heard of it or you assumed it was something you did after too much to drink. But in Ireland, it's a national pastime. Think baseball, in terms of popularity and passion for the game, only more like field hockey mixed with lacrosse in terms of the actual play.

Meet the man behind the magic of The Road Trick

Adam Trent combines tricks and travel to conjure incredible experiences. Adam Trent remembers the exact moment he realised his life's calling would be magic - and it had nothing to do with a trick. "I saw David Copperfield when I was about eight years old," says the 31-year-old star of Red Bull TV's,The Road Trick .

Sean Pettit's 'Keep Your Tips Up' Rocks Season Two

A new season of Sean Pettit 's "Keep Your Tips Up" premieres Nov. 16, and while we won't spoil the fun and reveal everything that's going to happen, we can say definitively that you aren't going to want to miss it.

Facts, Myths & Marmots: 'The Horn,' By the Numbers

Red Bull TV's new series follows a Matterhorn search and rescue team. Here's what you need to know. The new Red Bull TV docu-series "The Horn" follows the exploits of Air Zermatt, the world's top helicopter search and rescue team responsible for the 772-square-mile area encompassing Switzerland's famed and sometimes ferocious Matterhorn.

Not Your Father's Wakeboarding

If you thought wakeboarding was nothing more than a boat, a board, a rider and a rope (and something you likely did with the family up at the lake), "Prime" will dispel that myth in a nanosecond.

Formula One On Snow: How They Did It

Some things naturally belong together: Peanut butter and jelly, thunder and lightning, Trump and Palin. Others, on the face of it, don't seem like a fit but end up being a perfect pair: skateboards and empty swimming pools, teen girls and vampires, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

The Rock Star Who Fell to Earth

Follow a climber's tumble from the top of his game and his attempt to regain his mojo and pride. If you heard that a climber had taken a bad fall, you'd be concerned, right? After all, the sport can be a deadly one. But what if that fall was less in a physical sense and more metaphysical?

Breaking the Rules of Riding the Rails

Hard as it may be to believe, sometimes people with even the coolest jobs - freeskiers, for example - can get a little blasé about their work. But not Jesper Tjäder .

Crashed Ice By the Numbers

The deceptively simple race requires an army of engineers, experts and equipment. And Red Bull, too. "Red Bull Crashed Ice" - the global series that combines the grace of speed skating and brawniness of roller derby in the frigid great outdoors of some of the world's great cities - looks like it's all fun and games.

Earth's Coolest Jobs: Shark Tracker to Sky Cowboy

Meet the guys who do the work we'd all rather be doing. What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a universal question we've all pondered, and when we're young, the answer is usually something crazy imaginative and without grown-up constraints. Astronaut, cowboy and pilot are good ones.

Watch Divers Leap From the World's Largest Falls

Remember your first dive off a spring board into a swimming pool? Probably took some time to screw up the courage, and maybe a few belly flops before you finally executed properly. Perhaps from there you stepped up your game to a high dive, which took serious cajones.

Zen and the Art of Snowboard Maintenance

The title should be your first clue: "Follow Your Nose" (available on for a limited 48-hour window beginning 12 pm PT on December 11) is not your typical snowboarding film. More metaphysical exploration and psychic travelogue than hardcore flips-and-tricks shredder flick, it's a laid back, don't harsh-my-mellow but dig-my-mantra kind of a vibe.

Ready, Set, Blow at 'Red Bull Out of Hell'

This race isn't just about reaching the finish line, it's about getting the heck of Hades. Most people who see a volcano view it in awe from a safe distance. The competitors of the "Red Bull Out Of Hell" event are not most people: These folks plunk themselves down inside a snow-covered crater, scale up and out of it and then ski down its face.

This Popemobile Will Flip. Watch and You Will, Too

What are the attributes of a successful "Red Bull Soapbox" competitor? Guts, grit, moxie and ingenuity all come to mind. Shame, however, does not. A seriously large funny bone doesn't hurt. Nor do a few Band-Aids in the event of road rash.

The Fall Guy

For B.A.S.E. jumping legend Valery Rozov , the flight down is only half (well, maybe three-quarters) the fun. Having donned his squirrel suit for leaps off the highest points on three continents, Rosov now sets his sights on a fourth, Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the new video "Kilimanjaro Free Fall."

