Steve Isaac

Copywriter/Content Strategist

Location icon United States

A passionate brainstormer and meticulous wordsmith when putting pen to paper, I don't believe that it is possible to think too far outside the box.

Patiently Attentive - Aggressively Curious.

Location Intelligence Underpins Cannabis Sector Growth

News of a rising cannabis industry is nearly impossible to avoid these days, as global perception and regulatory structures have changed dramatically over the last decade. It is an industry that, as your favorite uncle may have told you, has been around forever, man.

Improving Healthcare Access with Spatial Data Models

America's urban-rural divide looms large in modern American discourse, across varied and diverse fields and arenas. The nation's rural areas, as designated by the US Census Bureau make up 97% of America's total landmass, but are home to less than 20% of the population.