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Sarah Cusick Kalajian

Writer & Editor

Fastidious Tech & Content Writer. Enthusiastic Collaborator. Ambitious Self-Starter. Reluctant Hashtagger. StrengthFinders: Intellection, Ideation, Input, Individualization & Connectedness. ISAT: Contemplator

Facilities Renovation | Dunwoody College of Technology

Credo designed an upgraded, renovated gymnasium space, Welcome Center, Admissions Offices, and student gathering spaces for our partners at Dunwoody College of Technology. Check out the video and pictures of the completed project, focused on student success, learning, and inclusivity.

How to Treat Bruxism

In a recent blog, we talked about some of the potential symptoms of bruxism, the often painful grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw. Here I would like to provide some potential treatment options for those suffering from this condition that can cause headaches, jaw pain, sensitive teeth, or broken dental work.

Resource Guide: How To Plan College & University Spaces for the Future

We often encounter (some variation of) the question: how can college and university campuses plan for and prepare the spaces they will need 10 years from now? This article, " The Challenge of Making Buildings Flexible: How to Create Campuses That Adapt to Changing Needs," grabbed our attention as a possible way to begin to address to this question.

Great Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

If you're excited to spend the warmer months outside this spring and summer, entertaining, gardening, playing games, or just relaxing, a well constructed outdoor living space is crucial for optimizing your time, comfort, and level of enjoyment. An outdoor living space can take your backyard from good to great, enhancing the value of your home, and providing hours of fun, excitement, and relaxation.

What is Soda's Effect on Your Teeth?

Did you know that each time you take a sip of a soft drink or other sugary beverage, the sugar in the cold, sweet liquid attaches itself to the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth and produces an acid?

Best Flowers to Plant for Summer in North Carolina

Now is the time to start planning the beautiful blooms you want to see flowering this summer in your garden. Your yard, flower beds, window boxes, planters, and pots can all be filled with an amazing, vibrant assortment of colors and textures, and we have some spectacular recommendations for you in both annuals and perennials.

Growing a Campus | Alvernia University

The Campus Master Plan at Alvernia University reflects the built and natural environment of the strategic priorities embraced by the campus community. An arrival and welcome experience invites students, faculty, and guests into the academic life of Alvernia University. Classroom learning environments are supported by a learning commons and student center in the delivery of an excellent living and learning program.

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