Samantha Smith

Public Relations, Advertising, and Communications Professional

Location icon United States of America

Samantha is an alumna of Rowan University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising. She has several years of industry experience at a variety of organizations, paid internships, freelance opportunities, and volunteer work. She has a passion for writing, publication layout, graphic design, and social media/web marketing. She currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Ensuring the Cyber-Security of Your Business

Cyber-security has become a huge concern for businesses today. More and more organizations are falling victim to cyber-attacks due to improper handling and storage of sensitive data as well as lower security precautions. Our modern dependence on the convenience and connectedness that technology allows has made organizations more vulnerable to security risks.

3 Ways Contract Management Software Can Help Improve Compliance

Unethical or disorganized business practices can cost a company thousands in lost revenue, litigation, and irreparable reputation damage. The vast majority (more than 80%) of transactions are tied to a contract . A contract mishap can change a company's direction or strategy, or even grind business to a halt .

Trade Show Banners

Banners created for CobbleStone Systems to be used at trade shows

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Stay Organized and Informed with Custom Dashboards

Keeping track of your important milestones can be a hassle. Even the most seasoned professional can end up drowning in a sea of deliverables, due dates, and correspondence. What if there was a way to store all your important information neatly in one place?

The Heavenly Treasures Blog - Charm Bracelets: The Perfect Gift

Charm bracelets are a classic trend that dates back to the prehistoric period. They were traditionally used as a means of identification and to provide good luck. Early charm bracelets were made from shells, animal bones, clay, and other natural materials. They evolved over time and became one of the more popular jewelry trends.

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