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Susan Jacobs

Writer | Storyteller | World Traveler

Location icon United States of America

Giving voice to things that matter, raising awareness, and expanding perspectives is the heart and soul of who I am and what I do.

I'm filled with an insatiable curiosity for life off-the-beaten-path and love to share stories of the unheard voices I find along the way.


Travel Adventures

Why I Was Buried in 104 Degree Sand in Porto Santo, Portugal

There was no foreplay here; it was immediately down to business. "First, we take your blood pressure and you drink water," the therapist said in mix of broken English and Portuguese as she handed me a glass, wrapped me in the blood pressure sleeve, and started pumping until my arm was about to explode from the pressure.

Regatta de Catamarans-Riding the Wind at the Extreme Sailing Series

When I found myself surrounded by some of the best sailors in the world, I pinched myself in disbelief. As a New Yorker, and a non-sailor, it was a rather strange place to land. But an invitation from a friend introduced me to the Extreme Sailing Series regatta, which I got to experience first-hand during racing events in Madeira, Portugal and Cardiff, Wales.

Pink Pangea: The Community of Women who Love to Travel
Madeira: Losing Control on the Back of a Harley in Madeira

True confession: I possess a lingering fantasy that involves a motorcycle, the ultimate he-man driver, and me on the back, arms wrapped tightly around his waist. The scene includes speed and danger, which he skillfully navigates as we challenge the odds. Born and raised in New York City, however, motorcycles have never been part of my life.

The Magic of Happenstance... Madeira, Portugal, Part 1

Happenstance landed me in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal during the Extreme Sailing Series, a Catamaran race that tours the world over the course of 10 months. No, I'm not a sailor, nor did I know anything about sailing other than the fantasy images in my head of cocktail sipping, Docksider wearing glamorous rich people relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea, intercut with horror images from films like The Perfect Storm and The Guardian.

The Ultimate Surrender on a Catamaran, Madeira, Portugal - Part 2

Imagine my surprise being invited to experience the Extreme Sailing Series Catamaran Regatta in Madeira, Portugal, knowing absolutely nothing about sailing. But there I found myself, surrounded by the manliest of men from around the globe, the cream of the crop, world-class Olympic athletes... sailors.

Identity Magazine
How I Discovered my Identity in Haiti * Identity Magazine

Having walked away from a successful career in entertainment public relations and marketing, and needing a time-out to reassess her life, following a two month trip to Ghana, West Africa, Susan Jacobs found herself in Haiti. On February 7, 2016, the official 5-year presidential term of Michael Martelly came to an end, leaving the country with what will become yet again, another interim government.

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