Hot "Tip": Don't Miss Sean Pettit's New Show

The title of 's brand new series, "Keep Your Tips Up" is, on at least some level, a nod to the vintage ad campaign for Lange ski boots circa 1970s. The catchphrase and imagery were iconicized by way of a ubiquitous - every mountain condo had one - poster of a healthy, bronzed young woman skiing with an unzipped top and, indeed, keeping those tips up.

'Smile' Will Make You Do Just That

You're probably familiar with the expression, "Live to skate, skate to live," but in the case of Canadian rider who, as a young teenager, committed his life to the sport, the sport may very well have saved his life. In the new film we learn that Rogers had a pretty rough start as the child of hardcore drug addicted parents.

How Tyler Fernengel Struck Gold In the Silverdome

When Tyler Fernengel peddled into Detroit's eerily deserted Silverdome Stadium, little did he know that he'd emerge with nearly 4 million fans riding along on his epic, post-apocalyptic foray.

Air Lines: To Ride Down, First You've Gotta Fly Up

Imagine you're a world-champion freeride snowboarder whose dream in life is to find and ride the best lines in the Northern Hemisphere. Wherever they may be. Now, come to terms with the fact that those lines are in some of the most remote, inaccessible, inhospitable places on earth.

Tag Along on Ryan Sheckler's Radical Road Trip

There's nothing quite like a road trip: That exhilerating feeling of freedom, discovery, forward motion. And, oh yeah, boredom, crappy roadside bathrooms and playing practical jokes on your fellow travelers with lighters and little to-go containers of BBQ sauce. It's all part of the experience, yin and yang, positive and negative.

Shredder Doubleheader

The board legend recently put his creative juices to the test and created the Red Bull Signature Series event a unique invitational competition that truly rocked. Using Detroit's Hart Plaza as his blank canvas, Sheckler designed a course with not just one but two - count 'em -tracks (one for speed, the other technical).

Poopies, Pranks and Pipeline: The King Rides Again

Big-wave rider, Pipeline lifer, star of his own Web series Who is JOB 5.0 , (the newest season of which has just premiered on Red Bull TV ) ... those are things most people know about James Duncan O'Brien . But did you also know ... 1.

Making a Masterpiece: Inside Kyle's 'Kaleidoscope'

Normally when you think BMX, you think dusty dirt jumps and dingy skateparks. It's not something you tend to associate with moody lighting, techy cinematography, movie sound stages, cleverly constructed mechanical sets and Hollywood-type directors. 's "Kaleidoscope" will make you rethink that notion.

'Crew Code' Breaks Down the A to the Z of B-Boys

"A lot of it is mental - you have to not fear your opponent. That's the number one thing, first off. Don't underestimate anybody, but don't fear anybody." You'd be forgiven if you mistook that as the pregame pep talk of a collegiate football coach pumping his team for battle, or, for that matter, of a general prepping his battalions for war.

Travis Rice and the Amazing Facts of 'Flight'

In the pantheon of snow-sports movies, "The Art of Flight" ranks right up at the top. An amazing journey documenting Travis Rice 's bid to board the furthest flung reaches of the globe, the film took two years and about $2 million to complete, no small potatoes in the world of documentaries.

JOB Makes a Run for the Border

Americans have a reputation for getting a little loco when visiting our neighbor to the south, and for good reason: We love flying our freak flag there, because what happens in Mexico ... doesn't happen anywhere else. Case in point: The latest episode of "Who Is JOB 5.0."

Is This the Greatest Big Wave Ride of All Time?

When the world's top big wave surfers consider one particular ride to be among the best ever, you tend to believe them. That distinction belongs to one Ramon Navarro , who was an unknown Chilean who sold empanadas in Hawaii just to survive so he could surf at the Eddie big-wave tournament in Waimea, where he pulled off his crazy ride in 2009.

John Jackson and the Power of Pow

Pop quiz - solve the following equation: (Anthony Bourdain's global gallivanting - cynicism) + (Robin Williams's infectious smile and manic zaniness + dreads) x (Iggy Pop's devil-may-care lust for life ± a shirt) ÷ 1 golden retriever puppy = _______?

High Stakes in the High Alps

In an instant, a skier is entombed in ice. Can rescuers of "The Horn" save him? Should you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself lost or injured on Switzerland's Matterhorn, stranded and starving on one of its faces, buried in an avalanche or wedged within one of its countless glacial crevasses, you may be in luck.

