Steve Aust

Well-seasoned Multi-Platform Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

The first thing I ever wanted to be was a DJ. When I was 12, I attended an event sponsored by the local pop-rock station, and noted that the gentlemen with those silky-smooth voices were paunchy, middle-aged chain smokers. Thus, I decided writing was a more worthwhile pursuit.
I have nearly two decades of storytelling experience developing diverse types of copy. For 16 years, I told stories of the people, projects and processes that reflect the dynamic nature of the sign industry. From long-form articles to brief product updates, social media, e-blasts, galleries and profiles, I developed a broad array of copy that told the stories about the world of signage. Covering an industry that encompasses such broad disciplines – design, government, architecture, manufacturing and others – while meeting deadlines requires keen research and analytical skills. For approximately three years, I worked in a marketing position for a large, national sign company. My duties there ranged from blog and newsletter content to tradeshow management and sales support.

Signs of the Times - August 2015

This edition features my in-depth analysis of Reed v. Town of Gilbert, a Supreme Court decision that had significant ramifications on the sign industry.

Signs of the Times - July 2013

This gallery celebrated the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Lincoln Highway (aka "The Grandmother Road", as it predates Route 66)

Signs of the Times - July 2012

This issue featured an in-depth look at Fastsigns CEO Catherine Monson's appearance on CBS' Undercover Boss reality show.

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