Sabine Kortals Stein

writer, editor, communications strategist

United States

As Director of Communications for the CU Boulder College of Music (since 2021) and Principal of SabineInk, LLC (2012-2022), I like to think I have a way with words. I love the written word, the spoken word...and that well-chosen words can conjure an image or an emotion, create buzz and inspire action.

As a communications strategist, I develop and disseminate print and digital communications for internal and external audiences. As a storyteller and ghostwriter, I create impactful content that engages and persuades diverse audiences, and grows brand reputation and value.

Formerly a freelance journalist, my writing credits further include hundreds of feature articles and classical music reviews (e.g., Colorado Public Radio, Denver Business Journal, The Denver Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The Aspen Times, Architecture & Design of the West, Women’s Magazine, Woman ChangeMAKER, Daily Camera and other publications).


music reviews + features + program notes

The Denver Post
Sabine Kortals

For more than a decade, wrote hundreds of classical music reviews and features to expand statewide arts coverage.


Artmosphere (The Denver Post) provides quick hits of news, reviews, and analysis on Denver and Colorado fine arts, including theater, film, photography, architecture, painting, museums, literature and art exhibits.

Colorado Public Radio
CU Boulder Pianist Makes Notable Musical Discovery

It's always exciting when archeologists make a new discovery. Arguably even more exciting - and certainly more rare - is the "discovery" of an unduly modest, but laudable, composer. While researching the collection of Catalan pianist Ricardo Viñes' scores at the University of Colorado, pianist David Korevaar came across a primitively bound collection called "Nine Little Poems" by a composer he'd never heard of: Luigi Perrachio.

Colorado Public Radio
Meet Ray White, Our New Afternoon Host At CPR Classical

For Ray White, music is the axis of his career - and his life. "I've always been attracted to music," says the new host at CPR Classical. "My mom loved classical music and my dad was a jazz lover, so there was always music in the house. "Mom was the romantic.

CU Boulder College of Music faculty, alumni + supporter spotlights

College of Music
Gaudeamus Award winner challenges status quo

Assistant Professor of Composition and Pendulum New Music Director Annika Socolofsky is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Gaudeamus Award. Specifically, the 31-year-old was awarded a 5,000 euro commission and an instrument/sculpture named Inner Voice Amplifier, designed by visual artist Nuni Weisz.

College of Music
Supporter spotlight: Barry and Sue Baer

Barry and Sue Baer met at CU Boulder in 1964, married in Los Angeles in 1966 and returned to Boulder in 1971 to attend graduate school. Having lived all over the world since then, the Baers-loyal donors of the College of Music for more than a decade, including a generous gift of $100,000 to establish the Baer Teaching Assistants' Office in the expanded Imig Music Building-nevertheless always maintained a strong connection to the university.

College of Music
Legendary scientist, lover of music

For William A. Weber-a renowned botanist and CU Boulder professor emeritus who passed away on March 18, 2020, at the age of 101-his early exposure to music was people singing on the streets of the Bronx.

College of Music
Alumni spotlight: Sarah Off

For Sarah Off (BM '10), good music and doing good are all in a day's work. Since earning her undergraduate degree in violin performance at the CU Boulder College of Music-studying with Lina Bahn and Judith Ingolfsson-Off continued her academic pursuits at Arizona State University, earning master's and doctorate degrees in violin performance.

College of Music
"Be diverse in your field": Neal Postma

For South Carolina-based music educator and saxophonist Neal Postma (BM '10), one might say his undergraduate stint at the College of Music launched both his professional pursuits and helped shape his personal priorities.

College of Music
'Collaboration makes all the sense in the world': Susan Olenwine

"The great thing about the College of Music is that it nurtures the idea of many possibilities within the field of music," says Susan Olenwine (MM '09), a Boulder-based freelance collaborative pianist, teacher and coach who also earned bachelor's and master's degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and an MBA from the University of New Haven.