The Baja 1000 Is Epic - So Are Those Who Race It

Why do we love watching auto racing? Some would say it's the thrill of the chase. For others, it's the high level of risk. Still others would say it's to marvel at the machinery.

Stormsurfer Takes Electrifying 200-mph Sky Fall

"With increased excitement," says Red Bull Air Force member Sean MacCormac , "comes increased danger." Put another way, sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug. In the newest episode of "Miles Above," MacCormac goes skysurfing in dark, turbulent weather over Florida and tries his darnedest to ride a storm while not being the bug.

The Time Bandit Who Stole the Matterhorn

How a photographer squeezed countless hours and images into a fleeting moment of art for "The Horn." Most photography is one frame or perhaps a brief video snippet, snagged from a singular moment in time.

'Who Is JOB 6.0's Greatest GIF-Worthy Moments

As the season wraps, we recall the highlights and lowlights, as handpicked by Jamie O'Brien himself. Fans of Jamie O'Brien 's series "Who Is JOB 6.0" know, it's been a banner season.

'Miles Above' Aims for a Skydiving World Record

Imagine getting 72 people to work in unison. It's tough under any circumstance, but nearly impossible when those 72 people are 17,000 feet in the air, falling at 250 feet per second and you have no way of audibly barking orders. That's the challenge for Red Bull Air Force member Amy Chmelecki in this week's episode of "Miles Above."

When 'The Horn' Calls, Rescuers Fly Into Action

An exciting new series follows real-life drama on the world's most iconic mountain. In the new Red Bull TV original series "The Horn," the title itself is something of a double entendre: It refers first and foremost to the show's setting, the famed Matterhorn mountain peak in Switzerland from which the heroic protagonists - members of an elite rescue squad known as Air Zermatt - perform some 1700 missions annually to aid injured and stranded skiers, climbers and hikers.

'Miles Above' Goes to Extremes

The wing suit flyers make a pilgrimage to Chamonix, France, the birthplace of extreme sports. In the newest episode of "Miles Above," the Red Bull Air Force goes wing suiting at the famed extreme-sports birthplace, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France.

5 Summer Stories-Hot Shows for a Cold Winter Day

It may be freezing and snowy where you are, but it's always sunny somewhere on Red Bull TV. Here at RB HQ, we're all about winter sports, and we fully appreciate the merits of a good powder dump. But by midseason, anyone can get a little wistful for sun, sand and surf.

So You Wanna Be a Pro Surfer?

In the pantheon of "whaddya wanna be when you grow up?" jobs (doctor, firefighter, astronaut), surfer probably wouldn't rank too high on the parental approval rating, but it's a 10 on many a grom's top career choices. After all, there's endless sun, fun, glory and big bucks, right? Well ...

Top Moto Athletes Come Together in 'Ride: United'

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the greats become, well, great. Ever wonder where John Mayer goes to woodshed? Or what a training session is like for Lindsey Vonn ? Because after all, virtuosos and world champs don't become those things without practice, practice, practice.

Double Trouble

When you're a type A, super competitive athlete, you're always looking over your shoulder - literally and figuratively - at your closest competitor. But what's it like when that person is ... you? That's essentially the case for ice cross downhill skaters Dean and Dylan Moriarity, who happen to be twin brothers.

Surf 'n' Peaty Turf: JOB Goes to Ireland

Ah, the Emerald Isle, land of saints and scholars, fine whiskey and wool sweaters, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and, now, Jamie O'Brien and Poopies. That's right, thanks to the latest installment of "Who Is JOB 6.0," Ireland can now count among its charming wiles: sand surfing, tire rolling (with Poops inside), bridge jumping (from a moving van, natch) and, of course, some gnarly surfing in the icy, angry, heaving Atlantic.

The Evolution of Claudio Caluori's Course Previews

His Crashed Ice clip shows making funny is serious. Not just any monkey will do-ask Dave Letterman. As technology advances exponentially, we sometimes take for granted its early pioneers. This is not to take anything away from very of-the-moment Claudio Caluori andhis amazing POV course previews.

Hawai-eh? Islander Jamie O'Brien Surfs Canada

The big-waver trades tropics for frigid barrels - and hits the trails with MTBer Darren Berrecloth. Sometimes you've just gotta get outta your comfort zone. For Jamie O'Brien and Team Grom in the newest episode of "Who Is JOB 6.0," that means packing their bags and donning winter wetsuits for some tube time along the cold, Canadian coastline.

