Tom Sanders


United Kingdom

I am a writer, editor and freelance journalist.

You can find samples of my work below.

I can be contacted at [email protected].



Mekong Review
Drowned - Mekong Review

Our journey took shape in the small hours of one morning in January. Dom, our de facto leader, had spent a week staying up until dawn, obsessively scrolling through Google maps, firing coloured pins into lakes and rivers that could be potential destinations.

Dr. Anna Sui Hluan: a sit-down with Myanmar's second lady - MYANMORE

Dressed in traditional Chin textiles, a cup of tea in one hand, Anna Sui Hluan cuts a demure and impressive figure. In the refined interior of Le Planteur Restaurant & Lounge, we sat down to discuss her life, faith, and her many projects, all with the same fundamental goal - improving the lives of disadvantaged ...

Frontier Myanmar
A new martial art grips Myanmar

By TOM SANDERS | FRONTIER Two figures in white cotton suits are locked together, limbs interlaced. The only sound is heavy breathing, and the mat is soaked through with sweat. With a sudden twist, one is tossed to the ground. As he falls, he pulls his opponent forward and wraps a leg over his head.

San Zarni Bo: Fate and the Future

San Zarni Bo’s destiny was foretold. At the tender age of six, a traveling astrologer read his horoscope and informed him that he would become a fortune teller himself.

Dreams, Waves and Cubs: The Rise and Fall of the Xe Ôm Driver

Director Tran Anh Hung 's 1995 film Xích Lô is widely regarded as his masterpiece. It's a seminal piece of filmmaking, presenting a lurid and picture of an under-documented stage in the country's history, beauty and ugliness both in abundance in every oversaturated frame.

Rangoon Rhythm: Bouhinga - MYANMORE

Bouhinga are recording in Myanm/art, a white-walled, high-ceiled art gallery in downtown Yangon. Outside, heavy rain is falling, and dirty water is bubbling up from the sewers. Occasionally, the music is interrupted by a car horn, dogs barking, or the wail of a street hawker, ambient noises par for the course in this part of the city.

Vanishing Spaces In Ho Chi Minh City - Vietcetera

This piece is really two things: a eulogy for three places in Saigon that will soon be gone, and a commentary on trends in the city that are emerging. Saigon does not need misty-eyed nostalgia any more than it needs sneering expat dismissal.

Ye Htut Win: More than a MasterChef - MYANMORE

Two hours after meeting Mr Sharky in the restaurant that shares his name, I find myself nose deep in a barrel of half fermented fish guts. Behind me, the man himself moves from shelf to shelf, snatching down jars of wheat grain and honey like a Burmese Willie Wonka, waxing lyrical about the fermentation processes that set his restaurant chain apart from the rest.