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Multimedia Communication Student at Everett Community College

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Adnan Ali Syed was a Pakistani international student in the U.S. He was the recipient of Professional Development scholarship from the Department of States to study Online Journalism for the year 2012-13. He has a degree in Mass Communication. He has worked as reporter, copy editor and translator for three television channels in Pakistan and was a reporter for the college newspaper 'The Clipper'. He also interned at The Daily Herald of Everett.

Samaa TV
Friendship In Social Media Era | SAMAA TV

By: Adnan Ali Chishti Friendship We experience many relationships in our lives like father, mother, siblings, uncle and aunt. However, given the divine nature and sacredness of the relation called "Friendship", it is often insisted that "Poor is he, who does not have friends." Or "Happiest are the couples that are good friends first then spouses."

News Published

Daily Everett Herald
Merging Traditions: Living in Harmony

The growth of South Asian communities in Bothell, Washington caused people from India and Pakistan to start businesses of traditional foods and cloths, who later established religious spots such as Hindu Temple, Sikh Grudwara and Muslim CommunityCenter to meet socail and spiritual needs of thire community of origin.
Discussion Explores Gender Identity Issues

People from transgender group held a discussion and question and answer session pertaining to gender identity issues at Everett Community College, WA
Enlightenment Lecture on Religion

Students were invited to attend the lecture on religion and rights of women in Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions in the world
CDS Prioritizes Cases With Documented Disabilities

Center for Disability Services at Everett Community College requires disabled students to have their disability tested and well documented in order to avail their services.
EMPOWR Club Kicks Off With Woman Festival

EMPOWR club at Everett Community College organized its first ever event concerning with violation of human rights specially women's..
Enlightenment: Evolution of Vision

Students at EvCC attended lecture on Evolution of Vision as part of series lectures on American enlightenment.

Blog Entries

Express Tribune
Chasing targets: If Pakistan loses the toss, will it lose the match too?

It was evident from the moment that Pakistan lost the toss and was made to bowl first to the Proteas in their third encounter in the ongoing One Day International (ODI) series, that the spectator's expectations would not be met. At best, it would be a nail-biting match.
Shab-e-Bara'at: Night of Records and Deliverance

I blogged about a religious event observed in most parts of Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. I discussed the issues relative and the activities performed by the observers.
Photography class changes student perspective

After taking Photography course, students started observing beauty of the everything, people, objects in a unique way that changed their perspective of the world.

Blogspot Clipper
EvCC Poised to Move to Canvas from Summer Quarter

Everett Community College is all set to move to Canvas, an elearning system that is expected to be more efficient and student-friendly from already in practice Angel.

Multimedia - Video Projects

Feature Stories
CCID Program Closes Doors

Community College for International Development closed its program which include internationl students from around the world coming to US and study for 10 months in community colleges.


Daily Everett Herald

Promoting cricket in the U.S.

Collected online links and youtube videos to describe history of cricket in the U.S. and Seattle Cricket Club in Washington State.
After Carnage Eclipses Karachi

After suicide bombings in Karachi, the rescue operation from the concerned authorities remained unentusiastic and below up to the mark.

Adnan Ali Syed Daily
Adnan Ali Syed Daily

Collection of news from the tweets received on AdnanAliUSA account and presentation of those in form of online newspaper.

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