Aaaand ... Action!

2015 was an epic year for adventuring, and here's an awesome edit to prove it.

Meet Top Street Performers, No Hats Passed

"Your Street, My Stage" is a world tour of talent - and won't cost you a nickel, a yen or a Euro. Busker, mime, minstrel, panhandler ... call them what you will, street performers can be found on corners all across the globe.

Hard Enduro Minas: Easy Riders Need Not Apply

Some sports are all about precision, accuracy and grace. Downhill skiing, Formula 1 racing and wing-suiting all come to mind. But hard enduro motorcycle racing? Um, not so much. Put another way, if sports were animated characters, hard enduro would be Pigpen, Wile E.

Motorcycle Race or Demolition Derby? Your Call

If we had to describe the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in a single word, it would be "chaos," and the latest event in Prague lives right up to that description. With insanely challenging features and obstacles like rock gardens, plank banks and Earthmover tire jumps, it's a highly unpredictable race.

Watch This Cyclist's Grueling Race Back in Time

The year was 1910. Thomas Edison was tinkering with his talking Kinetophone, powered flight was only seven years old, bicycles were heavy and made of steel and the men who rode them - at least in the Tour de France - were just as steely.

ICYMI: Wakeboarder's Moves Will Blow You Away

Every once in a while, we like to dig back through early shows and videos for hidden gems, and wakeboarder Raph Derome's "Beyond Perception" from 2014 fits the bill. In it, the Canadian athlete makes his boat-and-winch-powered way over and along steel rails, chain-link fences and plywood walls with the seeming ease of a school kid playing hopscotch.

In Praise of Poopies, Jamie O'Brien's Sidekick

Batman & Robin, Kirk & Spock, Scooby & Shaggy - every great duo is two parts of a whole. Every field of endeavor has its underrated greats and unsung heroes. Surfing is no exception, and Poopies is that sport's man. Yes, he's sometimes a dork, a goofball, a guileless lackey - of that there is no dispute.

Don't Watch This Slackliner Attempt a World Record

If you have an issue with heights, and fear of falling is a thing for you, and even simply watching someone else take those risks makes your heart race and your palms sweat, have we got a show not for you. Seriously. Do not watch "Ultimate Rush: Mind On Wire, " because it's gonna mess you up good.

Red Bull TV 2015: Hitting the Highlights

Thrills, spills and a ton of laughs. It's been a darn good year on the eyes. From the heartstring-tugging ( "Lindsay Vonn: The Climb") to the heart-stopping ( "World's Highest B.A.S.E. Jump-Flying From Mt.

"The Art Of Flight": The Big One Is Back

You might have missed this or - more likely - just want to experience it again, so here's your chance: Travis Rice's "The Art of Flight" returns to Red Bull TV , in all its powdery glory.

Red Bull Hare Scramble: You Chill, They'll Spill

Here we are, on the cusp of a three-day weekend, the official kick-off to summer. And if we know you, you're gonna hit it hard, all three days and nights. So if by Sunday you're feeling a little fried, we get it. No judgment. But we are here to help.

Jamie O'Brien: Heaviest Day of Surfing in My Life

The big-wave surfer and his buds hit Jaws, but they get more than they bargained for. A lot more. "The wipeouts at Jaws were incredibly bad," recalls Jamie O'Brien in the newest episode of "Who Is JOB 6.0." "It was like everything you never wanted to see a surfer go through.

Best Action Shows to Kickstart the Summer Doldrums

Slacklining, wingsuiting, big-wave surfing and belly laughing. What more could you want? The dog days of summer are upon us, but that doesn't mean you have to lay around like a panting pooch in the crazy heat of the noonday sun with nothing better to do.

Adventurer Follows Barefoot Steps of Aging Hero

A spry 90-year-old teaches her protégé that the toughest expeditions are those of our own making. Whether you're an experienced climber or have never touched a carabiner or a crampon in your life, you owe it to yourself to watch the "Reel Rock" series.

ICYMI: This Is How They Roll In Panama

A rail is a rail is a rail, right? Wrong! Because, if that rail is ice cold and windswept, it might be somewhere in China. But if that rail is in a gritty, urban area, well, it might be in Detroit's famous Hart Plaza.

