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Go Ahead and Hate, It's What Haters Do! - Steven J. Bradley - Medium

Whatever your position may be on whatever the matter at hand, be it politics, religion, social injustice, or plain unadulterated prejudice, I encourage you to hate. I even encourage you to hate me for whatever sordid reason you may perceive as the truth.

Hi how you been, I've Been Scared

Hi how you been. Yea I know it's been a while . . . but... I thought you should know I have been busy, but not too busy to do some writing, actually quite busy writing, probably still not producing what I'd like to be, but that whole job thing does get in the way sometimes.

Wage Theft, My Serious Opinion - Steven J. Bradley - Medium

Wage theft is simply what it implies, the theft of wages by an employer from an employee. The law firm of KatzMelinger estimates that "American workers are losing more than $50 billion a year to employer theft.1" Sometimes the conception of theft into the game plan of corporate success goes all the way to the top, and sometimes it's just those low and mid-level managers.

Sixteen-Year-Olds Shouldn't Have to Cry - Steven J. Bradley - Medium

Sixteen-year-olds shouldn't have to cry, or at least in a perfect world. It's just an unfortunate fact of life that we do not live in a perfect world. If we did people of all ages wouldn't have to cry, there would be no hurt feelings, no rudeness, no pain, no reason to cry except for tears of joy, those tears are the only ones allowed in a perfect world.

How to be Thankful on a Daily Basis: A Rehash of Thanksgiving 2016

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I sit down to write not only because I am truly thankful, but because I've been asked too. Someone needed to make a prepared toast for Thanksgiving dinner, and I was selected, being the great orator that I am. (Cough, cough!)

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