Steve Powdrill

Creative Writing Graduate

Location icon United Kingdom


Brunel University graduate here, with a degree in Creative Writing and Theatre. Constantly curious, versatile writer with a passion for innovating fresh ways to communicate.

I have experience in publishing, PR for festivals and events, as well as an excellent, ever-growing understanding of the English language. I'm a regular contributor to Le Nurb, the Brunel student newspaper, as well as written for as Hey Millenials blog, The and various anthologies of fiction and poetry. I was a finalist for the Hillingdon Literary Festival Creative Writing competition in 2016 and 2017. This publicity led to one of my poems being used in Nationwide Building Society's Voices campaign to advertise their student banking options.

Samples of my work are available to view below.

Hillingdon Literary Festival - An Interview with Seb Jenner

Words by Stephen Powdril The Hillingdon Literary Festival (HiLF), held at Brunel University, has been championing the voices of both established and emerging writers since 2015 and this year is looking to be the best yet. I took some time to speak to Seb Jenner, Festival Producer, events extraordinaire and keeper of the keys on...

VAULT Festival 2017

By Stephen Powdrill If anyone ever thought theatre was dead and buried, in a technological age of Netflixers and channel flickers - think again. VAULT 17 is very much buzzing with life right under our feet. Early 2012 - that dreaded year prophesied to see the end of the world - instead brought us something...

Drinking alone - what's your problem?

Words by Stephen Powdrill It was only at 6pm on a Tuesday, after I had pulled off my work-worn boots, wrapped my exhausted self in a duvet burrito and cracked open a gloriously frost-ridden can of Carlsberg on the kitchen table that I was met with the damning accusation - 'You're an alcoholic.'

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