Only One Way out Alive as Kayakers Battle Beriman

Sometimes, the most visually attractive things in nature are also the most deadly. The jewel-toned poison arrow frog comes to mind, as does a wicked bolt of lightning and those pink-flowered oleander bushes that adorn every interstate in America. All lookers, all lethal.

Rock Around the Clock: Climbing 24 Hours Straight

Usually, rockin' out into the wee hours involves loud music, loud outfits and drunken revelry. The 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell event in Arkansas involves all of the above - especially the rock part - plus, miles of rope, countless carbiners and untold numbers of blisters, bruises and bloody appendages.

Windsurfing at the End of the World

In the realm of adventure sports, there are challenges - skiing a steep run, surfing a large wave - and there are Challenges. The latter are those that push physical limits, test psychological mettle and, in some instances, put one's very life on the line.

Patagonia Precedent: Two Young Climbers Face Fitz

Why climb? Because they're there. That's right, they. As in, multiple peaks. Seven to be precise, which is way more than one. We're referring to Patagonia's Fitz Roy Traverse, a climber's fabled paradise and hell, all rolled into one jagged strand of ice-caked sheer-granite citadels, some reaching nearly a mile high.

12 Amazing Air Race GIFs to Jump-Start the Season

Buckle up, the Red Bull Air Race 2016 World Championship is ready for take-off. Here's what to know. Fans of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship will tell you, there's nothing quite as thrilling as witnessing the world's top competitors put their tiny craft through mind-bending paces.

School's Out, Surf's Up, Class Is On

"A Deeper Shade of Blue" is history lesson and awesome surf movie rolled into one. Attention surfers and fans: You're about to get schooled. Yeah, yeah, we get it: It's summer, but this ain't no bummer, trust us, because the topic is surfing, and the show in question is " A Deeper Shade of Blue" now screening on Red Bull TV .

"Ride With The Swedes" Flips Over Turkey

"One of the coolest parts of being a professional rider," says BMXer Anton Thelander , "is that you get to see so much of the world and all these different cultures." The part of the world in question in the latest episode (and season finale) of "Ride With The Swedes" is Cappadocia, Turkey.

Surface Treats: If It Exists, They'll Skate It

In "Propeller," the Vans skate team is willing to hit pretty much anything. One of the beautiful things about skateboarding-and there are many-is that it can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime. No waves to watch for, wind to wait on, unreliable snow to rely on. It's you, your board and a surface.

Out Of Africa

Sometimes greatness emerges out of unlikely scenarios. Take 21-year-old Ugandan snowboarder (no, that's not a typo) and Olympic hopeful Brolin Mawejje. Growing up in the tropical-rainforest climate of Kampala, Mawejje had no knowledge of snow let alone snowboarding until the age of 12, after he had moved with his mother to the U.S.

The Baby, the Bear and the Mountaineer

How a helpless infant and a fierce animal changed the life of adventurer Mike Libecki. How do you climb the world's most remote peaks - and help your kid with homework? How do you tackle solo expeditions to the ends of the earth - and get your daughter to soccer practice on time?

Run, Ride, Row, Rappel, Repeat

At Red Bull Defiance, competitors must be jacks of all trades - and tough as nails. Being good at any one sport requires hard work. Being competitively good at five of them? Well, that takes it to a whole other level. And that's exactly what the athletes who subject themselves to "Red Bull Defiance" do.

Kriss Kyle Almost Gets Washed Out

Rain: Seems it's never where you want it, and always where you don't. Such is the case in the most recent episode of "Raditudes," when BMXer extraordinaire and friends drive four hours to ride and film at a park in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. They are, of course, rained out.

Brandon Semenuk's Flying Circus

Crash landings aside - and they're spectacular - biker and buds find rarified air in "Rad Company." Ssshh. Don't tell Brandon Semenuk that mountain bikes can't fly. Because when he's on one, he apparently believes they can. And who are we to crush a guy's dreams? But really, where does he get such crazy notions?

Kelly McGarry: A Side of the Man You Never Knew

"Peaking" was made just before his passing. Hindsight enhances the story of a guy looking forward. Boundless joie de vivre. It's a common theme that emerges in recollections of New Zealand mountain bike legend Kelly McGarry, who died of cardiac arrest on February 1.

