Sneha Singh Mahecha

Content Writer, Researcher

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A lawyer by profession currently volunteering as a content writer and researcher at two non profits. Aspiring to be a storyteller.

Ekabhuya: The Art of Digital Story Telling

Story telling as an art has taken myriad forms over thousands of years, and a number of these coexist together in our world today. Creating a story that can keep readers and audiences engaged is a daunting task and more so if it depicts real life situations.

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New Startup Collarfolk Makes Vacations with Pets Easy in India

"I looked in anticipation, walking towards the gate where the car was parked. I had been walked and bathed, and had done my morning job just in time. As I wagged my tail in excitement, I was directed back into the house. Once again I wouldn't be able to make the journey with my family.

Finding Chaos !

On a cold winter morning, tucked in a warm Indian quilt, you can smell tea brewing, aroma of parathas (Indian flat-bread), constant wake-up calls by mom which are more like threats, the newspaper right by your bedside, what seemed like a daily mundane routine then, is a luxury now.

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'Manjhi': A Beautiful Depiction of the Various Colors of Life

"The road I tread today bleeds courage, drips with passion, and speaks volumes about a man's resolve to change the lives of his people single-handedly" - this sentiment must have been echoed by every person who traveled on the path cut across a mountain in Gehlour, Bihar.

Nagesh Kukunoor's Dhanak- A fable of dreams

As he walked through the sands, feeling the hot wind against his face, the vast expanse instilling fear, his feet sinking deep into the sand with each step he took, in the distant horizon there appeared a bright figure extending his hand with a magic wand.

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Robin Hood Army Seeks to Eradicate Hunger, Food Wastage

"Please, sir, I want some more." This line from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens resonates with me every time I see a hungry person. The innocence, the helplessness and the bravery speak to you, asking you to show some kindness. Amidst all the struggles, Oliver does find a savior in Mr. Brownlow, who nurtures him.

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Travel Lore - Stories in Motion

The love for travel grew on me at a very young age. Though opportunities were limited, just the idea of outdoors excited me. Picnics, a small visit to my grandparents' home always made me smile. Train journeys became more and more about stories, food, meeting people, and less and less about reaching a destination.

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