College of Music
"A grander context": Thomas Verrier

"My time at CU Boulder was so important in shaping the direction I've taken in my career," says Tom Verrier (DMA '98), associate professor and director of wind studies at Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music. "The vibe of the whole university and my work with various faculty-Allan McMurray, in particular-put what I do in a grander context.

College of Music
Breadth of experience: Kristin Gornstein

For mezzo soprano Kristin Gornstein (MM '08), studying voice performance at CU Boulder's College of Music was a time of growth as a singer and actor. "I came to the College of Music for the opera experience," says Gornstein (left, credit Jessica Osber), praised as "a fine actress with a deep, spacious sound" (Parterre).

College of Music
Ready for anything: Maureen Bailey

"After graduating from the College of Music, I got into a life-threatening car accident," says Maureen (Mo) Bailey (MM '18). "That experience flipped my whole life perspective on its head." For the vocal performance major, that meant taking a break from music-only to find her way back to it, full throttle.

College of Music
Carrying the standard of excellence: Claire Glover

For Claire Glover (BME '17)-recipient of the Colorado Music Educator Association's 2020 Young Music Educator Award-the mentorship she received at the College of Music is key to her success. "I have an amazing job," says Glover, director of bands at Mountain Ridge Middle School (MRMS) in Colorado Springs and president/concert band coordinator of the Pikes Peak Middle School Honor Band.

College of Music
When computers meet music: Alumnus Michael Musick

Among the founding members of the College of Music National Alumni Council (COMNAC), Michael Musick is a media artist, creative technologist, composer, performer and improviser who's also keeping busy as Assistant Professor of Media Arts at the University of Montana.

College of Music
Alumni spotlight: Ben Pollack

"Teaching music is the most important thing I do," says Ben Pollack (BME '14). "It has to matter every day." This month, Pollack-a 26-year-old music teacher with the Huerfano School District RE-1 in Walsenburg, Colorado-will be honored as Young Teacher of the Year at the Colorado Music Educators' Association (CMEA) Conference.

College of Music
Giving through music: Alumnus Larry Stoffel

For Larry Stoffel (MM '90), annual concerts for those incarcerated in state prisons are rooted in mercy, compassion and charity. "Prison concerts have been an incredible experience for my students," says Stoffel (left), professor of music and director of bands at California State University, Northridge.

publications + reports + brochures

College of Music
Colorado Music Magazine 2020

Read the digital edition of the College of Music's special Centennial edition of its alumni magazine.

Community Foundation Boulder County
2019 Boulder County TRENDS Report

Since 1996, the biennial TRENDS Report on key indicators has informed and engaged Boulder County residents and civic leaders on the community’s most pressing needs.

International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) articles

iac Berlin | Bosch Alumni Network
Life in Lockdown: COVID, Culture and the Digital Deficit

As lockdowns and other restrictions ease and arts organizations begin to open up next year, there is much more conversation to be had," says Sara Sherwood. It's no secret that - along with tourism - the cultural and creative sectors are among the most affected by the global COVID crisis, with venue-based presenters, such as museums, live music, festivals and the like being the hardest hit.

iac Berlin | Bosch Alumni Network
Report on the Gender Alliance Summit 2020

Through the uniqueness of the Gender Alliance, we're creating the framework and structures that will allow us to continue to learn together, to support one another's work, to share resources and successes, and to inspire others to join us in promoting on gender equity.

Community Foundation Boulder County blogs

Community Foundation Boulder County
What, exactly, is a community foundation?

First, an historical perspective: the first community foundation was established in 1914 by banker Frederic Goff who realized the value of creating a permanent endowment that would benefit residents of Cleveland for generations to come. Closer to home, The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County is celebrating a quarter century of inspired action to improve the lives of everybody who calls our community "home."

Community Foundation Boulder County
On our environment: Sue Anderson

"Climate change is daily, headline news - more than ever, we really need to think about how to reverse course for our planet. To do that, it takes not only political will, it takes philanthropists coming together to change the trajectory, and to pool and leverage their resources where they're most needed."

