Qian Xu(Sophia)

Digital Journalist, Social Media Trainer & Media Partnerships Professional(新媒体記者、培訓師及媒体关系專家)

Hong Kong

Journalist and editor with 10 years’ experience in the news and digital-media business in Hong Kong and mainland China. Specialist in content acquisition/distribution, news gathering/verification on social media, video production, data journalism and client relations. Native Chinese speaker, proficient in English, Korean and Japanese starter.

N3Con 2019
Panelist of N3Con2019 N3Con媒體大會主講人

Panel: Using Social Media to Mine for Stories in China Chinese citizens live and breathe online, even though China's Internet feels like a parallel universe to the rest of the world. How can reporters mine Chinese social media for compelling characters and stories relevant to audiences globally?

Speaker for Video journalism innovation workshop organised by the Journalism and Media Studies...

The workshops are part of Hong Kong’s first Editors Lab hackday event, organised jointly by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) and the Global Editors Network (GEN), with the support of Google. The programme is implemented in partnership with the Associated Press, The Society of Publishers in Asia, and the School of Journalism and Communication of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Storyful Joins People's Republic of Video 搜視與優酷合作項目

Launched our first Chinese viral channel on China's leading video site Youku. Project leader. Soup-to-nuts involvement with everything from partnership model, site design and functionality, training, creation of workflow, selection of content, integration with partner, translation service and launch-related marketing/publicity. 作為項目負責人帶領Storyful進入中國市場,啟動了與中國領先視頻網站優酷的合作,創立公司首個全中文視頻頻道。全程參與項目合作模式、網頁設計、頻道功能、團隊培訓、工作流程設計、內容選編、合作夥伴溝通兼容、翻譯以及發佈日市場公關執行。

CCTV+ Global Video Media Forum 2014, Beijing. 北京2014CCTV+全球視頻媒體論壇

Guest speaker at CCTV+ Global Video Media Forum 2014 in Beijing. Introduced Storyful to the Chinese video market. Panel with global press and Chinese Internet giants, including BBC, Alibaba, LE SHI and Bambuser, speaking about technological development in New Media and its influence on the news industry. 受邀出席北京2014CCTV+全球視頻媒體論壇,向中國媒體同行和國際夥伴介紹Storyful。與BBC、阿里巴巴、樂視、Bambuser等代表討論新媒體行業科技發展及對新聞行業的影響。

Using Weibo to discover China content利用微博發現中國新聞

Without access to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Chinese internet users rely on the likes of Sina Weibo, Youku and Renren for microblogging, video-sharing and SNS services. The Twitter-like social network Sina Weibo, often shortened as Weibo, is one of the most popular social-networking sites in the world, with over 500 million users registered as of March 2013. Today, Sophia Xu takes a look at using Sina Weibo, the Chinese social platform favored by Storyful journalists. 在沒有Faceboo,...

Journalism & Media Studies Center, The University of Hong Kong
Clipping the Global Media in China 國際媒體在中國

Research team member of data journalism project at the JMSC on visualizing Global Media's presence in China. 作為港大新聞與媒體研究中心數據新聞項目研究員, 使用視覺工具分析與呈現國際媒體在中國市場的表現。

Journalism & Media Studies Center, The University of Hong Kong
Xinhua: Failing to Present the Sino-African Relationship?新華社報道下的中非關係

Research team member of data journalism project at the JMSC on a pilot study of Sino-African news coverage by the Chinese state-owned Xinhua News Agency from July 2011 to June 2012. 作為港大新聞與媒體研究中心數據新聞項目研究員, 分析與呈現新華社在2011年至2012年期間中非關係報道中的著眼點及存在問題。

Video Productions

Phoenix TV 鳳凰衛視中文臺(皇牌大放送)
Scattered Pearls, Notes of Okinawa 散落的珍珠--凤凰卫视冲绳纪行

Conducted background research and structured the storyline of the documentary Scattered Pearls, Notes of Okinawa. 作為助理主編參與紀錄片製作。完成素材搜索、採訪整理,為紀錄片主線、架構、片段使用提供意見。

Phoenix TV 鳳凰衛視中文臺(皇牌大放送)
Sunrise and Sunset in Pyongyang 平壤日出日落

Accomplished sourcing, packaging and editing of the documentary Sunrise and Sunset in Pyongyang within a week to broadcast ahead of other competitors after Kim Jong Il’s death. 作為助理主編參與紀錄片《平壤日出日落》製作。在突發新聞時期與一周內完成素材搜索、採訪整理、片段剪輯等,領先其他電視台完成紀錄片并及時播放。