Sola Ayodeji

Communications and Digital Specialist

Location icon United States

I'm experienced in storytelling, engaging and growing audiences, developing targeted communication strategies for charities, news media and non-profit organizations. I've interviewed people from different walks of life and shared their stories. I use my communication skills to advocate for social change and policy changes related to housing, health care, gender and racial equality.

Agape Life
Faces of Hampton Roads

CNA and Mother of 2, Tashima Williams, shares how she balances parenting, working, and going back to school.

Agape Life Newspaper
agapelife | recap of ferguson

Recap of Ferguson By Sola Ayodeji, Agape Life Contributor updated Fri November 15, 2014 The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is all but unfamiliar. Once again a community that remains invisible to those outside of it is rocked by the senseless murder of a teenage boy and thrust into national spotlight.

Media Diversified
When a US passport isn't enough: travelling as a Nigerian-American

Sola Ayodeji discusses her experiences of border control in the UK, and how easy it can be to lose the privileges of holding a US passport as a person of colour "I'm not convinced that you will leave." The border security officer threatened. "If I let you in, how do I know you won't overstay your visa?"

A Veteran and Volunteer: Mark's Story - APAH

Mark B.'s commitment to serving others hasn't switched off since he left the Air Force in 1986. Although he is no longer "Active Duty" by military standards, the description is still fitting for a man who is active in his community and dutiful in helping others.

Giving Back: Orpah's story - APAH

Two years ago, Orpah was homeless, but today she's an outgoing neighbor living in The Springs Apartments. With her bubbly personality and strong ties to the community, no one would be able to guess that Orpah W. spent many years living outside, suffering from PTSD and distrustful of people.