Our GIFs to You: The Best of 2015

Heart-stopping to rip-snorting, the wildest, funniest, craziest GIFs of the year. They're grainy, a little jumpy and downright lo-fi in this hi-fi digital age. But that's why we love a good GIF. When they're done right, there's something about their cyclical nature that's mesmerizing.

'On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter' Is Yours, 24/7

When action-sports directing Grand Poobah Bruce Brown ("The Endless Summer," anyone?) set out to make his motorcycle opus "On Any Sunday" back in 1971, video wasn't really a thing and drones and GoPros were almost four decades away from invention. Brown did it the hard way: He shot in film, often with handheld cameras, always on a shoestring budget.

On a Windsurfing Safari

"I love surfing," says pro windsurfer Mark Angulo. "I was raised a surfer. But windsurfing is my surfing. I love getting barreled, but I really love flying over that barrel." So yeah, if you thought you sensed a similarity between the two disciplines, you aren't wrong.

A Spine-Bending Season-Ending 'Keep Your Tips Up'

Hard to believe it's already a wrap for this season of Sean Pettit 's "Keep Your Tips Up." But like the fleeting winter itself, time flies when you're having fun. And in the final episode, Sean and the boys - and the Groovemeister, too - are going out with a bang.

Go North, Young Man

What is it that makes Alaska so alluring? Sure, the fishing's great, but it's little chilly for that this time of year. Jerky's good, too, but you can get that by mail. And Sarah Palin? Hey, this ain't C-SPAN; we don't do politics here.

Ski, or Die Trying

Kilimanjaro. K2. Everest. All have been the settings of epic climbs and the tales told about them. Now, add to that list Onekotan, a speck of an island in some of the most remote and hostile waters of the northern Pacific and battered in winter by a nearly constant hammering of vicious weather.

Maya Gabeira Makes a Comeback

Supremely skilled. Incredibly lucky. Completely fearless. Absolutely crazy. All these things and more have been said about big wave surfer Maya Gabeira . But one thing is certain: She's alive, thankfully, after a high-profile 2013 accident at Nazarés in Portugual that left her as close to death as you can get ...

It's All Fun and Games - Until an Avalanche Hits

Fans of "Keep Your Tips Up" know Sean Pettit leads a pretty sweet life: Jetting off to anywhere the snow is falling, freeskiing some of the best mountains in the world, clowning around with his posse pretty much 24-7.

Back to the BMX Future

Back in 1983, a then-unknown teenage Aussie actress co-starred in a bike adventure crime drama called "BMX Bandits." Little did the world know then that the curly maned redhead would go on to become Academy Award-winning thesp, Nicole Kidman.

Breaks, Lines and Falls: Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to action sports, bigger is better, and this week on , your options are enormous. Take "Red Bull Cape Fear ," the first ever big-wave competition in Sydney held at one of the world's heaviest, bone-crushing breaks. Top surfers from around the globe gather to compete - and simply survive - in an unforgettable test of skills.

UCI Riders Hope for Home Continent Advantage

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup enthusiasts already know all about legendary Mont-Sainte-Anne. If you're new to the competition, lucky you: You're just in time for one of its premier events at one of its most well-known venues. This weekend's stop at Quebec's Mont-Sainte-Anne is one of only two North American events on the calendar, so the local heroes are feeling the love.

Dirty Pictures: 10 Filthy Moments From Red Bull TV

Why is it that some of the best things in life involve getting down and dirty? That's certainly the case with a lot of the action covered here at Red Bull. Maybe it's a badge of honor for hard work well done.

How Drew Flew: Inside Bezanson's 'Uncontainable'

There's a reason magicians never reveal the secrets of their tricks. It's because they're tricks. When Drew Bezanson rides his BMX bike off the tops of shipping containers stacked 35 high, it may look like some sort of magic, but he's proud to show you just how he did it.

Go Speed Racers!

F1 drivers Daniil Tvyak of Russia and Australian Daniel Ricciardo started kart racing before most kids were learning to ride bikes. As graduates of the Red Bull Junior Team , they had moved on to F1s before their fellow teens typically get a driver's license.

Hard Enduro Made Easy

It's called "Best of 2015: Hard Enduro," and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this awesome video: It's "enduro," meaning a long race stressing endurance over speed. That inherently means it's "hard," as in "difficult," "tough" and "a bitch." Then there's that part about it being the "best."

