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Steven Cavellier | Los Angeles, California

American Laywer , Healthcare Information services

Location icon United States of America

Steven Cavellier, Los Angeles, California | American lawyer, specializing in Health Education for the Medical Profession.

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Steven Cavellier | 5 Mind-Body Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy Inside and Out

Healthy people live healthy lives! Everyone on this planet looks for a peaceful environment to live a peaceful life. However, they don't understand whatever the changes you are seeking outside you should look first inside. To have a peaceful life, your mind and body should be healthy and fit.

Steven A. Cavellier
4 Benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps

Health is everything! Due to a hectic and stressful life, we often neglect regular check-ups or any other ailment treatment. And that is why there is an absence of peace of mind and soul in everyone's life. Steven Cavellier says, no doubt different people have different priorities, but health is something that will always remain the topmost...

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Steven Cavellier | Oral Health Care Plans for Long-Term Patients

Good dental health is crucial for general health. According to Steven Cavellier, the barrier to an effective dental care is that oral service providers do not have the resources in term of time and staff. Moreover, some of them also do not have the proper training to look after the oral health need of patients.

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Developing Community and Public Health Capacity for Change

There are growing number of suggestion based interferences for use by community and public health professionals to promote health and prevent disease. In fact, these practices have the perspective to improve behaviors, environments and health outcomes in our community, Steven Cavellier says. The public health agencies and community partners require additional tools and tactics to adopt these practices.

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