Stephanie Pitcher Whittier

Freelance Writer

United States

Stephanie Pitcher Whittier (nee Fishman) is a freelance writer and blogger writing both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to writing feature articles and blog posts, Stephanie is the author of nonfiction and fiction titles such as the Quick & Easy Guides for Genealogists series, the Legacy QuickGuide series, Finding Eliza, The Family Story Toolkit, and many more. Books can be found here:

Stephanie enjoys working on various freelance project types covering subjects such as local history, mental health, chronic illness, home and garden, parenting and family, family history, education (specifically homeschooling and alternative education), DIY/hobbies, and more.

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Coursework Example
The Underground Railroad: Pathway to Resistance and Change

In pre-Civil War United States, people of color were seen only as a commodity. To farmers and plantation owners working within the slave system of the American South, a Black person's worth was calculated according to their ability to perform physical labor or specialized labor in the case of those classified as house slaves. Fortunately, there were individuals working within the abolition movement who sought to change that.

Creative Nonfiction
Lest We Forget...

By telling the stories of the past, we allow people to live on into the future. This essay remembers the life of a man who lived over 100 years ago yet affects the life of a stranger in the present.

Remembering Grandma: Sharing Stories of Your Female Ancestors

As genealogists and family historians, we want to share our family's stories. We learn about amazing individuals through our research, yet so many times our immediate family may not want to listen to the details of a census record or a county history we just discovered.

Family History Research in Georgia

Starting with its beginnings as a colony in 1733 through modern day, the state of Georgia has a very rich history. To full appreciate the lives your ancestors lived, you must dive deep into the history of the Peach State.

Parenting/Family Life

Anxiety, Mass Shootings, and the News

Strategies for managing information when the news sucks and so does your anxiety... Sometimes the news is just painful to watch. If you are living with a mental illness like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, a bad news cycle takes on a life of its own.

Anxiety is a Liar - Stephanie Pitcher Fishman - Medium

As a chronic illness survivor, I talk a good game about being tough. I've learned over the years that hearing myself say something is nearly as good as actually believing it (or it at least produces the same amount of forward momentum.)

Scary Mommy
Your Kids Won't Remember What Was in the Box

It seems like adult conversations in the weeks leading up to Christmas are always the same: What are you getting the kids? This sentence strikes fear and embarrassment in my core. I'm an indie author and freelance writer.

3 Ways My Anxiety Makes Me a Better Parent - Publishous - Medium

I've struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for many years now. Early in my years as a mother, I was fairly carefree and healthy - both mentally and physically. I felt like I was on fire as a parent. When my anxiety ninja attacked, I wondered how it would affect how I raised my kids.