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The best e-readers and Kindles

Nose stuck in an ebook? Whether you read on the train, in bed or in the bath, you might think choosing an e-reader or Kindle in 2018 is a super speedy decision but there's now more choice than ever on size, price and features. And while Kindles are an obvious choice, there are other e-readers.

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A Beginner's Guide To Coding

No matter how much you geek out, there's always that one tech thing you've convinced yourself you can't get your head around.

Connect: Meet the tech taking on sexual harassment

WHEN you think of #MeToo, the first image that pops into your head is probably one of Hollywood actresses and disgraced producers. But the movement has gained power and scale across many more industry sectors - most recently it was 20,000 Google employees who staged a walkout in 50 cities as part of a planned...

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Translation trials: could AI translators beat humans in business?

With the help of parallel text datasets such as Wikipedia, European Parliament proceedings and telephone transcripts from South Asia, machine-learning has now reached the point where translation tools rival their human counterparts. According to Ofer Shoshan, chief executive of One Hour Translation, neural machine technology (NMT) translators will be capable of handling 50 per cent of the global translation market in one to three years.

Connect: The automated home for dummies

■ Room by room through the smart home, here's everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask GRANDPARENTS up and down the country are chatting happily to Alexa - and when the tech-inclined grans get on board, you know the smart home really has arrived.

Every Wes Anderson movie ranked in order of greatness

To be read in Alec Baldwin's voice and Alec Baldwin's voice only Wesley Wales Anderson, has bestowed on us nine feature films since the mid '90s, as well as a smattering of shorts and adverts - all delightful to fans, all incredibly irritating to his detractors.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

For something that's just trying to be a versatile device for day-to-day work and play, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is oddly controversial. On the one hand, you have some recent research stats celebrating the fact the Surface line seems to have bumped Microsoft up to the top 5 PC makers in the US.

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