Shain Slepian

Screen Writer - Script Consultant

United States

I am a storyteller to my core, with a passion and determination for communicating creativity with clear logic. The challenge of grasping at an abstraction, but then expressing it through perfect language, has kept me utterly engaged with my work. I have had the good fortune to write professionally as a ghostwriter, and my work has been published in Scientific American and The Huffington Post. I have written over a dozen videos for the YouTube channel SciQ that attract tens of thousands of views. My continued freelance editing and copywriting has received many and exclusively five-star reviews on

Written for client
Script Report

A script report I wrote for a client. The title of the screenplay and the main character's name have been redacted.

Written for client
Script Report

A script report I wrote for a client. The title of the screenplay has been redacted.

Short Script
Wrong Track

The car is empty but now she can see that the walls are unusually packed with graffiti. Words run over each other, cancelling each other out, making each other unintelligible, and the distinguishable words are just chunks of letters meaninglessly assembled.

Short Script

Two old friends have come on dark times, but neither can reach out to the other for support.

Written for Personal Production
Girlfriends - Short Film

Girlfriends is a short films script that will go into post-production at the end of February

Written for Private Client
True Blue

What it means to be a True Blue Aussie

How to give feedback on writing

When I first left college and was desperately scrambling to gain the skills I'd been too indecisive to learn in school, I took a screenwriting class at SVA. My professor, while no doubt a capable writer in their own right, was... not my type. Let me just say that there's nothing wrong with having a method.