Sophia Moss

Editorial Assistant

I am a freelance journalist, forum moderator and editorial assistant at Dirt & Glory Media.

Experience in branded content, journalism, blogging, social media management, interviews, news writing, feature writing, podcasts, art direction, copywriting, community management, Indesign, & video editing. Former MA Magazine Journalism student at City, University of London.



My Morning After

The History Of Sex Toys

If you think sex was discovered in the 1960s, think again. It's easy to assume that our ancestors were strict religious folk who would faint at the mere sight of a bare ankle,...


#MyMorningAfter: banishing the shame around the morning after pill

Via their #MyMorningAfter campaign, EllaOne want to end the stigma, shame and embarrassment that still lingers around emergency contraception. Their inclusive and respectful...

My Morning After

The Brief History Of Contraception

Just 20 years after the rubber condom was making safe sex a realistic possibility, someone came along to ruin it. Anthony Comstock, a postal inspector, politician and...


Home education: can we really trust parents to know what's best for their children?

You have now reached your limit of 3 free articles in the last 30 days. But don't worry! You can get another 7 articles absolutely free, simply by entering your email address in...


"Young people are being short-changed": Meet Labour's 18-year-old local election candidate

by Sophia Moss / May 2, 2018 / Leave a comment Aisha Malik-Smith is not your average local council candidate. Born in December 1999, the 18-year-old divides her time between...

Atlas (EN)

The top five day trips from Brisbane | Atlas (EN)

For when the heat of the city gets too much, take to the great outdoors and visit the surrounding area of Brisbane for beaches, wildlife and forest trails Sophia Moss | January...

Atlas (EN)

Amsterdam's best boutique hotels | Atlas (EN)

The city's cobbled old town and narrow townhouses are home to some of the cosiest and characterful design hotels The coolest hotel on the list is the Pulitzer Amsterdam....


Arthritis Cooking Gadgets

By Sophia Moss When you're living with arthritis, the kitchen can become a daunting place with seemingly simple tasks like opening a can or chopping up vegetables feeling...

Litro Magazine Stories Transport you

This is my house: Boxman at Blue Elephant Theatre

"This is my house. I built it with my bare hands," says Ringo, gesturing to the pile of boxes, bags and trinkets behind him. Ringo (Reice Weathers) is a homeless refugee who, in...

Litro Magazine Stories Transport you

People bought and sold: Queer Season opening night at the King's Head Theatre

From July to September, The King's Head pub theatre will be running a 6 week queer season to promote LGBTQ+ voices in the London fringe theatre scene. Sophia Moss attends...

The Sun

This week's releases from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to The Post

YOU know all those Oscar-nominated films you never quite got round to seeing at the cinema? Well several of them are out on DVD this week - so read on to find out whether...

The Reviews Hub

Oranges & Elephants the Musical - Hoxton Hall, London

Director: Susie McKenna Reviewer: Sophia Moss "Can you smell the gin-soaked walls?" cries the chair (Susannah van der Berg) in her red tailcoat and top hat. You can't literally...


Vivino announces new premium wine delivery service in attempt to revolutionise industry

Vivino, an online wine marketplace powered by 27 million customers, has just announced the launch of its new premium wine delivery service. Vivino Premium will give customers...


Budweiser sends barley seeds into space

The company announced its 'Bud on Mars' initiative back in November, but this week turned its words into actions when it sent astronauts aboard the International Space Station...

Broke in London

Budget Travel Guide: Travelling by Land Across Europe - Broke in London

By Sophia Moss (follow Sophia on Twitter:@EndlessMoss) Many people are put off the idea of travelling for two reasons: A) they think it'll be too expensive and they just don't...

Broke in London

A Guide To The 10 Best Free Walking Tours in Europe - Broke in London

By Sophia Moss (follow Sophia on Twitter:@EndlessMoss) Free walking tours are an excellent resource for any traveller. Walking tours are a great way to get to grips with a new...

Search Jobs, Career Advice and Continuing Education at Careeba

7 Ways To Build Good Working Relations With Your Co-Workers

When you work in an office you are spending around eight hours a day and at least 40 hours a week with your co-workers. It's really important that you are able to build and...