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Steve Gislam

Content writer/Proof reader

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Experienced, creative, well-versed content writer, copywriter, proofreader, social media marketer, and some-time music journalist, and industry news writer, with experience in poltical media, always looking for new challenges. I've lived in London, Bangkok, Berlin and Lisbon and thrive in multi-cultural environments.

Industry Europe
EU-Japan trade agreement comes into force

On 1 February 2019 a milestone in EU-Japanese relations came into force. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the two players became effective and in doing so created what is now the world's biggest free trade zone, covering nearly one-third of the world's economy and 635 million people.

Industry Europe
Not a brick in the wall... 3D printing in construction

Twenty years ago, few people would have even heard of 3D printing. It's the kind of technology that would have at best seemed like a work of science fiction, akin to the replicators aboard the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation...

Industry Europe
Political Pipe Dreams

Gas and oil pipelines have long been a source of political contention and accusations of cronyism, hypocrisy, and pandering to dictators are pretty much de rigeur when any pipeline gets underway.

Industry Europe
EU & South America "very close" to free trade deal

The European Union and the South American customs pact Mercosur are now, after two decades of talks, "very close" to agreeing on a free trade accord according to the Brazilian foreign minister. The deal is already being hailed as a significant...

Interview: FANGS

Being one of our writer, Steve Gislam's, favourite bands ever, he took far too long to perfect this swear-packed, uncensored mini-magnum opus of his. It is however, an honest statement of a band whose identity has been remoulded and reformed. And apparently they smell like rotting food, or something...

Sint Maarten Car Hire - Sixt rent a car

Anyone looking for car rental on the island of Sint Maarten can be sure of finding the right deal with Sixt. With a branch conveniently located at Princess Juliana International Airport, you can arrive in Sint Maarten, sign the rental agreement, collect your keys and be on your way.

Interview: To My Boy

Chalk Farm Road looks particularly bleak on this damp and cold Friday night. SUPERSWEET is braving the elements and waiting umbrella aloft for Jack Snape and Sam White, better known as To My Boy, who are due to play at The Barfly later tonight.

Live review: Blonde Redhead

Upon getting inside, I have barely enough time to grab a drink and head to the front before support act Maps launch into their barrage of comedown-aiding fuzz rock. They are a fitting band to warm up for Blonde Redhead and the crowd all seem either already familiar with their musical stylings, or won over by their My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegazery.

Interview: The Long Blondes

On the 7th April, The Long Blondes are to release their eagerly anticipated second album, "Couples". SUPERSWEET's Steve Gislam caught up with the band, who gave us a track by track low down, just to wet all your appetites. Like a post-millennial Autoamerican-era Blondie (but without the rapping).