Community Foundation Boulder County
Up Close: The Veteran Experience in Boulder County

Last night, in an intimate setting at Community Foundation Boulder County, a panel of local veterans and leaders of veteran programs engrossed a standing-room only audience with their personal experiences in the military, and their insights on the challenges and opportunities of vets' reentry into civilian life.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Grantee Spotlight: NAACP Boulder County Branch

On Jan. 18, "Why We Can't Wait!" - a countywide virtual event - features local choirs, a school jazz band and a school orchestra, as well as Memphis musician and artist Jacki Reddick, Denver poet and storyteller Kerrie Joy, a tribute to sculptor and author Edward Joseph Dwight, Jr., a preview of the Wither's Photography Collection from the Wither's Museum, and much more.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Grantee Spotlight: Center for People With Disabilities

The Center for People With Disabilities (CPWD) - a grantee of your Community Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County - quickly and nimbly shifted its independent living services in response to the pandemic, in order to continue serving community members living with disabilities.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Grantee Spotlight: Community Food Share

Even while there are many aspects of the effects of COVID-19 that are still being figured out, our goal remains to be prepared for an influx of people requiring food services because of cliffs and key moments like the one we're in. As a community, we need to be poised to get even more food out.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Community Partner Spotlight: A Spice of Life

For A Spice of Life - a longtime partner of your Community Foundation - giving back is a matter of common sense. "Our owners David Rubin and Dan Bruckner have always believed that being active in our community is an important factor in running a successful business," says Blaire Segal, marketing and office manager of the Front Range catering and events organization.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Grantee Spotlight: Salud Family Health Centers

"With so many changes to our delivery model and to the stackable lines of defense, Salud has invested Community Foundation funding toward patient and health worker safety, including PPE such as gowns, face shields, masks, and protective barriers at the front desk."

Community Foundation Boulder County
It's a wrap: Leadership Fellows class of 2020 celebrates diversity, fosters confidence

"Given the strong tradition of our program's focus on inclusive leadership - and the experience of working to address equity concerns that many of our Fellows brought to the table - it was particularly heartening that this Leadership Fellows class was prepared to give heightened focus to creating a more inclusive, just, and equitable society in the wake of local and national attention in these areas."

Community Foundation Boulder County
Leadership Fellows diversify passions and perspectives

Shifting demographics and increasing cultural diversity in Boulder County call for resident leadership that responds to - and anticipates - the needs and opportunities of our changing communities. Leadership Fellows Boulder County - a joint leadership development and networking program of the Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber - represents our long-standing commitment to leadership development right here at home.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Leadership Fellows keep an eye on equity

Anticipating and responding to shifting demographics and increasing cultural diversity in our community, Leadership Fellows Boulder County - a joint leadership development and networking program of the Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber - offers emerging leaders a broad-based overview of Boulder County's economic, civic, and cultural drivers.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Leadership Fellows Spotlight: Jennifer Diaz-Leon

"Leadership Fellows reminds us that none of us work alone, and the work that everyone is doing to improve the quality of life in Boulder is important. That realization was inspiring to me, and makes me want to do even more in my community."

Community Foundation Boulder County
Leadership Fellows Spotlight: Carmen Cool

"I've always been interested in inclusive and transformational leadership," says Carmen Cool, an alumna of Leadership Fellows Boulder County, class of 2010-2011. "I'm more of a quiet, introverted, behind-the-scenes kind of leader," continues the psychotherapist, certified Hakomi therapist, educator, speaker, and activist who moved here from Ohio more than two decades ago.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Leadership Fellows Spotlight: Rose Hopman

"Looking back, I think about how I would listen to all these interesting speakers and then come back to work, so excited to share what I'd learned," says Rose Hopman, reflecting on her participation in Leadership Fellows Boulder County, a joint leadership development and networking program of the Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Planned Giving spotlight: Dee and Scott Andrews

