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Sophie Hart

Social and Programming Content Producer, Fandom

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A skilled and creative writer, content creator, and pop culture nerd with 6 years' experience in writing, editing, social media, digital content strategy, community management and PR for industry-leading brands. I've written engaging, effective content for a wide variety of audiences, including movie, TV, and gaming fans, toy-loving kids and high profile clients such as LEGO, Disney, Warner Bros., and Penguin Random House.

As well as writing, packaging, and delivering entertainment news to engaged fans across the world as Fandom's UK content programmer, I've previously explained digital advertising technology to the global media industry as a pivotal member of one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech start-ups, SuperAwesome. English Lit Graduate (1st Class Hons).

A Toy Story Timeline: 24 Years of Woody and Buzz

Since Toy Story first hit screens in 1995, many fan favourites have come and gone. From the humble beginnings of Andy's room, we've met a plethora of toys - from a yodelling cowgirl and a squeaky penguin to a strawberry-scented bear and Shakespeare-loving hedgehog.

Untangling the Lestrange Family Tree

WARNING: This post contains huge spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald . Proceed with caution. Following the meteoric success of Harry Potter , the Fantastic Beasts film franchise is forging its own path by uncovering completely hidden depths of Wizarding World lore.

Why Simba Is the Weakest Character in 'The Lion King'

The Lion King is one of Disney's most beloved movies, seen by many as the crowning jewel of their Renaissance period. It's packed with memorable lines, iconic scenes, and magical music that, even 25 years later, have stood the test of time.

The Most Iconic Movie Scores and Original Soundtracks of the '00s

Believe it or not, the '00s - or 'noughties' as no-one really likes to call it - is starting to move into the nostalgia zone already. A decade that ushers in huge franchise movies and pioneering technology, the noughties also brought with it some unforgettable scores and soundtracks that are sure to stand the test of time.

Our 3 Wishes for Will Smith's Genie

Love them or loathe them, Disney's live-action remakes of their animated classics are going to keep coming. Following the successes of Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Maleficent and Cinderella, the studio knows the live-action formula works.

7 Greatest Songs from 'The Simpsons'

Since Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie materialised on our screens over 29 years ago, we've seen it all: killer babies, evil dolphins taking over the world, completely unqualified astronauts going to space, and hundreds of celebrity cameos. But the Simpsons moments that have stuck with us forever are the unforgettable - and surprisingly well written - musical numbers.

How book publishers are engaging the most disruptive generation yet

Brand experiences for kids come in all shapes and sizes, and we have witnessed some fantastic examples in recent months, where more and more brands and content owners are moving their IP on to digital. Some of the most exciting and innovative campaigns we see have arisen from a particularly traditional sector: book publishers.

Was 2016 really "the worst year ever"? Kids give their opinions

To say that 2016 was a memorable year for the majority of the adult world may be an understatement. Many breathed a sigh of relief as this new year began - but how much did the apocalyptic media coverage of 2016 really affect centennials? We spoke to over 800 8-18 year olds from the US...

Once Upon A Disney #2: Pinocchio

Goodbye dwarfs and magic mirrors, hello wooden puppets, smoking 10-year-olds and man-eating whales. You guessed it - the second Walt Disney Animated Classic is none other than... Three years after the critically acclaimed triumph of Snow White, Disney had to raise their game, and with the outbreak of WW2, audiences were in need of a new dose of escapism.

How Tom Fletcher's The Christmasaurus is enchanting centennials on digital

In the lead up to this highly anticipated holiday season, flurries of festive content are appearing all over the kids' media landscape. One of the earliest signs of this came from a - perhaps unlikely - combination of snow, dinosaurs, and crumpets, united to form one of the latest holiday-themed kids' novels: The Christmasaurus by...

We asked 1000 kids what they thought about online advertising

We're often asked which ad formats are the most effective for engaging kids' imaginations. Our Insights team recently spoke to over a thousand kids aged 6-14 across the US and UK, who gave some pretty blunt feedback about the various ad formats they encounter daily. Interestingly US kids are generally more ready to engage with...

Bin Weevils
LEGO Friends: 'Stephanie's Blog'

This is an example of a series of posts I wrote for one of my biggest clients, LEGO. They wanted a series of 'diary entry' style posts from one of the most popular characters in the LEGO Friends range, getting kids familiar with the characters and scenarios depicted in the play sets. The posts were published on the BAFTA-award winning virtual world, Bin Weevils, used by thousands of kids in the UK.

Box of OMG blog
Box of OMG blog: Get #TotallyOMG style tips from Carina Axelsson!

Box of OMG was a popular subscription based content discovery box aimed at girls aged 7-12. As the main content editor, I planned and wrote all content for the blog and social media, with the main aim of promoting our client's products that were placed into the boxes. Here is an example of a post promoting Carina Axelsson's book 'Model Undercover' (client: Usbourne Publishing).

Box of Awesome blog
EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Bear Grylls lands in the BOA#6!

Box of Awesome was a popular subscription based content discovery box aimed at boys aged 7-12. As the main content editor, I planned and wrote all content for the blog and social media, with the main aim of promoting our client's products that were placed into the boxes. Here is an example of a post promoting Bear Grylls' book series 'Mission: Survival' (client: Penguin Random House).

Sophie's Film Choice #16: WONDER WOMAN

To set the scene for this post: I'm currently on an East Midlands train, with a Caffe Nero iced coffee, rinsing the free Wi Fi by streaming Spotify and tapping away on my macbook air. I'm practically the millennial version of J K Rowling. Now I've got that out of my system: to business.

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Hasbro Transformers digital campaign press release

Press release for a digital campaign for Hasbro's 'Transformers: Robots in Disguise' digital campaign on BAFTA-award winning virtual world Bin Weevils. The press release was picked up by major UK toy licensing press.

SuperAwesome company summary

This 2 page summary was designed for the SuperAwesome US sales team: they hand this out to new clients to give them a succinct overview of the company.

SuperAwesome website

As editorial manager at SuperAwesome, I planned the structure and executed all written content on our corporate site. We are in the process of updating this site to the new company branding, lead by myself and a team of designers.

SuperAwesome Parent Portal site

As editorial manager and part of the Product team at SuperAwesome, I wrote all content for the company's world-renowned 'Parent Portal'. A place where parents can manage and have full control over their children's personal information as they browse a child-friendly sites and apps, the parent portal is used to power digital kid destinations for top global brands like Hasbro, Walker Books and PopJam.

Sophie's Film Choice #17: MY COUSIN RACHEL

Before I begin: Rachel is not actually my cousin ( her name is Charlotte). I wouldn't feel the need to clarify that, but it was a source of confusion earlier today. Also, there's the fact that Rachel is the character, being played by an actress called Rachel.

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