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My Morning After
The Future Of Sex Toys

Let's be honest: would you rather a huge, bulging dildo which looks just like the real thing, or a compact, chic model which actually knows what a clitoris is? According to Nina Haines, community manager of sex-positive collective Women of Sex Tech , female and non-binary creators are inventing sex toys which we actually want to use, not what men think we want to use.

My Morning After
The History Of Sex Toys

If you think sex was discovered in the 1960s, think again. It's easy to assume that our ancestors were strict religious folk who would faint at the mere sight of a bare ankle, but in reality people have been looking for ways to get themselves off since the dawn of time.

My Morning After
The Brief History Of Contraception

Just 20 years after the rubber condom was making safe sex a realistic possibility, someone came along to ruin it. Anthony Comstock, a postal inspector, politician and 'moralist', campaigned against 'obscenity' and, in 1873, spearheaded the Comstock Act which banned the spread of contraceptive information in the USA.

My Morning After
#AskElla: Is My Vagina Normal?

When was the last time you had a good long look at your vagina? While over half the population has female genitalia, it's still something society doesn't really like to talk about. This is starting to change. On 19th February, Laura Dodsworth's documentary 100 Vaginas aired on Channel 4. Through

#MyMorningAfter: banishing the shame around the morning after pill

Via their #MyMorningAfter campaign, EllaOne want to end the stigma, shame and embarrassment that still lingers around emergency contraception. Their inclusive and respectful campaign ignites a conversation that challenges outdated attitudes at a time when women's reproductive rights are still second

Home education: can we really trust parents to know what's best for their children?

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Atlas (EN)
The top five day trips from Brisbane | Atlas (EN)

For when the heat of the city gets too much, take to the great outdoors and visit the surrounding area of Brisbane for beaches, wildlife and forest trails Sophia Moss | January 2018 What One of the last surviving examples of the ancient Gondwana forest that used to cover most of Australia thousands of years ago, Springbrook has lots of walking routes to choose from, ranging from 10-minute strolls to seven-hour hikes.

Atlas (EN)
Amsterdam's best boutique hotels | Atlas (EN)

The city's cobbled old town and narrow townhouses are home to some of the cosiest and characterful design hotels The coolest hotel on the list is the Pulitzer Amsterdam. Twenty-five canal houses have been transformed into this quirky boutique hotel, with suites themed on art, literature and music - the latter complete with a statement wall of shiny brass trumpets.

Arthritis Cooking Gadgets

By Sophia Moss When you're living with arthritis, the kitchen can become a daunting place with seemingly simple tasks like opening a can or chopping up vegetables feeling impossible. It's important to eat a healthy, balanced diet - plus who has the money to live on takeaways - but how can you do that when the process of cooking a meal is so painful?

Litro Magazine Stories Transport you
This is my house: Boxman at Blue Elephant Theatre

"This is my house. I built it with my bare hands," says Ringo, gesturing to the pile of boxes, bags and trinkets behind him. Ringo (Reice Weathers) is a homeless refugee who, in an hour-long monologue, slowly reveals how he was taken from his home aged 14, given a uniform and a gun, and thrown into a war he didn't sign up for.

The Reviews Hub
Oranges & Elephants the Musical - Hoxton Hall, London

Director: Susie McKenna Reviewer: Sophia Moss "Can you smell the gin-soaked walls?" cries the chair (Susannah van der Berg) in her red tailcoat and top hat. You can't literally smell gin, but Hoxton Hall reeks of history.

Broke in London
A Guide To The 10 Best Free Walking Tours in Europe - Broke in London

By Sophia Moss (follow Sophia on Twitter:@EndlessMoss) Free walking tours are an excellent resource for any traveller. Walking tours are a great way to get to grips with a new city and learn where all the landmarks are, they are an invaluable source of history and local knowledge, they are fun and entertaining, and best of all they are entirely free!

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