Stacie Gaetz

Freelance Writing & Editing Professional

Location icon Canada

I thrive on getting to the heart of a person’s story and telling it in a way readers have not seen before.

Whether that means:
• immersing myself in an experience to write the story first-hand,
• spending time building trust with sources to get the ‘real deal’ or
• painstakingly researching a topic so I can explain it like I invented it,
I'm willing to go the extra mile and dig deep to create something that inspires, engages and connects people.

I’m a journalist and editor with 13 years’ experience writing for newspapers and magazines on almost every topic you can think of from acrobats to zygotes.

This portfolio showcases three of the areas I excel in:
• Family Articles
(including written stories and TV appearances on Global News Morning Show)
• Feature Stories
• Food Features

However, it is only a small sample of how I can inspire, engage and connect people as a writer and editor of more than a decade.

I thoroughly enjoy my work as a freelancer for a number of publications in and around Calgary, AB and I am always looking for new, exciting and challenging opportunities.

Contact me at [email protected] to learn more.



Global News
Affordable winter fun | Watch News Videos Online

Stacie Gaetz of Calgary's Child Magazine joins Global News Morning Calgary to discuss several budget-friendly cold weather activities that will keep your children entertained and your bank account intact after the holidays.


airdrielife Magazine
Meet Your AMAZING Nominees - airdrielife Magazine

*Please scroll down and click on each individual woman’s head shot to view my stories.* I recently took part in an incredible project that showcases remarkable women in Airdrie. I wrote 44 profiles on the nominees for the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards.

airdrielife Magazine
Pride in the City - airdrielife Magazine

"The Airdrie Pride Society has helped me make new friends and meet new people who are like me and have the same interests as me" The Airdrie Pride Society has had a monumental year. At its inaugural event this spring, the Airdrie Pride in the Park Festival saw participation of more than 1,500 people, surprising event organizers, residents and City staff.

airdrielife Magazine
Bright Brewer - airdrielife Magazine

When you think of a brewmaster, chances are you picture a large man in his 30s or 40s with a beard. That image could not be farther off for the Balzac Craft Brewing Company's head brewer Thecla Wiart. The energetic and slight 23-year-old says she is used to having people push her aside and ask if they can "speak to the brewer."


airdrielife Magazine
Flavours of Montreal - airdrielife Magazine

"My goal is for this location to become a destination, where people can come to enjoy the food they were missing from back East" A local couple is bringing the flavours of Montreal to Airdrie and local residents say the deli is a cut above.

airdrielife Magazine
At Ferraro Truly Italian, you're part of the family - airdrielife Magazine

The atmosphere There's something about going to a restaurant and connecting with the owners that elevates the dining experience and ensures you are going to be back. That feeling of connection is immediate when you walk into Ferraro Truly Italian restaurant, located in the Best Western Hotel on Edmonton Trail.