Dee Andrews' association with the Community Foundation is both broad and deep - she worked for the foundation at one point, and currently serves on our Board of Trustees. As for her husband, Scott, he grew up in Boulder and became aware of the foundation early on, thanks to his parents' emphasis on giving back and making a difference in the community.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Fundholder Spotlight: Wagers family

"We were looking for a way to give back over the long-term that would also engage our kids," says Ken Wagers, who - along with his wife, Tina - have held a Donor-Advised Fund at the Community Foundation for nearly 15 years.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor-Advised Funds: the Community Foundation advantage

Some Washington lawmakers have proposed changing U.S. tax laws to require Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) to grant at least 10% of their corpus annually, according to the Council on Foundations. This would not impact most fundholders at Community Foundation Boulder County, where payout rates already average closer to 20%.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor-Advised Fund Spotlight: Jim and Edie Hooton

According to the National Philanthropic Trust, the Donor-Advised Fund "juggernaut" continued to set records in 2018. Assets destined for charitable grantmaking in all DAFs surpassed the $100B-mark for the first time in 2017, the latest period for which data are available.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor-Advised Fundholder Spotlight: Joe Jonikas

Sometimes, the name says it all: Margaret's Hope Fund not only brought hope and meaning to its namesake, the late Margaret Jonikas, while she was alive; the Donor-Advised Fund established at the Community Foundation continues to inspire hope in her memory today.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor-Advised Fundholder Spotlight: Tom Hornbein

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Thomas (Tom) Hornbein attended camp near Estes Park at age 13. It was there that he discovered mountains, which he counts as the major pivotal event of his life.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor Spotlight: Sarah and Erik Cumming

By Sabine Kortals Stein "Making a difference in your community isn't just in the realm of the elite," says Boulderite Sarah Cumming, who donated her government stimulus check to Community Foundation Boulder County. "My husband, Erik, and I are fortunate to still be employed. We haven't taken a huge financial hit like so many others have.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor Spotlight: Cherry-Rose Anderson and Aaron Brockett

To say that Cherry-Rose Anderson and Aaron Brockett care deeply about our community is an understatement. Cherry serves as treasurer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Boulder County; and Aaron is a member of Boulder's City Council.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Donor Spotlight: Hendricks Family

"I wanted to help during COVID-19, but I didn't want to do all the research on which local organizations needed the most support," says Jan, also noting that she plans to establish a Donor-Advised Fund at your Community Foundation next year.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Business Donor Spotlight: Hutchinson Black and Cook, LLC

At Hutchinson Black and Cook, LLC - a local law firm serving the Front Range - a tradition of service prioritizes individualized attention and quality legal work, as well as a strong spirit of philanthropy.

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County blogs + report-outs

Social Venture Partners
Local nonprofit merger a win-win

Pre-COVID, a study reported on by the Stanford Social Innovation Review uncovered what drives successful mergers, suggesting that more nonprofits should consider mergers as a useful tool to increase impact.

Social Venture Partners
SVP Boulder County celebrates 20 years' community impact

Today, we're looking back on the far-reaching impact of Catapult, our longest running program. Through multi-year Catapult investments, local nonprofits benefit from SVP's pro-bono business consulting services designed to strengthen organizations from the inside out.

SVP Boulder County
Social Venture Partners Boulder County: Getting to 20

"As Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County celebrates 20 years of philanthropic changemaking countywide, we find ourselves in a notably new landscape of shifting community needs and dynamic opportunities for local engagement among SVP Partners, staff, and nonprofits."

Social Venture Partners
KGNU Community Radio deepens community impact

Today we're pleased to announce the successful completion of our multi-year Catapult investment in KGNU Community Radio. "In our relationship with SVP, we grew as an organization in several important ways," says Tim Russo, KGNU Station Manager.

