Stephanie Engle

Content Marketing Specialist

Location icon United States of America

I'm a Communications and Marketing Manager at Castle Pines Golf Club and a writer for Adventure Unbound and ROW Adventures. If I'm not taking photographs of golf tournaments or researching the aquatic life of the Galápagos Islands, I can be found reading a novel or trying to find a way to go on the adventures I write about. I'm a lover of sentence fragments, over-brewed cups of tea, whimsy, and mismatched silverware.

Cuba Unbound

Cuba's story is like many stories-composed of shadows and light, sombras y luz. A study in chiaroscuro. Repression and revolution. Dilapidated plazas next to opulent palaces. The silhouette of cigar smoke drifting across the luminous shimmer of the Tropicana Cabaret. The beauty is in the contrast; the temptation in the unpredictability.

Belugas Don't Need Raffi to Make Music

Thar she blows? No, thar she sounds. Belugas, the vociferous canaries of the sea, are way more likely to make waves with their underwater operettas than by showing you their tail fin. In the cold, dark waters of the subarctic St.

Sea Kayak Adventures
Love in Adventure: How love and adventure started God's Pocket Wilderness Resort

Bright buildings of varying sizes and shapes create a belt of prismatic tints against the shoreline. Blue doors splash against orange panels, and a turquoise adirondack chair sits with striking discordance against the subdued palette of hunter green, blue-grey, and tan that comprises the shoreline.

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