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Sara Heris

Copywriter, Writer

Location icon United States

I am a writer and creative thinker who currently holds the role of a marketing copywriter where I create and edit copy for real estate marketing materials. I am looking to transition into UX writing and have recently completed the UX Writers Collective course UX Writing Fundamentals. I love tinkering with words and helping to craft them so that people can better interact with products.

I am a graduate of the University of Iowa's selective English program where I gained experience in editing, language fluency, creative storytelling, and meeting multiple tight deadlines on both solo and collaborative projects. Seeking opportunities to work with a creative in-house team to accomplish company goals by narration, editing, project management, and creative storytelling


Marketing Copywriting

Private Client
Mailer Example

This is an example of the final for a client mailer. Similarly, this client provided copy that they requested be reworked to reflect the aesthetic and feel of the home.

Private Client
Mailer for Global Luxury Audience

This is an example of a postcard mailer for a Global Luxury client. The copy is meant to reflect the elevated status of the home in order to attract luxury real estate buyers.

Private Client
Brochure Example

This is an example of the final brochure piece crafted for a client that presented very little starter copy. I used the images to create a story that both informed the potential buyer and highlighted the unique features of the home.

UX Writing

UX Writers Collective
UX Handshake App Portfolio

This is my final project for the Handshake App in which I edited the working UX copy to provide cohesion across the platform and edit for grammar, spelling, etc. Please note that my edits are in yellow.

Private Client
UX Deliverables

This is a mock-up of an email deliverable for the Handshake app. This is an example of a membership cancellation email that both ensures the user that their account has been terminated, all while maintaining the brand tone and voice to convey the message.

Personal Writing

Haus of Muse
Not All That Glitters is Gold

There's something about today that feels like molasses; deeply thick and viscous that sticks to the arms of the clock and slows time down so that every second feels tangible. I feel like a fly encased in amber as I sit at my desk and watch as the afternoons grow shorter as we move further and...

Haus of Muse
Welcome to the September Issue!

It's time to move away from our crop tops and bandeaus and into turtlenecks and wool coats., I think I'll be sticking to my summer clothes for a little while yet. But in the meantime, let's take a deep dive.

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