Social Venture Partners
"I Have A Dream" Foundation Boulder County celebrates 30th anniversary

Empowering local children from low-income communities to succeed in school, college, and their careers, the "I Have A Dream" Foundation Boulder Count y (IHDF) has reason to celebrate. "We've seen a huge ramp-up and lots of growth in recent years," says Development Director Danielle Staunton, noting that IHDF follows a holistic, long-term model working with students as young as 1st grade.

Social Venture Partners
Humane Society of Boulder Valley benefits from SVP Tech Team

According to Jan McHugh-Smith - CEO of Humane Society of Boulder Valley - the more she learned about how SVP Boulder County supports and advances local nonprofits, the more she realized her own organization needed help. "One issue that kept recurring in our strategic planning was technology," she recalls.

Social Venture Partners
Catapult Spotlight: Longmont Community Justice Partnership

As we navigate historic change and upheaval - the COVID-19 pandemic plus a widespread mandate for social justice - nonprofits and community organizations are increasingly prioritizing diversity and promoting equity. Among them, the Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP) is ahead of its time...

Social Venture Partners
Nonprofit Spotlight: Audio Information Network of Colorado

"We enable folks who are visually impaired - or have other difficulties reading - to connect to their communities," says Kim Wardlow, Executive Director of the Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC). "We bring print to life through free access to audio broadcasting..."

Social Venture Partners
Invested Leaders Spotlight: Bill Goodwin

"There were many similarities among us, including a shared commitment to become more effective through professional development. Perhaps most interesting and beneficial to me were our discussions about how to remain accountable to our missions."

Social Venture Partners
Molly Ganley: on being an Adjunct Partner

You may not think you have skills or experiences that are useful in the nonprofit sector, but chances are you do. You might be surprised how applicable your skills are to our community-serving organizations.

Social Venture Partners
New Partner Spotlight: Karin Lindgren

For Karin Lindgren of LindgrenLaw Group - a woman-owned healthcare technology law practice and consulting firm - a spirit of entrepreneurship and volunteerism have long complemented an impressive, wide-ranging career focused on the business of health IT.

Social Venture Partners
New Partner Spotlight: Jennifer Kronenberg

For Jennifer Kronenberg, getting involved with SVP Boulder County aligns with her desire to make a difference in our community by applying her 20 years' experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, and coaching to the local nonprofit sector.

Social Venture Partners
New Partner Spotlight: Barbara Randell

Denverite Barbara Randell - an active participant in the nonprofit sector there - is looking forward to expanding her nonprofit engagement up the road, in neighboring Boulder County.

Social Venture Partners
New Partner Spotlight: Sarah Rimmel

Sarah Rimmel is all about building a more socially just world through integrative coaching focused on diversity, equity, and what she calls heart-centered culture.

Social Venture Partners
SVP Partner Spotlight: David Bachrach

For David Bachrach, being involved with SVP Boulder County means coming full circle. Introduced to Community Food Share while serving on an SVP Boulder County committee, Bachrach has since volunteered and donated to the local nonprofit, which aims to eliminate hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Woman ChangeMAKER eZine

Woman ChangeMAKER
Zoe Pacciani (Bridges to Prosperity) on self-reliance

"As much as I value independence, I also value interdependence. There’s no single way to solve a problem – our way of mixing mortar may be different than that of a rural villager somewhere else in the world. But that doesn’t mean our way is better. It’s just different."

Woman ChangeMAKER
Zoe Weil (Institute for Humane Education) on education and empathy

"Too few educators teach about the interconnected problems of human oppression, consumerism, animal abuse and environmental destruction. To solve global, systemic problems and create a more peaceful, humane world, the humane education movement encourages all teachers to be humane educators which, in turn, exposes all kids to humane education."

Woman ChangeMAKER
Amanda Klekowski Von Koppenfels (author, lecturer) on migration

"I believe really strongly that I’m training people to make a difference in the field of migration. A lot of people come out of undergrad with a passion for migration, or they’ve been in the field and they want to put their practical knowledge in a theoretical framework."

