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Now an Associate Editor with American news website,, I have previously been employed with leading English news publications in India. My last stint in India, before making the move to Germany, was with India Today as an Assistant Editor. I have also worked for The Tribune and Hindustan Times, as a writer, reporter and editor. With a career in journalism that spans over nine fruitful years, I have reported extensively on women's issues, particularly health, interviewed people from all walks of life and mentored young writers and editors, while building and managing a microsite and all its facets.

Distanced Dining: The New Normal Night Out in Europe

As cities ground to a pandemic-induced standstill, the very places that once provided a welcome break from the pressure of modern life - restaurants, bars, and cafes - faced a threat to their own survival. Quaint Parisian cafés hollowed out; German beer gardens devoid of merriment; bustling tapas bars silent - that was the picture in Europe even as the economy began to reopen.

India Today
Are they safe? All you need to know about the government's new contraception injections

Being the world's second-largest population comes with a lot of concerns, especially if this designation is backed by generations of uneducation, particularly towards reproduction. While there are many different types of contraceptives out there, the central government has decided to roll out an injectable form of contraception--Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA)--to various government-run hospitals across the country.

Why I&B ministry's no-condom-ads decision is not entirely wrong

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry, on December 11, issued an order banning the broadcast of condom advertisements on television between 6am and 10pm. The ministry's issue? It's reportedly received multiple complaints regarding these ads' adverse impact on children.

Wander Eat Repeat
Let's Take You on a Fantastical Escape to Bruges, Belgium

What if we told you, there exists a quaint little European town that's the stuff of fairy tales, has a pipeline of beer running across the city and has remained untouched during both World Wars, despite being occupied by German forces?

Station Frankfurt
Station Frankfurt: With the launch of Givetastic, Vidya wants to change the way companies do...

Democracy ought to be progressive. Else, it perishes. When you combine democracy and philanthropy, however, the mental image of a promising tomorrow starts to take shape. Meet Vidya Munde Müller, the entrepreneur who is shaping that image for the corporate world, bit by bit, as she realises her dream of bringing technology and philanthropy together....

India Today
How Budget 2018 is set to impact travel and tourism in India

While consumers throughout the country have had mixed reactions to the budget--with the business class being slightly more relaxed than those in service--Union Budget 2018 is set to be a game-changer for those indulging in intra-country travel; at least on paper.