The Bigger the Waves, the Higher the Consequences

"The closer we live to death," says psychologist Eric Brymir in the new series "Behind the Lines: Deeper," "the more positive we can live life." It all sounds so Zen-like, so pure, so simple. But when uttered against the backdrop of David-size surfers grappling with Goliath-size waves, it makes one ponder: Could I be so sanguine in the face of possible annihilation?

'X-Fighters' Marks the Spot

There may be five official categories of judging the freestyle motocross event known as the "Red Bull X-Fighters 2015," but for fans, it really comes down a simple, visceral yardstick: Did the run make you gasp, shriek, suck wind, yell "Oh my god, did you SEE that?"

Ride On: Throwing Complex Moves at Simple Session

Don't let the name fool ya: There's nothing simple about 's Simple Session , though the athletes who perform in this incredible BMX and skateboard competition certainly make it look that way. Take the latest installment of the annual event, which this year went down in Tallinn, Estonia's Tondiraba Arena, a brand new facility hosting Simple Session for the first time.

Mud, Sweat & Fears: Busted BMXer Rebounds Via Art

There are artists and there are athletes, and frankly, we're jealous of both. But then there are those rare hybrids, and those people really get our goats. Because, hey, why should one person get all the talent? Mike Saavedra is one of those people.

What Has 8 Appendages, 2 Speedos and 1 Pink Board?

It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: Who dreams up this stuff? Never mind, it's who does it that counts. We're talking, of course, about Jamie O'Brien . The world is buzzing right now about his latest surfing stunt in which he gets barreled at Teahupo'o, Tahiti - while fully enflamed .

Get Stoked for Some Early Winter Action

It's the height of summer, weather-wise. Beaches are still packed. Parts of the country are in triple digits. Which means here at Red Bull, we've got snow on the brain. And what better way to get into the soon-to-be-winter groove than with a viewing of 2012's "Superheroes of Stoke" ?

Crankworx: Thrills to Spills in One Split Second

When renowned French slopestyle rider Yannick Granieri competed recently at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes, it was looking like it might be the run of a lifetime: The athlete's tricks were really coming together, the crowd was going wild, the impressed and increasingly excited announcers had reached a fevered pitch.

Rare Air: Stunning Proof Humans Can Fly

High-flying snowboarder Billy Morgan needs no feathers to soar. The 26-year-old Englishman recently landed the world's first backside 1800 quad cork, a move heretofore thought by many to be possibly impossible. All it took for the fearless flier was the right jump, a lot of practice and a pair of XL cojones.

X-Fighters Bring Their Battle to Madrid

Some things seem born to fly but don't - penguins and dodos come to mind. Conversely, there are those oddities that by all rights should never leave the ground but when they do, they look even more graceful airborne than landlocked. The 225-plus-pound motocross bikes of the "Red Bull X-Fighters" competition fall squarely into the latter category.

One Day Only! Mark McMorris' "In Motion"

Snowboarder Mark McMorris jumps like a flea. And we say that with the best of intentions. After all, the tiny bug has the unique ability of launching itself up to 100 times its body height and as much as 200 times its length.


Flying is not an inherently natural state for us humans. Sure, we've managed to do it through our wits, grit, sheer determination and, usually, the relative safety of powerful engines to keep us aloft. So it is natural to find our stomachs in our throats when we witness people willingly hurl themselves from great heights into thin air.

Some Pretty Fly Shows for National Aviation Day

Yesterday was National Aviation Day, chosen to mark the birth of flying pioneer Orville Wright, but at Red Bull TV , pretty much every day is devoted to amazing displays of aerial prowess. To prove it, we've rounded up some incredible flight-themed programming, some of it motorized, some human powered, all of it adrenaline-packed.

River Surfing, Marsh Skiing and Fresh Maui Pow

The last thing you'd think a top pro surfer would want to do in his downtime is surf a muddy man-made river. But then, Jamie O'Brien isn't your typical surfer. In the new episode of "Who Is JOB 5.0," O'Brien, his friend Poopies and a pack of pals dig out a beach channel between the Waimea River and the sea and surf the hell out of the ensuing raging current.

Even When Fernengel "Fails," He Flies

Fresh off his massive feat at Detroit's Silverdome , Tyler Fernengel 's performance in Barcelona in the latest episode of "Raditudes: The Feeling of Being Home" is, if you were to hold him to his own words, an epic failure.

Quiz: Do You Really Know 'Who Is JOB 5.0'?

