Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

Journalist and editor

Location icon Australia

Journalist with experience working primarily in financial services and fintech.

I am now expanding my horizons to write about health and wellbeing, travel, women's issues, technology and more.

Having spent the last few months exploring New Zealand, Fiji and Australia, I am now based in Melbourne, and available for freelance features, and also for editing and subbing work.

Contact me on: 0481 340 375

[email protected]

How to use your time effectively, according to science

If there's one thing startup founders are short of, it's hours in the day, and according to Amantha Imber, innovation psychologist and founder of Inventium, time is effectively the biggest barrier to innovation.

Awkward questions and untapped potential: Female founders share how they overcome bias in...

New businesses are fraught with challenges, and raising capital can be one of the most tricky aspects of all. But, for 50% of the population, that journey can be even more treacherous. Earlier this month, research from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in partnership with US accelerator group MassChallenge, found that female business founders pitching for investment capital receive significantly less than their male counterparts.

"It's amazing we survived": Collabosaurus founder Jessica Ruhfus on bootstrapping, scaling and...

In 2015, Jessica Ruhfus was back living with her parents, sleeping on her sister's bedroom floor and working three jobs just to keep her business collaboration startup Collabosaurus off the ground. Five years later, she's busy drumming up support for her first capital raise and getting ready to jet off to San Francisco, where she will take up a three-month residency at the AusTrade Landing Pad in San Francisco.

Asset Servicing Times Sibos 2017
Keeping up with the custodians

As if the regulatory environment, cyber threats and cost challenges weren’t enough, custodians are also under more pressure than ever to compete Full Sibos 2017 issue available here:

Asset Servicing Times
Waiting for a revolution

Regulation, time-scales and plain old logistics were on the agenda at the London Blockchain Week conference, where techies and financial market experts gathered to discuss all things distributed

Asset Servicing Times Sibos 2016
Big fish and microchips

They may be resource rich, but the biggest financial institutions are also laden with legacy technology and reputed to be somewhat set in their ways. The assembled heads of technology reveal some of the ways in which they try to stay innovative

National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Edinburgh: Split personalities

On the corner of Candlemaker Row sits 'Greyfriars Bobby' - which sounds like the start of a fairytale in itself. Bobby was a Skye terrier who lingered around his master's grave for 14 years, earning himself notoriety among the city's affluent class and, eventually, a bronze statue and shrine-like grave of his own.

TNT Magazine UK
Sweet Sardinia

Sir Roger Moore's Bond stayed here and we can see why: Sardinia offers a delightful mix of cultures - shaken not stirred

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