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I not only write and edit compelling prose and copy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and history, but I revel in words and wordplay.

Based in Los Angeles, I have written and edited books published by Running Press and HarperCollins, and created written content for Sony, Time Warner, the Mary Pickford Foundation, Bright Lights Film Journal, and other outlets.

Bright Lights Film Journal
Eighty Years of A Star Is Born: An Actress Evaluates a Classic - Bright Lights Film Journal

Today, Cukor's musical version is regarded as a classic, and, due to Garland's spectacular comeback performance, it has even eclipsed the original. Yet I prefer the 1937 version, primarily because Garland's Esther is fundamentally different than Gaynor's. She seems content singing in nightclubs until Norman convinces her to pursue movie stardom.

Natalie Fragrance
The Story Of Natalie Wood | Actress, Mother & Hollywood Icon | Natalie Fragrance

It all started when five-year-old Natasha Nikolaevna Gurdin (née Zacharenko), the daughter of Russian immigrants, first stepped in front of a movie camera in 1943. The film was Happy Land, the director was Irving Pichel, and the rest was history. Hollywood re-christened her Natalie Wood, and she became a beloved child star in classics like Miracle on 34th Street.

Reflections on a Legendary Life
Becoming Natalie

By contributing author Sloan De Forest

Marilyn: In The Flash

One of the most publicized actresses of her time, Marilyn actively sought out the press-which included the famous journalists and columnists Walter Winchell, Edward R. Murrow, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Earl Wilson, Pete Martin, Sidney Skolsky, Elsa Maxwell, and Dorothy Kilgallen. It was a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted her entire career.

Mary Pickford Foundation
Stories From The Scrapbooks Archives - Mary Pickford Foundation

by Sloan De Forest After careful examination of the 77 Mary Pickford scrapbooks housed at the Academy's Margaret Herrick Library and the dozen owned by the Mary Pickford Foundation, the MPF has collected countless stories about Mary's life.

Fellini: The Sixties
Turner Classic Movies -

FELLINI: The Sixties is a stunning photographic journey through the director's most iconic classics: La Dolce Vita,8½, Juliet of the Spirits, and Fellini Satyricon. Carefully selected imagery from the Independent Visions photographic archive, many published here for the first time, illuminate these films as they have never been seen before, and reveal fascinating details of the director's working style and ebullient personality. With more than 150 photographs struck from original negatives,...

Thought Catalog
In Defense Of Negative Thoughts: Why The Secret Doesn't Work

Ever since the questionable self-help book and video The Secret first generated a buzz in 2006, practitioners of the Law of Attraction seem to be everywhere. Over the past few years I have encountered more believers than ever, partly because I now live in Los Angeles, a city with a reputation for fostering unrealistic dreams and beliefs (Scientology, anyone?).

Mary Pickford Foundation
100% Talking: Mary, Coquette and the Oscar - Mary Pickford Foundation

One of the best-documented films among the pages of Mary Pickford scrapbooks and press clippings is Coquette, notable for being her first talking picture and earning her the Academy Award as 1929's best actress. After co-founding the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in 1927, Pickford set out to win one of the coveted ...