With the latest season of Jamie O'Brien 's "Who Is JOB 5.0" rapidly winding down - there's only one more episode remaining - here's a chance to see how well you know your way around busted boards, big blobs, Supsquatches and Poopie pranks. But don't worry, this is an open-book test.

In Search of the Unsurfed

Spoiler alert: Unlike that more famous movie with Madagascar in the title, you won't find twerking lemur chiefs, MacGyvering penguins or lovelorn giraffes in this road-tripping film. Which is definitely not a bad thing, because "Exploring Madagascar" has instead some of the most beautiful footage of undiscovered surf spots on the planet.

Take the Ultimate Road Trip - Minus the Road

Freedom, exhileration, exploration: Everybody loves a road trip and all the promise that holds. But how about an offroad trip? One that's 2,800 miles down and then back up the length of the Baja peninsula.

It's Firing Somewhere. Must Be Intl. Surfing Day

It might be a surprise to learn that the 11th annual International Surfing Day is Saturday, June 20. (We here at Red Bull HQ just assumed every day around the lunch hour was surfing day, but don't tell that to the boss.)

Kimonos, Kegs & Powder Aplenty: Pettit Does Japan!

"Japan is a snow machine," says Sean Pettit , "that turns on and continually snows every day for three months." Given that the snow machine here in North America hasn't been firing with too much reliability lately, can you blame Pettit and his "Keep Your Tips Up" crew for jetting off to Japan the first chance they get?

Surfing Antarctica: Millimeters From Frozen Death

Plenty of people know Ramón Navarro as one of big-wave surfing's greats. Fewer know he also made history as the first tow-in surfer in Antarctica. His cold feat is chronicled in the film "The Journey to Surf Antarctica," available now at .

You Have Only 24 Hours to See 'Passenger.' Ready?

If you're old enough (and if not, go ask your parents), you'll recall the days when a new ski movie would roll out every fall, just as the air was crisping up and anticipation of snow was building, and you'd go hit a local high school gym or civic auditorium for a one-night-only screening.

Wipeout! 9 Must-See Hare Scramble GIFs

Mayhem. Chaos. Riotous insanity. And that's just in the first 10 yards of Red Bull Hare Scramble Erzbergrodeo 2015. Unquestionably the toughest single-day offroad race on Earth, it pits 500 motocross riders literally in a pit - the famed "Iron Giant" mine in Austria - and only a handful will finish.

Skating China, 'The Silky Way'

When the 4,000-mile Silk Route was established by the Chinese Han Dynasty around 114 B.C. and eventually went on to become the major artery of trade among Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Persia, Europe and Africa, we wonder if those early pioneers envisioned it being traveled just a few (thousand) years later by a bunch of skateboarding buds.

Ultrarunners, Super Sailors and Above Average Joes

Imagine running 50 miles a day, for 45 days straight, alone, across scorching desert sands, over bone-dry lake beds and through endless stands of jagged mesquite. Now, imagine doing that while short on water. That's what ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer did in his bid to run the entire 2,000-mile length of the Pony Express trail.

Board, Surf and Race at the Ends of the Earth​

For some hard-core snowboarders, hitting the slopes isn't just something they live for, it's sometimes what they risk dying for. Especially in the world's most challenging backcountry region, Valdez, Alaska. "It's the place to make it or break it," says pro rider Pat Moore . "The gnarliest stuff you can get on ...

Pilots Try Record-Breaking Building Fly-Through

When you're a stunt pilot, merely flying at 185 mph in close formation with your best mate inches off your wing isn't thrilling enough. For Paul Bonhomme, leader of the Matadors Aerobatic Team and wingman Steve Jones, they decided to up the ante and do all that - while flying right through an airplane hangar.

Daring Descent: Kayakers Take On the Congo River

Nevermind the killer piranha, monster crocodile or croc-eating tigerfish. It's the sheer size and power of the Congo that is so terrifyingly awesome: nearly 2.5 miles wide in places, a flow of 1.5 million cubic feet per second and with rapids considered the world's deadliest.

Shark Week: Eye-Popping GIFs Snatched Outta Jaws

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your regular programming, along comes Shark Week. But we've got something even bigger and more badass than a great white, tiger and mako combined. And we're not talking about "Sharknado." No, we're jonesin' for Jaws, Hawaii's legendary break of bone-crushing proportions.

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