Woman ChangeMAKER
Macdella Cooper (philanthropist, inspirational speaker) on finding your calling

"Unfortunately, foreign aid is crippling our society, and keeping the people of Africa on the sidelines – instead of engaging them as participants in making decisions for their own lives – is part of the problem. Far better to educate people and train them, and provide them the knowledge and skills to develop themselves."

misc. features

The Christian Science Monitor
Seniors still take a bite out of the Big Apple

Although he's retired, Al Donius can't imagine living anywhere except New York City. Yes, he's well aware how expensive it is to live in Manhattan, but he has no dreams of a quiet Sunbelt retirement. Instead, he - like many other retirees who think the same way - is too busy taking advantage of the Big Apple's cultural offerings.

Denver Business Journal
Competition can't parrot popular restaurant - Denver Business Journal

Buoyed by its reputation as a landmark institution in the heart of Louisville, the Blue Parrot has kept time with the city's economic boom. "I've been coming here to eat about three times a week for the last 40 years," said Max L. Bailey, a longtime Blue Parrot customer.

Caring for Colorado oral health blogs

Caring for Colorado
The Role of RDHs in Workforce Innovation

Colorado HouseBill 15-1309 supports the SMILES Dental Project® model by allowing RDHs to place Interim Therapeutic Restorations (ITRs) under the supervision of a dentist via telehealth. That’s an important step toward expanding dental hygienists’ scope of practice, and building greater awareness and trust in their education – and in their ability to contribute to more innovation in the way we deliver care.

Caring for Colorado
RDH Spotlight: Crystal Mecham

"The passage of the ITR bill in Colorado is a huge victory for expanding oral health in Colorado – a victory that makes sense. What’s challenging, though, is change itself – especially in the field of healthcare, both medical and dental. But when you’re open-minded, and when you do your research, it’s easy to conclude that expanding the role of dental hygienists is really going to benefit patients who receive care at extended sites in community settings..."

Caring for Colorado
Grantee spotlight: Dental Aid, Inc.

"We’re focused on identifying and treating disease at new sites that will become dental homes where we can eventually go beyond disease and pain management to fostering health management."

Caring for Colorado
Virtual Dental Homes: What's at Stake?

In oral health, the emerging Virtual Dental Home system of care (known as the SMILES Dental Project, here in Colorado) for vulnerable and underserved populations emphasizes prevention and early intervention, and integrates new approaches and technologies.

Caring for Colorado
Virtual Dental Homes: Myths & Facts

While some Medicaid patients may be more medically complex than other patients, and perhaps require more administrative oversight, dentists have the freedom to identify a cap for their practice that takes into account their unique earnings goals, the number of hours they want to work, and their own personal motivation to serve vulnerable communities.

thought leader ghostwriting

College of Music
Building blocks of human betterment

"While there's no playbook for the unprecedented and the unknowable, by channeling collective despair into collective creativity, we become artistic entrepreneurs, contributing to society in impactful ways." In this year-end reflection on triumphs over turmoils, Dean Davis offers his perspective on music as essential to human betterment.

College of Music
Ambition + anchorage

In this edition of our monthly Dean's Downbeat, John Davis reflects on our students' successes, introduces new violin faculty-welcome, Alex Gonzalez!-and celebrates Susan Thomas' BFA Excellence Award. Transcending pandemic burnout, "our faculty offer anchorage through their teaching excellence, and their wonderfully consistent artistic achievements as performers, composers and researchers," he writes.

College of Music
Remembrance, resilience + forging our future

"Even as we bear witness to loss and unknowable challenges with compassion and care, I see us rebounding with resilience again and again-undeterred in our shared quest for excellence, dogged in our pursuit to inform and influence what it means to be a successful, fulfilled creative artist in an increasingly diverse and interdisciplinary musical landscape."

