Sarah Pachter

NYU Student

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Adv. Poetry, Fall 2014
Imitation Poem

For an end of year project I had to imitate the style of a book we read that semester. I chose Wayne Koestenbaum's "My 1980s and Other Essays." In his chapter, "Advice to the Young" Koestenbaum numbers his paragraphs because, as he writes, "I'm trying to figure out sequence: how paragraphs connect; how generations overlap; how ideas bleed into one another." In my poem I attempt to imitate his linearity while also seeing what happens when I don't order or organize my writing. Works Cited:...

Adv. Poetry, Fall 2014


Adv. Poetry, Fall 2014
Textual Poem: Once upon a time

A poem from two found texts: 5 classic Children's books and provocative MoMA exhibits' captions. I wanted to combine these found texts to show how public spaces corrupt children's ideas of our world.

Adv. Poetry, Fall 2014
Adv. Poetry, Spring 2013