Steph McLennan


Location icon South Africa

I am an experienced features journalist, copywriter, and online content manager. The written word is my pride and joy.

New HUB store

When HUB opened it's new store in Gateway Theatre of Shopping, I told the public all about it.

Nyala News
The buffalo, the oxpecker and the egret

The brief was to write a children's story that would be published in a conservation magazine. I used it as an opportunity to explain the biological concept of symbiosis.

Bounce to the beat of Myles' heart

He didn't only complete the Comrades Marathon to raise money for two children in need — he did it while bouncing a tennis ball the whole way.

Golfer magazine
Where golf meets the law

The advert for a law firm was placed in a golfing magazine, and the brief was to create a synergy between law and golf.

Stillwater Sports
A quirky out-of-office notification

The brief was to find a quirky way to say that the adventure-loving staff of Stillwater Sports would be out of the office over the festive season.