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I’m Sirita Wright, a Washington DC-based writer and digital strategist who loves nothing more than crafting brand stories that enrich the soul.

I help industry leaders and small businesses position themselves to attract paying clients and lucrative opportunities through strategic planning and content creation.

I’m equally passionate about educating business owners on personal branding, productivity, and online business strategy through my content.

So if you need an experienced writer to help you define your brand voice, I’m here to support you, help you dive deep, and grow your digital influence!



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6 Habits of Stylish Women

Creating A Style All Your Own When I was a child there was nothing I loved more than playing dress up. By the time I got to high school I was keeping notebooks full of my daily outfits in an attempt to not wear the same thing 2x in a month.

5 Apps Everyone's Little Sister Should Have - 👑👩🏾‍💻✨

Girls in STEM, Girls Who Code, Girls Girls Girls...some of our girls don't know the basics. It was with this thought in mind and recalling stories from my own 9th grade sister - I started thinking: What are some basic apps I WISH my sister had on her Smartphone?

Black Enterprise
The Best Grown Up Lunch Boxes You'll Want to Bring to Work

Most people know the benefits of bringing your lunch to work. We've read numerous reports about how bringing your lunch to work is not only healthier but also more economical. A 2012 report cited that the average American worker spends almost $15 per week on coffee.

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Success Strategies of Josephine Baker

Talented, beautiful, entertaining and inspiring. Those are just a few words used to describe all around entertainer Josephine Baker. But did you know the NAACP named May 20th after the performer? Josephine Baker worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to improve race relations by participating ...

Digital Marketing

How To Build Your Cannabis Brand Using Instagram

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I were a social networking platform I'd be Instagram. EstroHaze has been able to build a robust cannabis brand leveraging the platform. Our goal using Instagram has always been to provide value via educational, and informative content.

What You Should Post on Snapchat as a Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Snapchat, the shiny social media platform, has consumers and marketers itching to exploit it. Don't get me wrong: As a digital marketer, I understand the need to test-drive the latest in social media offerings, and Snapchat is one of the platforms I have been eyeing closely and playing around with.

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3 Smart Ways to Profit with Periscope

Where there's an Internet connection, trust there's a Periscope livestream going up... not necessarily on a Tuesday, but I digress. Earlier this year Periscope revealed that over 200 million broadcast had been created since their launch March 2015. Since that time, Periscope has seen a variety ...

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How To Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Facebook Plugins

If you're looking to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty, Facebook plugins are for you! Facebook is constantly updating their algorithms, this we know. But they also keep their sharing and insight plugins up to snuff.

Cannabis Industry

6 Dope Ass Cannabis Influencers To Watch

One of my favorite things to do is scroll through Instagram. I am constantly inspired to travel, read, shop, and consume cannabis thanks to Instagram's 800 million monthly users. As the cannabis industry continues to unfold, it's been fascinating to see other cannabis brands and cannabis influencers share their stories on Instagram.

Careers in Cannabis | Dispensary Owner Dr. Chanda Macias

What's not to admire about Dr. Chanda Macias? She is extremely intelligent, a savvy business owner, has nothing but love for HBCUs and she owns a cannabis dispensary! Actually, Dr. Chanda Macias owns the #1 dispensary in Washington D.C..

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11 African American Cannabis Entrepreneurs You Should Know (Part 1)

Some of these names will not be surprising. But each one should enlighten and encourage you to expand your mind about the possibilities within the booming cannabis industry. You and your family, especially if you're African American, now have a shot at the proposed $44 billion dollars coming to ...