Sophie Hipgrave

Content Writer/ Copywriter/ Blog Writer/ Proofreader/ Copy Editor

United Kingdom

Hire me for compelling copywriting or content writing, engaging website copy, blogs, feature writing, and social media marketing.

Having worked in corporate and start-up agency settings managing social media profiles and writing blogs and features, I have experience in a variety of industries.

Right now, I write for wellness and the world; for brands who make you feel better or do better.

When I’m not looking for my next project, you’ll find me doing home workouts, reading, or dancing to Noughties music.

You can find me on Instagram (@tweakcopywriting) and LinkedIn (Sophie Hipgrave). Just click the icons below to go straight there.


Website Copywriting

Brows By Gabs (Cosmetic Brow Artist)
Website Creation & Website Copywriting for Brows By Gabs

My client needed a website for her eyebrow artistry business. She wanted something simple, minimal and elegant. I created and wrote with her customers in mind, allowing them to envision how Brows by Gabs can enhance and fit seamlessly into their lifestyles. I made sure to include all the relevant information they would need, along with features and benefits, and used language they could relate to and see themselves in. To consider the customer journey, I peppered call-to-actions throughout to...

Social Media

Blog posts

Find My Personal Trainer
Social Media 101 For Personal Trainers: How To Grow Your Business Online

Follow these social media tips to boost your followers, build a community and increase your sales in your personal training business. With 4.2 billion social media users worldwide spending 2.5 hours on social channels every day, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of social media marketing to grow your personal training business online and beyond.

How The Internet Of Things Will Transform The Social Housing Sector

Accessibility to properties, excessive maintenance costs and tenant safety continue to be some of the most difficult challenges faced by the UK's social housing sector. With the rollout of smart home technology imminent, the Internet of Things (IoT) could be the answer to freeing up money, time and resources for registered providers.

Five Ways A Smart Home Supports Your Elderly Relatives

Advances in smart home technology mean that everyone can benefit from a more connected home, but with an ageing population, a smart home could be an invaluable resource to improve the health and wellbeing of your elderly family members.


One month into all those 'get fit' New Year resolutions, I thought I'd share the techniques that I use to keep myself motivated during a workout. No more fading away, girls! Make your fitness fierce this February. Have small goals within your workout. Work on timings instead of reps.


It's less than a week until Valentine's Day, but don't worry, I've got your back. Keep reading for the lowdown on what a girl really wants. The 90s revival of late means trainers are steaming ahead as the go-to shoe of choice. Introducing the new 'It' shoe: The Superstar ( Adidas.)

Print features

Power Cuts

Pf fashion correspondent Sophie Hipgrave examines the hottest looks for the coldest days. When it comes to warmer work wear, which leaves enough dosh for your dad’s new pair of slippers, she’s got it all wrapped up.

Chemical reaction

Sophie ‘vinyl scientist’ Hipgrave activates her glow sticks, hydrates responsibly and heads for club land, where she requests eight pulsating dance tunes that will help you keep fresh and alert, as you pump up the volume (of your sales)!

Changing of the seasons

Sophie ‘Make My Day’ Hipgrave takes another glorious sojourn through the utopian pastures of eye-catching, effortlessly stylish and statement-making fashion.

Fashion Copywriting