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Lone Conservative
Planned Parenthood Opens Facility in IL, Pregnancy Center Moves Next Door | Lone Conservative

When a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility recently opened their doors in Flossmoor, IL, Kris Cortes and her husband, Dennis, were determined to find a peaceful solution to combat the nation's largest abortion provider . Banding with a group of fellow pro-lifers in the Cortes' living room, they formed what would be known as the Southland Coalition for Life .

the Rogue Review
The Pro-Life Movement is Taking Over Times Square

NYC - At the very center of New York City, pro-life groups are working tirelessly to promote their cause. Their actions are motivated by a radical pro-abortion bill signed by Andrew Cuomo that allows third-trimester abortions and strips away protections for babies who survive botched abortions by rescinding a portion of New York's Public Health Law.

the Rogue Review
Botched Late-Term Abortion Leaves Woman to Die in a Taxi

Despite heavy vomiting and swaying, a woman was discharged from an abortion clinic following a late-term abortion procedure, leading to her death. Aisha Chithira was 22 weeks pregnant when she traveled from Ireland to the Marie Stopes Clinic in Ealing for an abortion.

Lone Conservative
Florida House Passes Bill Requiring Parental Consent for Minors' Abortions | Lone Conservative

State representatives in Florida recently passed House Bill 1335 , legislation that would require a pregnant minor to obtain parental consent before she can have an abortion. The bill will strengthen protections for girls under the age of eighteen, as well as their babies, by requiring parents to be notified if the girl is contemplating having an abortion.

Lone Conservative
Late-Term Abortion Bill Defeated: Virginia Pregnancy Center Vandalized | Lone Conservative

Mere days after the Virginia House of Delegates defeated a bill allowing abortions up until the late stages of labor, a pro-life pregnancy help center was vandalized on Friday, 2/1/19. The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia is a Christian non-profit center that helps women facing unplanned pregnancies by offering ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, pregnancy support, and post-abortive counseling.