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A senior journalism and political science student, I enjoy reporting on social and political issues. Catch me watching documentaries until 2 a.m. or running to the nearest business that sells matcha. Looking for full time reporter position. Email: [email protected]

Twin Cities
Thousands protest gun violence at St. Paul's March for Our Lives rally

Thousands of students and supporters marched Saturday in St. Paul as part of the worldwide "March for Our Lives" demonstration to protest gun violence. St. Paul police estimated 18,000 people marched to the state Capitol, but that figure did not include the people at the Capitol who did not march.

Twin Cities
Domestic violence claimed 24 lives in Minnesota in 2017, report says

At least 24 people died from domestic violence in Minnesota last year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. The number includes 19 women who died by homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner and five friends, family or bystanders involved in violent situations, according to the 2017 Femicide Report.

The Clarion
Five cars broken into, no suspects

A security guard noticed a car window in the Lissner lot was shattered, then found three more broken into and one more in the Townhouse lot.

The Clarion
The Locker Rooms, Explained

A closer look at Bethel’s athletic locker room renovations and how the size difference between men and woman’s facilities is compatible with Title IX.

Our Town
The Trump Tower tangle

Manhattan residents deal with disruptions created by President-elect’s presence in the city

Redefining DIVA

Group of North Minneapolis school girls defy stereotypes and learn what it means to be a true diva.

A World Apart

Syrian immigrant and longtime dining center worker fears for loved ones back home and sheds light on crisis of her people.

A Place to Heal

Recent school shootings prompt painful memories for four Bethel students.