College of Music
"Holding space" for a culture of belonging

As 2021 comes to a close and I reflect on my first year as Dean, I'm filled with gratitude for our College of Music family and all we've accomplished in a new and evolving hybrid learning environment. I'm especially proud of our progress to ensure an increasingly welcoming spirit within our beautifully expanded Imig Music Building.

College of Music
Innovation + inclusivity

At the College of Music, we're working to ignite innovation in our programs and activities to attract and retain the next generation of artists and audiences.

College of Music
Enhanced education through interdisciplinary micro credentialing

"The way I see it, the College of Music is an innovation lab with endless potential for defining and redefining what it means to be an artist in a dynamic global environment. By developing an interdisciplinary micro credentialing program, my vision is to model an educational experience in which recognized mastery of varied competencies prepares our students for flexible, individualized careers."

Boulder Daily Camera
Guest Opinion: John S. Davis: CU's music building is something to sing about

"We are home." That's how doctoral student Raul Dominguez describes the spirit and function of the newly opened, 64,000-square-foot expansion of the CU Boulder College of Music's Imig Music Building. I couldn't agree more. In addition to imparting a more welcoming sense of place and belonging, our $57 million expansion enhances the college's standing as a national leader in comprehensive music education, performance, composition and research.

College of Music
Developing the universal musician

In this monthly briefing from Dean Davis, learn his perspective on the future of artistry at the College of Music-thanks, in part, to the features and functionality of the expanded Imig Music Building-as well as his vision for developing the "universal musician."

College of Music
Dean's Downbeat

In this edition of Dean's Downbeat, learn how the College of Music has channeled change into progress; the work of the college's DEI task forces and how to contribute your input; what we're looking forward to this Fall; and our excitement for a new chapter of in-person music-making.

College of Music
Dean's Downbeat

In this inaugural edition of Dean's Downbeat, a new monthly briefing from Dean Davis, learn the latest about the College of Music's exciting plans for fall; our deepening focus on diversity, equity and inclusion; and our responsiveness to the campus-wide call for a common curriculum.

College of Music
The future, faster

Happy New Year and welcome back, all College of Music students, faculty, staff and community members! Spring semester is fully underway and fully remote as we continue our commitment to being a COVID-19-aware college and campus. While we're entirely online for the first month of this semester, we look forward to resuming mixed mode instruction next month.

Community Foundation Boulder County
Note from the Chair: David Brantz on foundation transparency...and why it matters

Ghostwritten thought leadership spotlight: We recently explored what it means to be a community foundation, bringing together community-minded individuals, families, businesses and institutions to make a difference in Boulder County. This month - my first as The Community Foundation's new Board Chair - I'd like to go deeper, exploring what it means to be transparent in the ways we operate and respond to the needs of our community.

Community Foundation Boulder County
"Change, not charity"

Ghostwritten thought leadership spotlight: At a time when federal budget cuts threaten programs and initiatives that support our socially and economically disadvantaged neighbors - and that jeopardize health and human services, education, scientific research, the environment, the arts and more - it's especially important for Boulder County residents to come together, to prevent any potential negative impacts right here at home.


Community Foundation Boulder County
Affordable housing: a community priority

Edited brief outtakes like this one from long-form video conversations with community leaders. In this clip from an interview with Boulder County Housing and Human Services Director Frank Alexander, he describes the reasons why many of our community members have had to leave our county … and what we all lose as a result of that.

public awareness campaign

Brush With Me, a multi-year, bilingual oral health education campaign
Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation

The Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation hired SabineInk to launch and manage a public awareness campaign that included advertising, events, media relations, partnerships and parent education.

book editing

Pathfinder Solutions
Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference

Compassionate Careers shares influencer insights into meaningful jobs in cause-focused organizations. An inspirational guide to finding purpose-driven work including stories from people of all walks of life (e.g., Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall and Dave Matthews, and many more).


Denver Woman's Press Club
stop trying

First Prize poem reflecting on travels to Ghana.

SabineInk, LLC
pauses, prayers

Reflections on travels to Uganda, Rwanda.